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The Judge is a new tipster service from Bet Kudos that provides users with daily selections for greyhound racing up and down the UK courtesy of the eponymous tipster.

What does the product offer?

According to Bet Kudos, The Judge is “an action packed Greyhound Racing Club” that specialises in open races. They say that this means that there are bigger prizes and stronger races. What this translates into for The Judge subscribes is the potential for bigger profits. As a service The Judge is a daily affair with the number of bets per day varying hugely from just one or two all the way up to eight or nine bets. These are all win bets and as you would expect do cover a massive variety of odds with The Judge clearly trying to identify the best possible value (something I will look at below).

The staking plan for The Judge is typical of Bet Kudos services and means that you will be staking as much as 5 points per bet. Unfortunately there is no strike rate published for The Judge however it is early days so this isn’t necessarily indicative of long term results.

How does the product work?

The Judge claims to have been betting seriously on greyhound racing for 17 years, the duration of which he says has been full time and professionally. In terms of the selection process, The Judge says that he often watches TV coverage to identify when bookies have made an error in pricing up a greyhound.  This means seeing when a dog is likely to start shorter than the morning price and taking advantage.

What is the initial investment?

Bet Kudos are currently offering The Judge on a 28 day “monthly” period for a cost of £48 per month (plus VAT). Alternatively you can buy The Judge do a 90 day “quarterly” subscription for a cost of £96. As Bet Kudos and resultantly a Betfan product, The Judge doesn’t come with any real money back guarantee with the company stating that they don’t usually offer refunds however they do say that they will consider requests.

What is the rate of return?

In just over one month The Judge has gone on to make a profit of 156.16 points. Whilst this sounds impressive I can’t help but feel if it were expressed as an ROI it would appear to be somewhat diminished. Unfortunately Bet Kudos do not provide this information.


If you look purely at the information that is available The Judge looks like a solid offering with  decent points profit and a cost that is arguably in line with most Betfan services. The fact is however that with 35 bets in a given week you have to have a pretty substantial betting bank in place as well as the ability to move quickly if you really want to make any money.

This is because if what The Judge says is correct, you can very quickly expect the odds that make profit to shorten.

With all of this in mind there are better options out there at the moment and I would be inclined to explore them before considering The Judge.



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From: Simon Roberts