The Lucky Landlord Review

The Lucky Landlord is a brand new horse racing tipster service which is currently being actively marketed as a highly profitable service. Selections are claimed to come from a tipster referred to simply as Dave Evans.

What does the product offer?

“One Service, One Week, One Thousand Pounds”. The headlines for The Lucky Landlord are definitely punchy. Of course, anybody can write good marketing. Creating a decent product is much more difficult. There are hundreds of failed tipsters whose services can back this up. But according to Dave Evans, The Lucky Landlord is a “no mess, no bullsh*t service” and the claimed income is guaranteed. With this in mind, it is surely the greatest tipster service currently available. Job done, let’s go have a pint. Putting my sarcasm aside, I find that this kind of claim is actually more damaging than enticing. With that in mind, let’s have a look at what exactly The Lucky Landlord has to offer.

In many respects , The Lucky Landlord looks and operates how you would expect a normal tipster service to. Selections are issued on a near daily basis and are sent out directly via email. These are however rather lacking in terms of detail, especially compared to some other tipsters that I have looked at before now. The bets themselves are all straight forward and easy to follow whilst the volume is very unexceptional. In fact, most days you will be looking at a small handful of bets at the most.

In terms of results, there is absolutely no proofing provided for The Lucky Landlord. This rather unfortunately comes as no surprise to me. The fact of the matter is however that given that Dave Evans is committed to the idea that he is running a professional service, you would definitely expect this kind of information to be made available. This combined with the fact that there is no claim made in terms of the strike rate is definitely a concern for me.

Keeping with the numbers side of things, I also find it to be very concerning that there is no real staking plan in place. This applies doubly so when you consider that the service is supposedly able to guarantee £1,000 per week. The fact of the matter is this, with no information on how much you have to bet, the whole of The Lucky Landlord instantly falls into questionable grounds for me.

Furthermore, given that Dave Evans is claiming that his service is so great and he knows the horses so well, you would expect this to be a part of his betting strategy. A very important one that any above board tipster would address.

How does The Lucky Landlord work?

There is no real information on how The Lucky Landlord actually works. There is however a strong narrative to the marketing and this is what I will be focusing on as it is the closest to a claim about how The Lucky Landlord works. Dave Evans supposedly runs a pub in Leicester which is nearby to the racecourse.

Because of this, he claims that a lot of jockeys, and “racing insiders” from the racecourse would come in to drink. “So afternoon beers would turn into evening whiskey, which would turn into a private lock-in…”. The end result of this relationship is that Dave Evans would supposedly be privy to top secret racing secrets.

Supposedly, Dave Evans has been around these people for so long that he is now able to know which horses will win even when these jockeys and informants aren’t in. I am always sceptical when this kind of claim is made and for The Lucky Landlord, it is central to everything. Simply saying that you know how to pick winning horses isn’t enough.

Instead, there should be some demonstration of this. Given that there is no mention of how selections are made and there is no proofing to demonstrate that The Lucky Landlord can genuinely work, I remain very much in this sceptical camp.

What is the initial investment?

There is only one option if you want to sign up for The Lucky Landlord which is a one time cost of £29.99. This is seemingly provides you with a lifetime of selections however there isn’t anything that really shows how long Dave Evans will actually make his selections available. For reasons that I will explore below, there is reason to suspect that this is unlikely to be long term.

I should point out that there is a 60 day money back guarantee in place for The Lucky Landlord. The fact that Dave Evans openly talks about this is one of the few things positives that can be taken away.

What is the rate of return?

I have already covered the main claim in terms of the income potential of The Lucky Landlord and that is the figure of £1,000 per week. This is the only figure that is quoted however as mentioned, there is no real information that tells us how it will be made.

There is no staking plan, no proofing to show how many points of profit we are talking about. All of this only adds to my concern about The Lucky Landlord. If I am honest, the number seems to have more to do with marketing purposes than any real grounding.

Conclusion on The Lucky Landlord?

There are two very distinctive but also intertwined problems that I can see with The Lucky Landlord. The first set of issues that I want to address are obvious things. This includes the fact that there is almost no evidence provided that anything works (outside of a highly questionable screenshot of a Ladbrokes account).

There is no proofing or staking plan which are both things I would expect from a reputable tipster. On top of this, it doesn’t take a lot of research to highlight the fact that there is also no evidence to suggest that any of the narrative is real.

All of this is backed up by certain things which are much less obvious. The most damning piece of evidence in my book comes to light when you start to look at the vendor who is selling The Lucky Landlord. They have actually released 15 different tipster services since 2010. Of these 5 have been in the last year and none have received any positive reviews from any genuine review sites.

As far as I am concerned, it doesn’t take a lot to see that The Lucky Landlord is going to realistically struggle to meet the claims that are made. You can’t simply say that you can guarantee £1,000 per week without providing a lot of context. As mentioned however Dave Evans provides none.

I can’t even sit here and say that I believe that The Lucky Landlord is worth a punt because honestly, I don’t think that it is. £30 is too much for this service, no matter how long you get it for.

With all of this in mind, it probably comes as no surprise that I cannot recommend The Lucky Landlord. In fact, I would go as far as to say that the best thing that you can do is give it a pretty wide berth. Whilst the better tipsters out there might prove more expensive, they are also capable of getting results. Those results are ultimately what matters with any tipster service and I don’t think that you will find them here.



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From: Simon Roberts