The Holy Grail Horse Racing Strategy Review Mike Cruickshank

The Holy Grail  is a newly launched betting strategy from well known product creator Mike Cruickshank. It has supposedly produced some very strong profits since Mike started testing.

Introduction to The Holy Grail Horse Racing Strategy

When Mike Cruickshank is launching something that is genuinely new, I tend to be informed one way or another. This is always an exciting thing so I was rather surprised and slightly interested in the fact that The Holy Grail  Horse Racing Strategy (or as I will be referring to it as, simply The Holy Grail) hasn’t really had any kind of substantial launch.

It turns out that this is for a fair reason and I will get to this a little later on. Here is something that you can take to the bank however. Mike Cruickshank make money very efficiently and I genuinely believe that most things with his name on warrant your attention to some extent. With this in mind, let’s take a look at what exactly you are getting.

What Does The Holy Grail  Offer?

Trying to talk about what exactly is on offer with The Holy Grail  is a little bit of a funny thing for a number of reasons. One of the main ones is that really, the only thing that is “new” is the strategy and honestly, even this feels very similar to things that have been put out by Mike Cruickshank before now. I have tried to find a nice way of structuring this and frankly, I can’t.

So I will be nothing but blunt here. Most of what you are paying for with The Holy Grail  are products of Mike Cruickshank’s that you may well already have.

So whilst there is a new strategy in place, it does require the use of Mike Cruickshank’s Each Way Sniper software. I looked at this when it came out and as a piece of software it is quite brilliant. Without going into too much detail here, it allows you to quickly and efficiently identify potential each way bets.

There is a whole other strategy that Each Way Sniper has been built around so you are also getting an additional betting method and revenue stream there.

When you buy The Holy Grail , you also get access to yet another system that takes advantage of the Each Way Sniper software as well. This means that there is definitely excellent value to be had here.

Moving back to The Holy Grail  and what you can expect from the strategy. It is based around a level staking plan and backing horses under selective circumstances. This doesn’t stop there from being potentially hundreds of bets per day.

How Does The Holy Grail  Work?

The Holy Grail  is based entirely on the concept of identifying value in place betting. By looking at the place odds that are available on Betfair and the place odds that the bookie offer, you can see where bookmakers have overpriced a given horse. You then back this each way with the bookies with a view to taking advantage of this difference in price. In this regard, The Holy Grail  is based on some very sound principles which I know for a fact there are a number of horse racing tipsters also use.

What is the Initial Investment?

There is only one option if you want to subscribe to The Holy Grail  and that is to pay £99. At the time of writing however, there is an option to trial The Holy Grail  with full access to Each Way Sniper for 14 days at a cost of just £1. This represents fantastic value for money and I can comfortably say that between the software strategy, the bonus strategy and The Holy Grail , it is entirely conceivable to me that you will make what Mike Cruickshank is asking in profit in this space of time.

Should you find that the product isn’t working for you, then there is also a full 60 day money back guarantee in place which is backed up by Click bank as well.

What is the Rate of Return?

How much money you make following The Holy Grail  will very much depend on a number of things. One of the main ones is just how many bets you can get to place. What I mean by this, is considering the profit for The Holy Grail , which stands at £2274.29, has been based off over 4,000 bets. This simply isn’t feasible betting for the vast majority of people, if any.

It does however remain within the realm of possibility. Being realistic, most people will not get close to this however with Each Way Sniper and additional methods, there is some very strong profit potential.

Conclusion on The Holy Grail Horse Racing Strategy

Anything that comes from Mike Cruickshank I have very few qualms about recommending. He is very good at extracting the maximum in terms of value and profit from his services and The Holy Grail  looks to be the same. More importantly however, there is the fact that profits come in consistently. Now honestly, it has been rather difficult knowing how to rate The Holy Grail  in a lot of respects. After all, what is being suggested is more of a new way to use an existing product rather than something entirely new. And how do you begin to rate this?

It probably goes without saying that if you are a massive fan of Mike Cruickshank, then you will already have access to Each Way Sniper.

This is of course the key tool in implementing the The Holy Grail  strategy and if you have it, you can start implementing it now. If on the other hand you haven’t had anything from Mike Cruickshank before now, first of all, you should start looking. Secondly, The Holy Grail  as a complete package represents not just a decent entry point, but also value for money as well.

Whilst there is a lot about The Holy Grail  that I like there are a few points that really stand out for me. The main one is that as long as you have access to the Each Way Sniper software, this is an evergreen product. The principles of The Holy Grail  essentially boil down to finding value bets and this is something that will always hold you in good stead.

Of course whilst I have praised The Holy Grail  for making a profit, I won’t pretend that you don’t have to work very hard for this. On a bet by bet basis, this simply isn’t that profitable. You are talking about making decent amounts of profit if a horse places rather than when. This level of risk (if you can call it that) doesn’t typically come with the territory when it comes to Mike Cruickshank and this will probably put people off. If you have a long term approach to betting however, then this will serve you well.

The best things in lie are not always easy, and The Holy Grail  will be hard work. There is no getting round this, and yet, in some respects, it is also just a few clicks of a button. I am ultimately of the opinion that The Holy Grail  is a good way of supplementing an existing strategy which is where (and I keep mentioning it, I know) Each Way Sniper comes into play.

Really, this is the bulk of what you are getting here and it offers some practically guaranteed profits. The Holy Grail  solely in and of itself doesn’t do this, but it does offer an opportunity to add a little boost to profits and that is no bad thing.




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Hi all….I purchased the majority of his stuff over time…..each one promises to be able to make you 30.40…50. a day mostly…the each way sniper is a bloody joke having to wait for a certain event to happen for a favourable return in this case is like waiting for that 2-2 soccer result to happen…..ridiculous actually……I find mikes systems to be very hit and miss and absolutely admire how he can promote very low profit systems as being actual serious money makers…….I made more money from bonus bagging than anything else he has produced…..but even with bonus bagging I got closed down by bet 365…….and a couple of others……

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