The Informer Review

The Informer is a horse racing tipster service that draws heavily on creator Mick’s alleged contacts within the racing industry.

What does the product offer?

The Informer is a tipster service offering occasional horse racing selections to users, usually between 2 and 4 in a week. Bets are predominantly win bets with stakes going up to 5 points, however there is also the odd each way thrown in with said bets being sent out by 9.30am. The Informer sends out bets subscribers via SMS or alternatively you can log into the website. Also on offer are a few premium phone options, the Daily Mainline Service and Daily Buzzer 5 Second Bet Line. There are no details available in terms of a strike rate as The Informer only appears to publish winning bets.

How does the product work?

Mick makes no effort to hide the fact that all of his tips come directly from various stables. Having started out in the horse racing business in Epsom, he now lives in Newmarket where he has lived for over 25 years. Over this time he has built up a list of contacts that includes jockeys, trainers and owners, all of whom provide up to date information on their horses.

What is the initial investment?

Subscription fees for The Informer are available on a monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly and annual basis. The costs for these come in at £50, £125, £200 and £325 respectively with no money back guarantee in place. The premium phone lines cost £1.53 per minute.

What is the rate of return?

Mick claims that The Informer has made a 270 point profit for 2014 however there are no results published for any other years including this one, nor is there any substantial proofing.


There are a lot of bold claims made about The Informer but unfortunately I don’t see much evidence to back this up. Whilst Mick is keen to tell his story there is no proofing to show that his 13 year old service has proven as profitable as claimed, nor is there any real evidence of connections either with the horses that he recommends as being worth watching hardly unknowns. There may well be something to The Informer as it has allegedly turned a profit last year however as it stands, I am not convinced.



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The informer is still going any news on his service to date

Ive given him.a fair crack..4 months @ £50 per month.
Average at very very best ..some very poor results from very low odds selections and a fair few excuses when losing.
Win ratio roughly 23% over the 4 months on roughly 24 tips given by the service resulting in loses in 3 of the 4 months

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From: Simon Roberts