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The Market Matrix Review

The Market Matrix is a trading strategy created by Steve Copan that shows you how to predict market movement based around the idea of “Matrix Cycles”.

What does the product offer?

According to the creator, Steve Copan, The Market Matrix is a new way of looking at trading that is based on identifying cycles that commodities and indices follow. The Market Matrix is broken up into 8 chapters over 138 pages and contains a number of charts and illustrations detailing the methods. Steve Copan covers a number of different subjects such as trading based around the Fibonacci sequence and looking at Elliott Waves, all of which utilise similar principles to The Market Matrix. The methods shown in The Market Matrix can allegedly be applied to any timeframe and currency pair.

How does the product work?

At the core of The Market Matrix is the theory that all markets follow cycles and that these can be used to predict movements. The Market Matrix actually brings together little bits of theory from a number of difference sources (for example the aforementioned Fibonacci based trading and Elliott waves as well as examining the lunar calendar as per Delta). Steve Copan says that by applying what The Market Matrix shows you, you will be positioned to identify when there will be changes in market conditions and so trade appropriately.

What is the initial investment?

The Market Matrix has been brought to my attention via correspondence from Agora Lifestyles who are currently offering the book in conjunction with Steve Copan for a cost of £123.50 which is a one time cost. As a bonus there is also a 30 day money back guarantee in place should you be unhappy with The Market Matrix. To their credit, the price that Agora Lifestyles are selling The Market Matrix at is one of the lower prices available.

What is the rate of return?

There are no specified claims in terms of how much you can make by using The Market Matrix however Steve Copan does provide some examples of successful trades. These include 253 pips over 18 or so days, 108 pips over 13 days and 228 pips over 10 days. Naturally these should not be considered typical results by any stretch of the imagination.


I wouldn’t say that The Market Matrix necessarily does anything particularly different to any existing system as much as brings them together. That having been said, results seem to be very divided with some people claiming to have made a fortune implementing The Market Matrix and the rest generally being rather dismissive. Personally, I have some questions as to the consistency of the “predictions” that you make as one of the things that I have noted is that since 1997 when Steve Copan launched The Market Matrix, there have been no properly recorded and wholly independent examples of predictions using the system that I have been able to find. Do I think that The Market Matrix is worth a look? Personally I think that any trading system that makes reference to the lunar cycles as much as Steve Copan does should be approached with caution if you really feel the need to buy.



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