The Infallible System Review Streetwise

The Infallible System is a roulette betting system allegedly created by Kenneth Salmon and offered by Streetwise Publications. They claim that the system offers risk free betting on roulette.

What does the product offer?

According to Kenneth Salmon, The Infallible System is a roulette system that is so good that the only real downside is that you might get bored using it. This is a pretty bold claim for anything but particularly a roulette system. The Infallible System comes as a guide to the system that Kenneth Salmon claims that he has discovered (a claim I shall address later). This guide lays out what you need to do to use The Infallible System as well as covering details like the staking plan. As touched upon Kenneth Salmon is selling The Infallible System as being “no risk” and ideal for anybody, regardless of their experience with

How does the product work?

Without going into too much detail about what is involved, The Infallible System is based around certain patterns and coverage. The idea is that you move stakes to different bets dependent on the supposed possibility that a bet will come in. This is referred to as a “glitch” in the system but this seems like nothing more than an attempt to add intrigue.

What is the initial investment?

Streetwise Publications are currently offering The Infallible System for a one off cost of £127, a figure that is allegedly for the first 100 customers only. This also comes with a 90 day money back guarantee should you find that The Infallible System isn’t for you.

What is the rate of return?

According to Kenneth Salmon you can make as much as £6,000 per month if you are using The Infallible System on a full time basis. He goes on to say that he personally uses it to generate winnings whenever he wants (at a claimed rate of £60 per hour) referring to The Infallible System as allowing you to “literally bring in all the money you want – practically on demand”.


The system that The Infallible System uses isn’t actually anything new and appears to be based on an old system that involved multiple bettors. With the advent of online casinos this need has been eradicated which is likely why Kevin Salmon says that The Infallible System works specifically with them.

The system itself isn’t necessarily terrible (although it is worth keeping in mind that with any betting system, particularly casino based it is important to know when to walk away because whilst the only downside to The Infallible System is the claim that it is boring the system does All of this aside however the biggest issue that I have with The Infallible System is the cost.

It is extraordinarily expensive for a roulette system and it is hard to ignore that there are other products that seem to operate on the same fundamental idea for a lot less money.



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I was thinking of buying this when I could afford it. is there anything out there for someone living on a shoestring?

Where can I find out more about the ‘other products that seem to operate on the same fundamental idea for a lot less money’ ?

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