The Money Maker Method Review

The Money Maker Method is a new to market horse racing tipster service which is operated by a tipster referred to simply as “Phil”. He makes some very interesting claims about what can be achieved with this.

Introduction to The Money Maker Method

Being a bettor is hard work. I’ve said this for a very long time, and I will 100% stand by this claim. And yet… Typically speaking, I just see so many people who are looking for a quick and easy buck. Which is interesting to me, because if you are making that “easy money”… Well, you’ll very quickly find that you can’t make easy money. And nowhere is that more apparent than today’s service.

Which brings me to The Money Maker Method. This is a rather interesting tipsters service in so much as it exclusively makes use of Betfair’s exchange. This means that if you are following Phil’s advice, you don’t have to worry about getting accounts banned (which is always a bonus). But what is really interesting though, is the claim that “It doesn’t matter which horse wins the race”. Because if that is true, it makes this an absolute shoe in, right…?

All of this makes The Money Maker Method look like a very interesting proposition. In fact, dare I say it, it looks like an absolute winner. There are however a few problems that I have with this. Things that aren’t really discussed. Which is disappointing given the fact that they are ultimately a very substantial part of Phil’s methodology. None the less, let’s jump in and see what is what.  

What Does The Money Maker Method Offer?

The Money Maker Method is genuinely one of the more unique tipster services that I have ever looked at. However, with that said, the fact remains that it is still just a tipster service. This does of course mean that whilst Phil has a fascinating approach and some interesting ideas, there are some elements of this that simply cannot be anything more than they are.

The first place to start in this regard is undoubtedly the logistical elements. When I talk about the fact that The Money Maker Method is ultimately just a tipster service, this is one area that doesn’t really tend to change. And not surprisingly, this looks a lot like the multitude of other tipster services that I have seen week in and week out before now.                                       

This of course means selections being sent out to subscribers on a near daily basis. Specifically, Phil says that he sends out selections Monday through Saturday and that there are never bets on a Sunday. However, even throughout the week, we are told that there might be days when suitable odds aren’t available. You can expect an email on these no bet days.

Now, on to the emails themselves. The Money Maker Method subscribers will typically receive details of bets before 11am each morning. On occasion, there may be bets in the evening, in which case you receive these as an additional email.

With all of that out of the way, let’s move on to the subject of the bets themselves. Because this is where the meat and veg of The Money Maker Method lies. I’ll talk more about it when I look at how the service works, but all bets are advised as lay bets, however, you aren’t actually laying a horse with a view to seeing out the race.

Of course, lay betting (as well as other principles that are key to the service) mean that you need to be using a betting exchange. Specifically, Phil says that if you are following The Money Maker Method, you should be using Betfair. To be fair, this is generally the smartest move with much more liquidity in the market.

Placing the bets is all pretty straight forward. Phil provides odds that you should aim for and generally recommends avoiding a bet if you cannot get these. One thing that does differ however is managing your bets.

The way The Money Maker Method is set up, you would, in an ideal world wait for you bets to reach a maximum level of profit before simply closing the trade and locking that in. Of course, this simply isn’t something that is viable for a lot of people either. And as such, Phil also talks you through the process of automating this, where it is recommended that you set your profit at 10% of your stake.

Whether you chose this more automatic approach with The Money Maker Method or prefer to cash out manually, Phil recommends that all The Money Maker Method subscribers are cashing out before the off. This is ultimately very necessary in order to ensure that you are substantially reducing your liabilities in the longer term.

Now we come to the staking plan and bank management. This will likely be the single most important consideration for most people. Because getting set up the way Phil describes it all isn’t exactly cheap.

The first thing to keep in mind is the fact that because ultimately you are placing lay bets, you have to have a very substantial betting bank. Specifically, you need to have enough money that you could theoretically cover 5 sets of liabilities. Given that these are calculated at the odds you lay a horse, it can mean substantial cost outlay.

Ignoring the fact that you get that potential liability returned when you place a bet, you still have to have it in your betting bank. This means that if you are betting to £10 at odds of 5.0, you’d need £40 in the bank. These are of course a minimal example. Phil personally recommends that you need a starting bank of £500 if you are using £20 stakes. This suggests that 25 times your stake is adequate.

Personally, I would be inclined to go higher than this. The fact of the matter is that the “evidence” for The Money Maker Method suggests that making a profit is a nailed on thing. It isn’t. There still remains risk and this should be planned for. As such, I would probably look at having 50 times your stake, just in case.

How Does The Money Maker Method Work?

I think it’s pretty apparent by this point that The Money Maker Method is based around cashing out your bets before the off. Frankly, it is a method that I have seen a lot of different services and systems enjoy success with. So, that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. I do believe, however, that Phil is the first person to put this into a tipster service.

Whether or not it works… Well, that’s a different thing entirely. When I have looked at other services that have been based around cashing out bets on an exchange, they have been full systems. These are significantly more detailed than what Phil is doing here and importantly they teach you how to bet. And that counts a little bit against The Money Maker Method.

Of course, the other element of The Money Maker Method is how Phil is finding horses to lay. And this is where I am somewhat impressed by what Phil is doing. Firstly, he talks about horses that will simply drift in price. We aren’t told how he finds these horses. Simply that having been on the exchange for over a year, he has identified “a few patterns” that supposedly work.

The other element is looking at horses that are likely to be tipped. This is quite exciting and in the right hands, would be a decent and interesting approach. However, Phil’s claim of having arrangements with “reliable” tipsters who tell him what horses they may tip before hand… Well, I’m massively doubtful of this claim. Especially in light of the fact that there is absolutely no evidence backing it up.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up for The Money Maker Method, there is just one option available. Honestly, it isn’t cheap. Phil is asking £97 (plus VAT) for membership. In theory, that isn’t too bad at all. However, it is important to keep in mind that it is also a very significant outlay to have to pay out in one go.

It is worth noting the fact that there is a full 30 day money back guarantee in place for the service. This is backed up by Clickbank through whom Phil is selling The Money Maker Method. They are typically very good at honouring this refund, so long as you aren’t somebody who abuses it.

What is the Rate of Return?

Now, the part of The Money Maker Method that is probably the most important. How much money can you make? Because honestly, I think it is quite clear from what has been discussed so far that there are some clear limits to the service. Especially if you are automating Betfair with a view to taking 10% of your stake on Phil’s selections.

Realistically, that means that you would be taking home some £300 per month as a maximum. In terms of the rather limited evidence that Phil provides, he shows that over 2 days he was able to make £27.53 which is a little over that 10% mark. Of course, the draw behind The Money Maker Method is, we are told, that it comes with “ZERO RISK” of losing any money.

Conclusion for The Money Maker Method

The Money Maker Method is a very interesting thing. In fact, I can’t really remember ever seeing a tipster service that is quite like it. The ideas behind the service are things that I’ve seen many times before now, but the configuration here is new (at least to me). But does that necessarily mean that it’s any good?

Well, the short answer to this boils down to “I’m not convinced that it is”. Now, truth be told, there are a number of reasons for this. And in many respects, it isn’t quite that straight forward either. So, bear with me, because I’m going to try and put my thoughts down here.

Obviously, the biggest problem with The Money Maker Method is that the income potential is quite limited. Even actively monitoring bets Phil was only able to make a minimal profit. Of course, most people can’t do that, so you’re stuck with that 10% return.

Now in theory, a 10% ROI that is consistent isn’t a bad thing. Especially if you can easily scale that up. But with something like The Money Maker Method, scaling up means substantially increasing your betting bank to the point where it involves having huge amounts of capital simply tied up doing nothing. For some people that might not be an issue, and if so, then bully for you. But for a lot of people it is.

Next, I want to address the notion that there is no risk involved here. Because there definitely still is. The most obvious risk is human error. It sounds like The Money Maker Method is easy to stay on top of what with the limited volume of bets, but as sure as eggs is eggs, you will forget to cash out the odd bet. Usually because life just gets in the way.

And if that happens, you potentially open up your betting bank quite substantially. Building on this, it isn’t just a case of if, but when. The Money Maker Method is based around laying lowish odds on horses with a view to the price drifting. And that typically means that a horse has a moderately high chance of winning, and if you haven’t cashed out, that may potentially end up costing you a fifth of your bank.

But even cashing bets out, you can still lose the same amounts as you can win. It’s easy to get caught up in the marketing, but prices drift in both directions. And sure, a few quid here and there isn’t much, but just as they do when you are winning, the numbers add up.

What really concerns me here though is that there doesn’t seem to be a reliable selection process in place for The Money Maker Method. Sure, Phil makes his claims, but I’m just not convinced I believe him. Firstly, most tipsters keep their selections very closely guarded secrets. Why would they be sharing them early for somebody else to profit off them?

Secondly, whilst there are definitely patterns to Betfair’s exchange, the idea that you can simply “notice them” after a year of betting seems ludicrous. I know people who reliably bet using not dissimilar approaches to The Money Maker Method, and there is no quick and easy way to finding 5 sure fire things. And so, not surprisingly, I am a bit cynical of this.

So, here’s the long and short of it. I believe that fundamentally, The Money Maker Method is built on a sound premise. It is difficult to deny that when I have seen the approach work for so many betting systems etc. before now. But that doesn’t mean that it is a good product.

The fact is that I just don’t see the tipster model working for The Money Maker Method. There are plenty of products out there that will teach you how to exploit Betfair’s markets in order to make a decent income. Arguably more than Phil’s selections will make you. And you can simply do them in your own time, but more importantly you will learn how to do it yourself.

What really cements to me the idea that I would much rather use a Betfair betting system rather than a tipster service of this nature is the pricing. Phil is asking £120 by the time you’ve factored in VAT. For less than this, you can get some genuinely good Betfair systems. And once you’ve mastered those, you can repeat it whenever you want, making profit much more consistently and without relying on somebody else.

And it is because of that that I can’t recommend The Money Maker Method. If there weren’t alternatives on the market, it might be worth a look in. But there are much better products on the market built around similar premises. These also cost you less money. So, why would you really want something with so many restrictions?


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