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The Inside Trap is a greyhound racing tipster service which is operated by Paul Shane. The service is being offered through the WAP Tipsters stable of tipsters.

Introduction to The Inside Trap

I don’t think that there is any real doubt that that greyhound racing is unfortunately in decline. From a peak of attendances of around 70 million in 1946, the numbers have declined to less than 2 million in 2017. And yet, this is a genuinely thrilling way to bet with races being incredibly fast paced.

It is probably because of this lack of involvement from the wider public that there aren’t many greyhound racing tipsters out there, but honestly, if I am looking to build a decent portfolio, I want to cover as many angles as I can. With all of this said, Paul Shane claims to be offering something genuinely a bit special with The Inside Trap, and from what WAP Tipsters have demonstrated so far, the doesn’t seem to be much reason to doubt his claims.

the-inside-trap-wap-tipsters-review With this in mind, is The Inside Trap the service that can finally fill a gap in your portfolio you may not have even realised was there? 

What Does The Inside Trap Offer?

I have looked at a number of services from WAP Tipsters recently and as you would probably expect by now, there are certain things that you can expect in terms of how The Inside Trap is operated. Paul Shane’s selections are issued directly via email on a daily basis, as well as being made available through a WhatsApp group. Typically speaking, you can expect to receive your email in the late morning/early afternoon, however this can fluctuate. To be entirely fair to Paul Shane, given how he says The Inside Trap works (a topic I will cover in detail later), this seems like something that you should expect.

Moving on to the bets themselves, there isn’t really any variance in the greyhound betting market and as such, almost all bets that are advised through The Inside Trap are straight win bets, with a few ante post bets advised as well. There is a range of odds that are advised, starting as low as 1.2 and going as high as 9.0.

Generally speaking though, you will be at the lower end of the scale with bets often advised at less than evens. To be fair to Paul Shane, this is generally a by-product of greyhound racing where there is often little in the way of value.

Furthermore, mitigating these low odds, when WAP Tipsters send out selections, you are given information on advised odds and which bookmakers are offering them. The volume of bets involved with The Inside Trap can vary massively from just one bet in a given day, going as high as eight.

Because of the low odds that are involved, if you want to start making a reasonable amount of money through The Inside Trap you do have to up your stakes, however Paul Shane does seem to have a decent staking plan in place to deal with this. WAP Tipsters’s proofing demonstrates that the majority of bets are advised to be backed to either 2 or 3 points on a given bet. There is a range for The Inside Trap of 1-4 points, however these highest and lowest numbers don’t come up very often.

Finally, I want to talk about the strike rate for The Inside Trap and that is an area that really hammers home for me that Paul Shane knows what he is doing. Paul Shane’s proofing demonstrates an average strike rate of 46.3% with 350 losing bets out 755 advised. Given the very tight nature of greyhound racing (a fact which the odds generally reflect), this is a very respectable showing. What is massively impressive about The Inside Trap for me though, is the fact that for the first few months, this number stood at some 80%. 

How Does The Inside Trap Work?

Paul Shane is very upfront about how The Inside Trap works and I don’t think that is a bad thing at all. In fact, I am a strong advocate of openness on the selection process when it comes to tipsters.

Ultimately, The Inside Trap is a service that is based around inside information, something that I have often seen when it comes to tipsters of the sport. Greyhound racing can be unpredictable, and as such, trying to look at form and the like can mean very little.

According to the sales material from WAP Tipsters, Paul Shane has been an owner since 2011 and over his time, he has “managed to build up many strong contacts over this period” and he also “often get[s] the inside scoop having [his] greyhounds homed at tracks across the country”.

Having had acquaintances who have owned dogs, there is indeed a strong community amongst owners and I see little reason to doubt that The Inside Trap is based on genuine inside information.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two options if you want to subscribe to The Inside Trap. The first of these is a monthly subscription which is priced at £30 (plus VAT) per month. Alternatively, and representing much better value, WAP Tipsters offer a quarterly subscription which is priced at just £65 (plus VAT) every 3 months. It is worth noting that both of these options allow you a two week trial at a cost of just £1.20

Whilst it isn’t mentioned in the sales material for the service, The Inside Trap is sold through Clickbank. They say on the payment processing page that their usual 60 day money back guarantee applies to the purchase.

the-inside-trap-imageWhat is the Rate of Return?

At the time of writing, The Inside Trap shows an overall profit of 163.93 points to BOG which over 6 months, is a respectable enough 27.3 points of profit per month. There are a few important factors here though that warrant considerable consideration.

First of all, this number is actually down on a peak profit of slightly over 200 points at the beginning of March. Furthermore, if you aren’t able to bet to BOG and you are forced to use SP, you would actually be facing a loss 34.05 points. I also feel that the ROI of a little under 4% paints a very real picture of what you get here.

Conclusion on The Inside Trap

I don’t really find myself questioning a lot of what is said when it comes to The Inside Trap and that is no bad thing. Do I believe that Paul Shane does indeed own dogs and as such, receive insight from other owners?

Absolutely. I see no reason to question this, especially when you stop and take the time to look at (at least some) of the numbers that are involved. Greyhound racing can be fickle and that strike rate of 80% suggests something going on. Even at some 45%, The Inside Trap looks good. And of course, WAP Tipsters proof all of this as well. I will say it again, there is little to question in this regard.

In terms of the costs, The Inside Trap is very reasonably priced. One of the things that I have come to appreciate about WAP Tipsters is that they don’t overprice their tipsters. £30 per month is not a massive amount of money to pay out for a tipster service at all. With that having been said, the fact that The Inside Trap is not expensive does not necessarily mean that the service represents value for money, which brings me to what is categorically the biggest downside to The Inside Trap, the profit.

It isn’t the first time that I’ve found myself saying this, but when it comes to betting, ultimately the bottom line is what matter.

Despite Paul Shane’s clear insight and ability to identify winning bets, they just don’t make a lot of money in the long term. Those first couple of months were undoubtedly phenomenal, and the averages look very food. If you are more realistic about the results though, The Inside Trap has really plateaued. Can this be overcome? potentially. I don’t deny that Paul Shane has the ability. But how long are you paying before this profit starts to show?

This last point is the one that really convinces me that The Inside Trap isn’t a service that I would recommend. Whilst I do think that there is some merit here, none of that matters if you aren’t making money.

I find this to be disappointing as the way Paul Shane and WAP Tipsters talk about it, I genuinely wanted to see a greyhound tipster service that would be able to fill out a betting portfolio. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that this will allow you this, and as such, I would be inclined to give it a miss.


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I joined Inside Trap early when it was on the rise and made £520 in a month at £10/point. Luckily, I got out when I did as this tipster has been on a decline ever since (see proofing), otherwise I would have lost it all, and more ! I don’t know why it is that so many tipsters seem to go off form after a while – maybe they can’t, or just don’t, keep up the payments 🙂

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