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The Horse Whisperer Review

The Horse Whisperer is a horse racing tipster service offered by Paul Fowlie, an alleged professional bettor.

What does the product offer?

The Horse Whisperer offers a number of daily selections, each of which comes directly from professional bettor Paul Fowlie. The Horse Whisperer uses multiple bet types with an emphasis on doubles, triples and accumulators. Paul Fowlie claims that his selections for The Horse Whisperer have a 55% strike rate. All selections are uploaded to a member’s area where they can be accessed at your leisure. The Horse Whisperer selections also come with betting advice for placing that bet i.e. staking, where to place etc.

How does the product work?

The Horse Whisperer clearly draws heavily on the knowledge of creator Paul Fowlie. It is claimed that he visits race meetings around 3 times per week and as a result of this has built up a “fine knowledge” of horses that run Northern race courses. This leads me to believe that this will follow the time honoured techniques of form and statistical analysis.

What is the initial investment?

The Horse Whisperer isn’t cheap costing £60 per month or “just” £135 for three months. To top off this expensive service there is no mention of any money back guarantee or refund policy so I would tread with caution personally.

What is the rate of return?

Paul Fowlie claims to have made £21,108 since January which sounds like an amazing feat until you realise that this is using £100 stakes. This represents 211.08 points of profit which isn’t terrible, but it doesn’t blow me away either.


Given the high costs involved I am left feeling rather underwhelmed by The Horse Whisperer. This is one of those products that doesn’t necessarily do anything wrong, it simply charges too much for it. The fact that there is no money back guarantee doesn’t normally bother me but at £60 per month with Paul Fowlie saying that this service should be given at least 3 months to be trialled fairly, it leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

Personally I feel that there are much better value services available and I would recommend looking elsewhere to find them.

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Was going to subscribe to Horse Whisperer. You changed my mind thank you. Yet GeeGeez give it a great review.

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From: Simon Roberts