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The Low Lay Review

The Low Lay is a daily horse racing tipster service that provides subscribers with lay betting selections.

What does the product offer?

The Low Lay offers users a single daily selection for a lay bet via email which is typically sent out before 11.30. Bets recommended by The Low Lay will have a low risk with the maximum odds coming in at 3.0 with a recommended betting bank of 20 points. Whilst there is a chronic lack of information available on The Low Lay my research has shown an average strike rate of around 70% depending on when you were using the system.

How does the product work?

As I have already said, information on The Low Lay is rather lacking which means that there is no insight offered into the selection process. Obviously The Low Lay is a lay betting service which means an account will be required through a betting exchange in order to place bets (the most popular and well known of which is Betfair).

What is the initial investment?

Access to The Low Lay is available for £29.99 per month (plus VAT if you are in the EU). There is also a 7 day free trial available as well as a 60 day money back guarantee as The Low Lay is sold through Clickbank.

What is the rate of return?

Whilst there are winnings shown on The Low Lay website, they are hugely out of date going back to 2012/13. My research has uncovered slightly more recent results which show a reasonable profit followed by a rather strong decline.


The Low Lay showed some promise, possibly one upon a time but the reality now is a tipster service that is heavily lacking. The results that have been unearthed are definitely not those of a premium tipster service which The Low Lay is definitely priced amongst. This is really the problem. Irrespective of strike rate etc. most months have seen just a few pounds of profit. This means, rather worryingly, that even at £10 stakes you will be lucky to make much more than your monthly investment back.



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From: Simon Roberts