The Horse Race Predictor Review

The Horse Race Predictor is a combination horse racing service which is operated by Dave Nevis and Gav Summerland. The pair say that their advice provides you with everything that you should need in order to become a successful horse racing bettor.

Introduction to The Horse Race Predictor

Looking at the sales material for The Horse Race Predictor, there was an odd familiarity that hung over it. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but it all looked like something that I had seen before. As I started to dig into things and explore the service in detail, I saw a name that definitely rang a bell. The Football Predictor.

horse race predictor reviewThat was also where I recognised the names of Dave Nevis and Gav Summerland from too. Of course there were questions that I felt had to be asked in terms of their, and as such, I was somewhat apprehensive to recommend it.

Fast forward to today and none of those concerns have gone. In fact, they are, if anything, compounded by a concerning lack of change of quite obvious and highly questionable marketing decisions. With these in mind, I want to take a look at the wider service and see if The Horse Race Predictor can really deliver.

What Does The Horse Race Predictor Offer?

Wow, do Dave Nevis and Gav Summerland offer a lot with The Horse Race Predictor. So much so, that it is almost difficult to know where to start. I have said this before, but rarely have I meant it as much as I do now. The Horse Race Predictor is a hybrid product that combines a number of different products and services that can supposedly make you a better horse racing bettor.

Whilst this isn’t a formal thing, I believe that these can be broken down into a few different categories, and as such, this is how I am going to look at The Horse Race Predictor.

First of all, I want to talk about the The Horse Race Predictor software itself. This looks at every race across the UK and Ireland and provides result predictions. This is in a similar vein to The Football Predictor and I will hold my hands up and say that it looks great, is simple to use etc.

There is no denying that Dave Nevis and Gav Summerland can put together a very slick and professional looking product. It displays data in a variety of ways which ultimately allow you to identify races that you may want to bet on. Interestingly, this software aspect of The Horse Race Predictor will supposedly “complement and support the profitability of absolutely any style of betting”.

Next I want to talk about the tipster element of The Horse Race Predictor. These include access to Dave Nevis and Gav Summerland’s The Horse Race Predictor room. Here, the top rated selections are identified. I refer to this as being a tipster element as the implication is that there has been a further selection process to identify the best bets.

This is all handled via a member’s area of the The Horse Race Predictor website however so you will have to visit the site each day in order to receive Dave Nevis and Gav Summerland’s best bets.

Finally I want to talk about the training aspect. A big part of the marketing for The Horse Race Predictor is that it will make you a better bettor (a pun so good I’m using it twice). This includes access to a large number of different betting systems and books, a video library and “access to proven guru betting experts”.

For my money, this is far from the most important aspect of The Horse Race Predictor, however I can see how it adds value.

How Does The Horse Race Predictor Work?

Dave Nevis and Gav Summerland originally met in Hong Kong where they bonded over football betting. Dave Nevis showed Gav Summerland his betting software (which evolved into The Football Predictor) and that was that.

Now, with the help of one Grey Samuels, a supposed horse racing expert, they are looking to tackle the horse racing. This is name that is familiar to me for a number of reasons that I want to explore a little later.

From here, we aren’t really told much about how the software is able to identify bets. The core idea of the service seems to be that in being multi-faceted, you become better at betting, whilst also getting advice from so called experts. This would very much be in line with other products not from Dave Nevis and Gav Summerland, but from Grey Samuels.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two subscription packages available or The Horse Race Predictor. Neither of these are what I would really consider to be particularly affordable. If you solely want access to the horse racing side of Dave Nevis and Gav Summerland’s operations, then you can expect to pay an eyewatering £77 per month.


Alternatively, you can sign up for The Horse Race Predictor as well as The Football Predictor for £97 per month. Both of these subscriptions allow you to receive trial access for 5 days which is priced at £9.95.

Whilst it isn’t mentioned anywhere in the sales material, is that there should be a 60 day money back guarantee in place. The Horse Race Predictor is sold through Clickbank and they offer this on all products sold through them.

What is the Rate of Return?

There is nothing that is explicitly stated in terms of how much you can expect to earn through The Horse Race Predictor. Dave Nevis and Gav Summerland make some allusions, for example a headline says “pay your bills and move into profit”.

There are also a number of implications that you can expect to make a decent amount of income. The fact of the matter however is that there simply isn’t anything provided that suggests to me that these vague claims can in any way be taken seriously.

Conclusion to the The Horse Race Predictor

When Dave Nevis and Gav Summerland released their first product in the shape of The Horse Race Predictor, I wasn’t entirely convinced that it was all above board. Even now, I stand by the fact that the lack of evidence that everything worked as claimed was a point for concern. So, with this in mind, I think that it is very valid to raise the question of whether or not anything is different for The Horse Race Predictor.

There is no short answer to this. You get a lot more content when you sign up, however I am not convinced that most of it is of value. I also find that when it comes to a lot of things that I would say really matter, there is a lack of information and evidence (again).

On top of all of this, I would be remiss to ignore the involvement of Grey Samuels. His name is known to us here and not for the best of reasons if I am honest. He has been associated with a number of horse racing services over the year.

This sounds promising and is in line with how the market portrays his business. Unfortunately, even here on this site, you can search his name and find reviews with negative feedback from people who have been involved in business with him. This does little to legitimise The Horse Race Predictor.

The icing on the cake for me though is the price. There are some very good betting strategies out there but The Horse Race Predictor simply isn’t one of them. And yet, Dave Nevis and Gav Summerland are asking almost twice what I know some very good services cost. This means that there isn’t even value for money to be had here really.

With all of this in mind, I can see less in The Horse Race Predictor than I could in Dave Nevis and Gav Summerland’s football service. There is a lot here that I don’t like, and as such, I would recommend giving it a very wide berth.

The website is a bit of a laugh really, so over the top that it is extremely cringe-worthy.

I wouldn’t touch this personally.


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Comments (14)

Good review
1. anything that involves Grey Samuels should be avoided.
2. no transparancy regarding P&L, Strike rate, ROI, should make you run a mile
3. The price is daylight robbery

I am surprised to see such a negative review. I have been a member of the The Football Predictor for the last 4 months and a member of The Horse Race Predictor for just over a month. The club betting in The Horse Race Predictor has been yielding great results and I believe the results are published daily. Just checked and they are on the home page. Everything seems very transparent to me. The price is quite high but if you are winning then its worth it in my opinion.

Do NOT join Horse Predictor site ever. = See below:->>>

I joined on TEST for 5 days = paid £11-94
I looked for past results & could not find anything except a P&L of a few of the strategies or methods
or internal tipsters
So, I asked for Full Past results
and guess what?

Gav Summerhill – he threw me off the site & Banned me.

Then to cap it all = he then threatened me

His exact words were =
I am throwing you off the site.

After that I am going to organise a kicking for you.”


These are the sort of people at Horse Predictor = an ABSOLUTE JOKE

NO ONE should even attempt to be part of their rubbish – they refuse to show their past results
What are they hiding?

Sorry Mandy you are wrong. Posts are uploaded after events. It’s a c*n and Gav is horrible

I have to say that I have been invilved with a Grey Samuels product for over a year and have no complaints about him. He is efficient and courteous and answers emails personally. I have been using his recent coup master programme for 100 days starting with £100 bank that now stands at just under £700. Where is there an other investment opportunity that offers 600% return in 3 months?

Hi there.

I totally agree with Larry. The thing is that what most people do when joining such a site (no matter if their owners and contributors are named Summerhill, Samuels or whatever…), is expecting the holy grail of betting without any work involved. This, as we all (should) know, is stupid. To give you an example: I am an active member of the horseracepredictor , I’m making steady profits since I joined and I must say that I have never seen so many winners anywhere else. BUT: Would I simply back all top rated HRP horses to win, I probably would lose money because of the short odds of many of these horses. So, how come, I’m still making profits from the advice and selections on the HRP site? Folks, simply by applying several filters to the selections. Btw, this is exactly what the site owners tell members to do. You need a plan to make things work. A plan, discipline, patience and your brain.
And concerning Grey Samuels, one quick thought: People may think about him what they want but at least the person who is behind this “Grey Samuels” (I have no clue if this is his real name…) has shown me several ways to profit from horse racing that I had never learned from anybody else. The important thing to mention here is this: Almost everything that Grey teaches works very well for the horse racing live markets when placing your bets a few seconds before the off. This being said, Grey’s advice is useful for people that have the time to follow the races live. All others that are stuck in a 9 to 5 and that need to place their bets the evening before racing will have their difficulties.

Cheers, Chris

The Grey Samuel Coupmaster site is taking £100 to £25,000 in eight months,
I have been following this from day one and at the time of writing is at £10878.44.
So the trial at the new site for less than a tenner seems OK.

this thing doesnt work unless you have thousands of pounds i joined for a month lost all my money tried talking in the rooms and got told i wasnt allowed to post anymore and that i could only post to gav himself probably because i was saying this doesn’t work which it doesn’t if you use small stakes 1 loss and everything is wiped out and you have to start again gave uses 400 pound stakes so course when he wins it looks impressive but not everybody has the cash to use 200 pound per point bottom line this does not work at all

Unfortunately I didn’t read this info until I had signed up for a year! Also, payment is not through Clickbank any more, so no way of reclaiming the money I have paid. Excellent review. James.

Here is a thought, Gav Summerhill (GS), Grey Samuels (GS), coincidence?
Gav Summerhill Leeds Utd supporter, Grey Samuels, Leeds supporter per his old site, bigger coincidence??
this products site, over the top shambles aimed at those intellectually challenged, Samuels site, you guessed it…NEED I SAY MORE!!!!!!!
I could go on, but if you dont reach for the turn off button yet, maybe you have lost your remote control.

Just to back this up, he has referred to himself as grey before in a webinar video, by accident.

I joined and found it to be dreadful. Gav’s attitude is disgraceful at best. He makes it a club by building support with those that like the site and making anyone who asks intelligent questions to be a troublemaker. I would not believe anything on this site. He is a c*n man and he is very good at it

I urge anyone to avoid this betting site like the plague the results are shocking, once you’ve joined up you are on your own the support side sucks.
I lost quite a bit of money here so please keep your money in your pocket.

Horse Race Predictor big C*N got charged twice for product on 27th december 2019 kept saying give refund from gav summerhill but never came through Steer clear ..john

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