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The Invisible Signal Review Streetwise News

The Invisible Signal is a horse racing betting system which is supposedly the brain child of one “Mr. X”. It is being offered through Streetwise Publications,  who claim some very impressive products.

Introduction to The Invisible Signal

As always, the fact that Streetwise Publications are selling The Invisible Signal means that this is a masterclass of marketing. “Hurry This Is Selling Out Fast” proclaims the headline for the sales page. Immediately under this, the words “Top Secret” are typed into a red box in a typewriter font.

Next to that, a bright yellow starburst claims “ASTONISHING RESULTS”. Not quite up to the usual par then, with Mr. X’s product being marketed more like a cheap supermarket offer. What is ever present however and undoubtedly really draws you in are the claims that are made about The Invisible Signal.

“This will put SIXTY GRAND in Your Pocket”, followed by an immediately engaging string of figures which are supposedly applicable to Mr. X’s product. If there is any truth to all of this, then The Invisible Signal may well be one of the best self selection guides on the market. However the fact that it has come from Streetwise Publications, always opens up reasonable doubt.


Hmm… aren’t they always ‘selling out fast’…

OK, What Does The Invisible Signal Offer?

So what do you actually get from The Invisible Signal? Well, there is a lot of bluff talk from the Streetwise Publications team, as you would expect and very little in the way of tangible information.

Naturally, this does make thing somewhat difficult for me because as always, I don’t believe that it would be ethical to publish the details of somebody else’s system online for free. None the less, I will aim to release as much information as possible, without giving away Mr. X’s system.

With all of that out of the way, despite the unproven ludicrousness of some of the statements that Streetwise Publications make, there is some truth in there about The Invisible Signal.

The system is indeed a straight forward back to win affair. This will suit some as it makes for a much simpler betting product and that is no bad thing. Especially when it comes to self selection books. It seems a very obvious thing to say, but the easier things are, the less margin for user error there is in a product.

The system that The Invisible Signal is based on is described as “set and forget” and can be used on both flat and all weather tracks.

This does mean that it is a year round product which is an added boon for sure. Numbers wise, there are some incredible claims made such as a strike rate of 91% with 223 bets out of 243 selected. Given that these are of odds of between  8/11 and 3/1, there is seemingly masses of room for profit.

As an item, The Invisible Signal is reasonably well written. As is often the case when it comes to products from Streetwise Publications (as well as a number of other system creators if I am fair), there are definitely sections where it feels like Mr. X is padding out the book in order to make it feel more substantial.

In spite of this, the general content of The Invisible Signal is pretty well written with plenty of pictures to help you follow along with the text.

How Does The Invisible Signal Work?

As is so often the case when it comes to products from Streetwise Publications, the portrayal of a product in the marketing is somewhat markedly different from what you get as a user. Whilst the sales material for the service and Mr. X fundamentally hit the same notes when it comes to operating the service, there are still enough differences that it should be highlighted.

According to Mr. X, you can use The Invisible Signal anywhere, simply requiring a copy of the Racing Post. All that you have to do is look for basic “invisible indicators” that a horse is going to win. As is so often the case when it comes to products that are self selection, I can see that there is arguably some merit to the approach historically.

What I mean by this is that moving forward and putting The Invisible Signal into practice is unlikely to yield anywhere near the results that are claimed by Mr. X and Streetwise Publications. This is for reasons that I want to explore a little later.

What is the Initial Investment?

From here, we move on to one of the biggest problems that I have with The Invisible Signal which is undoubtedly the costs involved. Streetwise Publications are “generously” offering a supposedly limited time offer at the time of writing.

This means that instead of paying the supposed real value of £297, The Invisible Signal is “just” £247.

Feel free to read all of that dripping with sarcasm as I find that to be an extortionate amount of money to pay. Especially when you factor in that there is no money back guarantee in place (to create context for this, one of the best products I have looked at, a scalping product, is much less).

What is the Rate of Return?

The headlining number for The Invisible Signal is that you can expect to see as much as £60,000 in a single year. This is supposedly based off a £2,000 betting bank. This number (or variants of it, for example, £30,000 off a £1,000 betting bank) are put out a lot throughout the sales material.

It is worth noting that these results have no proofing and are simply what Mr. X claims to have earned. Personally, I can’t help but wonder if the numbers are potentially the result of back testing the method as I don’t see why Streetwise Publications wouldn’t provide the kind of detailed proofing most bettors would keep.  

Conclusion on The Invisible Signal

I am always wary when it comes to products which are based around self selection.

Not because I think that people aren’t capable of following instructions, but because it is so easy to make something that sounds capable. From here, you can seemingly claim whatever you want in terms of results with the caveat that every person will have a different experience. This is all very important to keep in mind.

So, do I think that The Invisible Signal can work? On paper, it looks reasonable enough, as these things always do. What stands out for me more than anything else are the claims that are made in the sales material. 91% a strike rate is incredibly high, even if this were a lay betting system, which it isn’t.

 If this could be delivered, amazing. But I haven’t really seen any evidence that I would define as conclusive in this regard.

If you want to know what is probably by far and away the biggest problem with The Invisible Signal though, you only have to look at the pricing. The cost of getting access is £247 which is a hell of a lot of money to ask for any service in my opinion, let alone the £297 that Streetwise Publications claim that the service is worth. Especially one which you are buying into without any real evidence that you will get the same results.

With all of this in mind, I just don’t see how there is enough value in The Invisible Signal to recommend it.

Is it a terrible product? Not necessarily. I would have liked to have seen some much more definitive proof of the service working. The fact of the matter is that the market for this kind of product is relatively competitive and if you are going to ask £250 for something, it can’t be for a bit of a blind punt.

A lot of money for such a punt if you ask me!


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I received this in the post today. There’s one thing you can always absolutely bank on, if it’s Streetwise it’s rubbish. They may operate within the law but they’re just petty criminals in my opinion and I only still accept mail marketing from them because I know it costs them money to keep sending it.

What’s this scalping system you mentioned though that’s a lot better?

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hello Andy,

Thanks for your input,

The other product mentioned is explained here:

And yes, it is a very popular course amongst readers.


But in your opinion is this product the Invisible Signal Good? After all, it`s a pricey betting system. Promising a good 30% each month back increase

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