The Industry Guide Review Horse Racing

The Industry Guide is a new product from Horse Racing Info that they claim will provide subscribers with access to the best possible horse racing betting advice.

What does the product offer?

According to the sales material that Horse Racing Info have put out, The Industry Guide is a guide to help users to pick only the most likely to win and most profitable horses in a given day, even going as far as to say that it is the leading daily sheet for this information and is used by many bookmakers and professional gamblers. In terms of what you actually get, The Industry Guide ships with a massive assortment of newsletters and other bumf so I will be focussing on the main publication.

Each day Horse Racing Info send out the days page which is emailed in the morning although it can be accessed via a members area the night before. These contain a detailed rundown of why certain horses should be picked with one or two usually highlighted as “must bets”.

There is also a revised version sent out around noon the next day. Guides are also provided for most of the major horse racing meets. In terms of the numbers etc., there is nothing provided with Horse Racing Info preferring to focus on the story behind The Industry Guide rather than the details.

There are also big gambles which are offered, often with refunds supposedly in place if they don’t ome in.

How does the product work?

The Industry Guide is actually operated by one man, a figure who Horse Racing Info say must remain anonymous. The Industry Guide has actually allegedly been published for 10 years now with the author allegedly having a number of contacts in the sport.

After his advice allegedly having been leaked in some format or other (including a claimed indirect stint as the Daqman), The Industry Guide is being released to the general public officially for the first time.

What is the initial investment?

Horse Racing Info are only offering one option if you wish to purchase The Industry Guide which is a year long subscription at a cost of £125. There isn’t any mention of any money back guarantee so I wouldn’t expect this to be in place.

What is the rate of return?

Perhaps not all that surprisingly, there aren’t really any claims in terms of how much you can expect to make through The Industry Guide. It is perhaps worth considering however that during the alleged period where his selections were being used for the Daqman column, the service had allegedly made over 7000 points of profit.


If you were to take The Industry Guide at face value then this is an absolute no brainer. As it happens, I don’t think that there is too much in the way of truth to the story behind The Industry Guide. In fact, the whole service seems to be extremely questionable to say the least.

The so called big gambles are usually rather risky and my research has shown that the claimed refunds haven’t come. All in all, I think that The Industry Guide is a hugely questionable service and I definitely wouldn’t want to invest any money in it.


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From: Simon Roberts