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The Hermes Strategy is a new to market product which is being offered through the well known publishing company, Streetwise Publications. The actual book is authored by one Bill Burrows and can supposedly show you how to make a decent income through horse racing.

Introduction to The Hermes Strategy

I won’t lie. By and large, I prefer a good betting system to a tipster service. There are a lot of reasons for this, but what it all ultimately boils down to is control and flexibility. With a tipster service, you have to be up early, placing every bet advised as soon as it lands in your inbox. Because if you aren’t doing that, you might miss out on a big winner. You don’t get odds that are strong. Really, you are at the whim of your tipster.

With a decent betting system however, you are very much the master of your own destiny. There is a lot to be said for being able to find and identify bets when it suits you. Unfortunately, there just aren’t that many good betting systems that are out there. The fact is that I have looked at hundreds of them, that just haven’t delivered. However, Bill Burrows and Streetwise Publications claim that their service can do that.

So, we ultimately come to The Hermes Strategy. A service that has some very impressive looking claims. Especially in terms of the potential and the simplicity of use. So, in theory, this should be straight forward. However, this also comes from Streetwise Publications. A publishing company with a somewhat mixed past when it comes to the results. Does this make The Hermes Strategy one of their services that really delivers? Let’s see.

What Does The Hermes Strategy Offer?

There are a lot of things that can be generally said for products that come from Streetwise Publications. The fact of the matter is that they are ultimately very good at marketing products, however, there can often be… discrepancies between the marketing and what the end result for consumers are. And that is something that it is impossible to overlook. None the less, I will keep an open mind.

When it comes to “what is on offer” with The Hermes Strategy, there are a few different ways of answering this question. Now, the shortest and most straight forward answer to this is to say that what you ultimately get is a book or a training manual.

This is a relatively hefty tome that to be fair to Bill Burrows and Streetwise Publications is pretty well written.  There is plenty of information that is included (with somewhat varying degrees of relevancy) and the layout ensures that you can follow the approach in a step by step fashion. All of which definitely count as positives.

And that is about all that you can really say about The Hermes Strategy solely in terms of what it is as a product. With all of that said, that is only a small element of what you are buying into here. And it is here that you have to start looking at the specific claims that Streetwise Publications make about Bill Burrows’s approach to betting, and that is where things before a little bit more interesting.

The sales material for The Hermes Strategy states, amongst other things, that you get access to an “in the dark” system that the experts overlook. That the premise that Bill Burrows takes advantage of is something that supposedly can’t be used to make any profit. In fact, we are told that the person behind the software that this system “explained how punters thought they could make money from his programme”, but that Bill Burrows’ research suggested that it couldn’t be done.

Now this is very much that typical Streetwise Publications style of marketing. They do a fantastic job of obfuscating information on their products, instead relying on hyperbole and simply exaggerating the abilities of systems etc. in order to make them seem irresistible. Something that is frustrating, in no small part because there is usually some merit to the services that they are involved with.

The same can be applied somewhat to The Hermes Strategy as well. I can see how this service should work. And it isn’t even really something that is that difficult. And fundamentally, this is about all that there is to The Hermes Strategy. Actually implementing the system just isn’t the hardest thing.

What I do take some exception to however is the way that it is portrayed. We are told that it takes Bill Burrows just 10 minutes a day and that he can do this “any time”. We are also told that in order to utilise the system, you have no need for prior knowledge about horse racing, all of which definitely sounds appealing.

There is also a lot of additional information included. This includes Bill Burrows’ claim that he will show you how to start with a small betting bank and build it into a “lifestyle-changing betting bank at your own pace”, the “dirty secret about UK horseracing, they don’t want you to know”, as well as an “idiots guide to placing your winning bets” and using Betfair to add another 20%-30% to your daily profits.

Ultimately, a lot of this is of rather mixed value, something that I have come to expect when it comes to betting systems from Streetwise Publications. Honestly, if you’ve quite literally never placed a bet before, then some of this content will be of use to you, but for quite a lot of people reading this, I don’t necessarily think that you will get all that much out of The Hermes Strategy aside from the system itself.  

How Does The Hermes Strategy Work?

There are two different elements in terms of how The Hermes Strategy works. The first of these is how you actually implement the system. And honestly, this isn’t really a particularly difficult thing. Ultimately, Bill Burrows has put together an “if x then y” system. These involve simple instructions, however, there are problems associated with this kind of thing in my book (that I will get to later).

The fact of the matter is that using The Hermes Strategy just isn’t particularly difficult. Bill Burrows says that you simply have to go to a certain page on the Racing Post website, look for a number next to each horse, make a note of “all the relevant numbers” for each race meeting, and then cross reference this with information about the type of race the horse is running in. Perhaps a touch of an oversimplification (as you would expect), but it is manageable.

The other element is the methodology behind The Hermes Strategy. Now, I don’t believe in giving away details on other people’s services. Whether I think that something is good or not, I simply don’t think it is fair to provide for free what somebody is relying on for an income.

What I will say though is that whilst I can see how The Hermes Strategy works in theory, I am less certain of the long term practicality of everything. The fact is that when you buy a betting system that takes that “if x then y” approach, there simply isn’t any flexibility which can be a problem. And that is very much the case here. What Bill Burrows is doing may work for now, but it doesn’t really teach you anything, and as such, this can be a negative in the longer term.  

What is the Initial Investment?

Whenever I look at something from Streetwise Publications I know that there is simply going to be a very substantial premium involved. I am quite certain that they and Bill Burrows would feel it is justifiable, but I am generally less convinced (especially when compared to the wider betting system market).

So, what will you pay for The Hermes Strategy? There is a single option which is a one time cost of £199. There is no getting around the fact that this is a lot of money to ask. Fortunately, you do get a very generous 90 day money back guarantee if you find that the service isn’t for you. By and large, Streetwise Publications are usually reasonably good in this regard.

What is the Rate of Return?

If you want to know how much money you can expect to earn through The Hermes Strategy, then you simply have to look at the full title for the service, as stated on the Streetwise Publications payment processing page. The Hermes Strategy – How To Make £350 A Week The Easy Way From UK Horse Racing (you can see why I’ve avoided using it up until now).

And that claim is pretty much in line with what Bill Burrows claims for the product as well. The key number is really that he has made £1,400 per month or £18,000 per year. The implication is that this number can be achieved regularly. Personally, I’m not so convinced that this is the case. The kind of approach that exists behind The Hermes Strategy means that there will always be varying amounts of success and this is pretty much skipped over.

Conclusion for The Hermes Strategy

There is very much a recurrent theme when it comes to products from Streetwise Publications. And that starts with the fact that they rarely put out products that flat out don’t work. The fact of the matter though is that just because a service or system does work, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a particularly good service or in fact works quite as advertised.

And that brings me quite neatly to the problems that I have with The Hermes Strategy. Look, I’m not naïve. I’ve been involved with this industry for long enough to know that ultimately, marketing is a large part of selling a betting system, and marketing often ends up involving stretching the truth a little bit. None the less, there remains a realm of difference in terms of how much this truth is stretched.

Now, probably the most important thing when it comes to any betting system or tipster service is just how much money you can make. And with Bill Burrows and Streetwise Publications make some quite impressive looking claims with The Hermes Strategy, it is rather hard not to pay attention to them. Especially because of that suggestion that this can be a consistent result.

Probably not surprisingly, I just don’t see this being the case. Can you make £350 per week? Potentially, with the right kind of stakes. But will you make £350 per week? The short answer to this is that most of the time you won’t. And given that Bill Burrows doesn’t really demonstrate this income in a tangible way, I really would take this claim with a pinch of salt.

So, The Hermes Strategy is expensive. And it probably won’t be nearly as profitable as it is made out to be. Surely this is a no brainer then? Honestly, I don’t think that it is quite this black and white. There is arguably some merit. But there are two main reasons that I don’t think that this is necessarily worthwhile.

Obviously, I have talked about just how questionable those income claims are. Something that I will absolutely stand by. But what really kills me here is simply the question of value for money.

The fact is that whilst this can work, I just don’t see how it can be viewed as being worth £199. When it comes to betting systems, there are a lot of options on the market. As such, if you’re going to charge twice what other services on the market do, then you realistically have to be at least twice as good. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that The Hermes Strategy is.

So, with that in mind, I just can’t see this being a viable option. The truth of the matter is that I have looked at products that cost less than half as much as The Hermes Strategy, whilst still performing solidly. Arguably better. And they are consistent things that you can do at any time, in any place. And maybe some people would disagree with me, especially Bill Burrows and Streetwise Publications, but for me that is the bottom line here.

The Hermes Strategy isn’t necessarily bad. I just think that given the price point, you could get better for less.  


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