The Incredible Money Winning Method Review

The Incredible Money Winning Method is a new product which is being sold by one Mr. Richard Clarke. He claims to show you how to make a substantial amount of money through betting on a certain casino game.

Introduction to The Incredible Money Winning Method

There are certain people that I follow online and when they promote a product or service, it tends to catch my attention. In this particular case, it was John Harrison of Streetwise Publications. Now, whether this is some genuine cross marketing or simply a paid plug I do not know, but it did bring me to some very impressive sounding claims.

Enter The Incredible Money Winning Method. Ignore for a moment the fact that it sounds like it was named by P.T. Barnum and you realise that creator Richard Clarke is talking about some quite interesting things indeed. Essentially, beating an online casino and making money on demand.

Before I start to get into any sort of detail with The Incredible Money Winning Method, I want to take the time to highlight that it is my intention to not provide any information that Richard Clarke hasn’t provided in his sales material. This is out of respect for the fact that somebody has withheld this information purposefully and it being given away for free simply isn’t fair.

What Does The Incredible Money Winning Method Offer?

As a product, The Incredible Money Winning Method is somewhat multifaceted but at its core, it is a book. This has been authored by Richard Clarke and to his credit goes into immense detail about his system. Everything is well written and concise which is a strong positive and it is also worth mentioning that there is rather a lot of video footage provided with The Incredible Money Winning Method which shows Richard Clarke betting.

In terms of the content of the manual, it becomes slightly more difficult to talk about this. One of the key things that is demonstrated is of course the game that you should be playing (as well as where Richard Clarke plays it). This is a card game although it is not one that I feel that most people will be overly familiar with. Fortunately, the guide does cover how to play in a lot of detail.

As well as looking at how to generally play the game, The Incredible Money Winning Method also comes with a lot of instruction on how to play according to Richard Clarke’s strategy. This includes things like how much to bet, when to raise your bets as well as “exactly what to do in every possible scenario”.

This is fully illustrated and is where The Incredible Money Winning Method really starts to get into detail. So much so that it is a little overwhelming when you first start looking at The Incredible Money Winning Method if I am completely honest. In order to help you offset this however, The Incredible Money Winning Method comes with a special chart which helps you to quickly identify what you should do next.

I have already mentioned the fact that in The Incredible Money Winning Method, Richard Clarke tells you how much to bet but I haven’t really looked at it beyond this. Without giving too much away, the staking plan that is involved is a recovery based one. What this essentially means is increasing your bets as (and when) you lose and when the game should go in your favour.

As well as the core guide, The Incredible Money Winning Method also comes with a few additional guides. Fundamentally, these cover very similar things to The Incredible Money Winning Method, but they have different approaches. They increase the risk, but likewise, the reward potential increases as well

How Does The Incredible Money Winning Method Work?

This is where it starts to get difficult to talk about The Incredible Money Winning Method, however I will endeavour to say as much as I can. The Incredible Money Winning Method is mostly about identifying when you have a better chance of winning and taking advantage of this.

There are more nuances to it than this but that is at the core of what is involved. To be fair to Richard Clarke, I can see this only taking a small amount of time from your day, when things go to plan. I want to talk about this more below, but there are some problems with this kind of approach.

What is the Initial Investment?

The Incredible Money Winning Method is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination and that is undoubtedly one of the biggest downsides of the whole thing. In order to receive your manual, you will have to pay a one time cost of £197 which is entirely upfront.

Payment is processed through Paypal or a proprietary payment system. Fortunately, there is a 30 day money back guarantee however this is provided entirely by the vendor for The Incredible Money Winning Method and is dependent on you returning the manual.

What is the Rate of Return?

The main claim that surrounds The Incredible Money Winning Method is the one that I have already touched upon. This is the £100 being made every half hour. There are a large number of other examples thrown about which are all in this ball park, but that is about it. Inside the manual for The Incredible Money Winning Method, there is a more detailed guide that shows higher figures being generated.

Conclusion on The Incredible Money Winning Method

As an exercise in curiosity, The Incredible Money Winning Method is potentially worth a read. The problem that I have with this, and any number of similar products, doesn’t necessarily relate to the way that the system works so much as the games themselves. The problem is that they are based around random number generators. Not surprisingly, they are exactly that. Random. This means that any notion of trying to know when to bet and how to bet go out of the window.

There is more than this however. All casino games, whether virtual or played in person have a house edge. This means that on a long enough time scale, you will inevitably lose because every game favours the house. Consider 0 on a roulette wheel where it is most apparent. This shifts the odds in the Casino’s favour to 19/36. It is slight, but on a long enough time scale, they will always win.

I have talked about this for two main reasons. The first is to highlight the fact that The Incredible Money Winning Method is not sustainable in the long term. The second, that builds off this first one, is that things like Richard Clarke’s system can work in the short term. This isn’t to say that they will, and I personally find a lot o the language in the sales material to be a bit misleading.

So, if they can work, how much are they really worth paying for? How much you are willing to pay is very much a personal choice but for my money £197 is far too much. Looping back to what I said earlier, I see things like The Incredible Money Winning Method as more of a curiosity than anything else.

They are an interesting read and off the back of that, you might make a few hundred quid. You might make a few thousand if luck is with you. But paying £200 for something that inherently has to rely on luck doesn’t seem like a smart investment.

I am sure that Richard Clarke would lambast me for this suggestion and say that his system definitely works, and I wouldn’t necessarily be positioned to argue that it hasn’t worked for him. This doesn’t mean that things will pan out the same for everybody else and that just doesn’t warrant a £200 book in my opinion.


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Regarding Richard Clarke and the Incredible Money Winning Method whci I bought in January. Since then I have not received anything and I have been trying to contact him and his Company ” Proscript Ltd. ” to try to get my money back to no avail.
This is obviously a sc*m and that’s my reason for this email.

Ken Renfrey

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