The Horse Whisperer Review (BetInfo 24)

The Horse Whisperer is a horse racing tipster service which is currently being offered through BetInfo 24. It has had some very interesting historic results which appear to demonstrate a high risk and potentially high yield service.

Introduction to The Horse Whisperer

There are a lot of different reasons that a service might catch my eye. Sometimes it is an email from affiliates. Sometimes it is something that an acquaintance contacts me about and sometimes, it is simply in looking at what the larger tipster stables (BetInfo 24 in this case) have on offer and seeing something that is anomalous.

That is what happened with The Horse Whisperer. A service that saw what I believe is probably the biggest turnaround I have seen in my time writing about this sort of thing. I want to get to this later as it is something that warrants a detailed look, but I can give you some context.

The graph that BetInfo 24 have produced for The Horse Whisperer’s results looks a lot like a capital N. Straight up, big dip and then straight up again. This can be read a number of ways, but the main focuses are either the losses, or the profits. Which one should you be focusing on with The Horse Whisperer? Let’s find out.

What Does The Horse Whisperer Offer?

The Horse Whisperer appears to be a unique beast in a number of ways, but the logistics are not a part of that. This is very much the typical near daily horse racing tipster service that is the norm. There are of course some unique aspects as I will cover, but BetInfo 24 aren’t breaking the mould here.

Selections are sent directly to The Horse Whisperer subscribers via email, when they are available, usually the morning before racing. They are also made available at a special member’s area of the BetInfo 24 website.

the-horse-whisperer-reviewThe bets that are provided  through The Horse Whisperer are very much in a similar vein. For example, the volume of bets that you can expect are never prohibitive. On average, you are looking at 60-90 bets per month with rarely more than 4 bets on a given day.

Where things do start to look interesting are the odds which range from 3.00 going as high as 21.00. Even a cursory glance at the results from BetInfo 24 shows that you will see a median range of 6.00 to 10.00 appearing frequently when it comes to The Horse Whisperer.

There is a staking plan of sorts in place for The Horse Whisperer although it is a very straight forward one.

Almost all bets are exclusively advised to be backed to a level stake of one point. It is interesting to note however that in the proofing provided by BetInfo 24, there are a number of historic bets which have been advised to 2 points.

There has also been an occasion where bets have been split and you are staking 0.5 points on a horse. These don’t seem to be common occurrences for The Horse Whisperer however.

Looking at the strike rate, it is rather unfortunate that The Horse Whisperer falls down a little here. That having been said, I did mention that the profit graph resembles an N, and this was always going to affect how often wins are recorded.

BetInfo 24 claim that the strike rate for The Horse Whisperer is just 21%, a figure that I can entirely believe. A cursory glance over the results show that this is not necessarily a strong area of performance for the service.

How Does The Horse Whisperer Work?

BetInfo 24 do not really have a lot to say about how The Horse Whisperer works and if I am entirely honest, this is problematic for me.

We are told that when it comes to the service “The level of consistency is very high with regular winners and short losing runs”. Some of the time, this is bang on. In fact, I will slightly more generous and say most of the time. That doesn’t however explain or forgive a loss of £830 in a month to £20 stakes (41.5 points).

With some wider context for the service, I believe that it would be a lot easier to make a fair call, but we can’t. This means that when BetInfo 24 show that The Horse Whisperer has since made some 54 points of profit since the end of May, it is difficult to now how to attribute this.

Has there been a change that has produced this profit? Was the huge drop simply a run of bad luck? Without any information on how selections are found for The Horse Whisperer, it simply serves as a massive warning sign to me.

What is the Initial Investment?

BetInfo 24 have three options if you are interested in signing up for The Horse Whisperer. The first of these (ad the cheapest by outlay) is a monthly subscription. His is priced at £27.99 per month. Alternatively you can sign up to The Horse Whisperer on  a quarterly basis.

This offers a small discount and is priced at £69.99 every 3 months. Finally, BetInfo 24 offer you the chance to sign up for the full year for a one time cost of just £189.99. All of these costs do have VAT on top of them as well.

It is also worth noting that when you sign up for the monthly and quarterly subscriptions, you first week will cost just £1. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee which is backed up by Clickbank.

What is the Rate of Return?

Since it launched in December 2017, The Horse Whisperer has produced a profit of 57.09 points. Taken solely on these grounds, you are looking at a profit of around 8 points per month on average. These results don’t look too bad, although they are far from brilliant.

Here are the profits that are being claimed on the website:

the-horse-whisperer-profitsAlternatively, you can look at how The Horse Whisperer as performed following the huge dip and say that this is a service which has produced a profit of some 54 points in just a few months. This of course looks much better, however it isn’t reflective of the wider results The Horse Whisperer has achieved.

Conclusion on The Horse Whisperer

I can honestly say that in The Horse Whisperer, BetInfo 24 have put out one of the most difficult services I have looked at for some time, and honestly, it all comes down to context. I want to talk about the huge dip that was encountered first of all, because I think that it is very important not to gloss over this kind of result.

Within one month, The Horse Whisperer would have all but destroyed the recommended betting bank of 50 points. Put bluntly, this kind of run is a long way from acceptable in my book.

What is really difficult, and I will keep using this word when talking about The Horse Whisperer is that there is no context. Because BetInfo 24 fail to discuss the selection process in any way shape or form, there is no telling if these kinds of losses are going to happen in the future.

There are other things to consider as well. There has been an immediate turn around in terms of results. Was something changed in terms of the betting system behind the service? I have seen a number of tipsters turn themselves around following a particularly bad dip (and make no mistake, this is what The Horse Whisperer encountered).

With more information, I would feel more comfortable looking at the future of The Horse Whisperer but as it stands, I don’t see the results coming together to make a strong product. There are some potential positives, and I want to underline my use of the word potential.

The results since June may well be a turn around in form. If it is, then there may be some big winners on the horizon, but that just seems like more risk than I would personally take on.

Trying to weigh up The Horse Whisperer all comes down to averages to me. Try and average out the results and I don’t believe that they are in any way reflective of what you can reasonably expect. This means that the whole service is fraught with risk.

Now, based off the immediate form I can see why some people may be willing to take this on with a view to more pressing profits. For my money however, this is a service that needs a few months to find some equilibrium.

This may well be something to look at in the future, however here and now, I don’t see The Horse Whisperer as being worth your time and money. Even at the relatively inexpensive costs involved.


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From: Simon Roberts