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The MorningLine Service is a new horse racing tipster service which is operated by Phil Kirkham. He claims that the service is able to produce consistent results with a view to long term profits.

Introduction to The MorningLine Service

I love a good headline and in the case of The MorningLine Service, “PERFECT START TO 2018 5/5 WINNING MONTHS” offers a very attractive proposition indeed. On top of this, the results that Phil Kirkham are claiming are remarkably consistent and in the long term, should have no problems making a very substantial income for subscribers.

There is however a lot to unpack with The MorningLine Service and given the initial promise, I am very curious indeed to see how the service will perform in the longer run. With this in mind, let’s have a look at Phil Kirkham’s offerings and whether or not The MorningLine Service can really live up to the billing.

What Does The MorningLine Service Offer?

As a tipster service, The MorningLine Service is very straightforward and in theory, there is no reason that people should struggle with it. The logistics are what you would expect with selections issued on a daily basis. These are sent out directly via email to subscribers, only leaving you with the job of placing your bet through the bookies.

Rather disappointingly, I do not believe that there is a whole lot of information included with said bets. Don’t get me wrong, The MorningLine Service contains more than enough to get your bets placed etc. however I have seen a lot more from other services.

Their headline:

the-morning-line-service-claimsIn terms of the bets that are advised through The MorningLine Service, there are just 3 bets however these are issued each day. They are composed of Phil Kirkham’s “Best Pick of the Day”, “Next Best” and a “Value Pick”. These are very much what you would expect from the names. All of the bets are advised as win bets with the sales material for The MorningLine Service being particularly derisive of those who bet on accumulators, long odds and even each way.

The MorningLine Service does come with its own staking plan and fortunately, this is straightforward, albeit potentially expensive in the long run. Each day you are staking 4 points across the 3 bets. 2 points are put on your best pick of the day, then there is just 1 point placed on next best bets as well as the value picks.

One of the things that I find very interesting about The MorningLine Service is the strike rate that Phil Kirkham claims to have achieved. Now it is worth pointing out that this is a service which prides itself on “value” bets being 4/1 which is a long way from most things that I look at. With this in mind it isn’t unreasonable to presume that the strike rate will be impressive.

Phil Kirkham is claiming however that over 5 months he has averaged a strike rate of 40.89%. This is a hell of a claim and with proofing, I may be inclined to put more weight behind this, but not surprisingly to me, this is one area where The MorningLine Service is lacking.

How Does The MorningLine Service Work?

How Phil Kirkham claims that he is able to find winners for The MorningLine Service is a delightful read in my opinion. It doesn’t mean that I put any weight behind it, but there are some curious claims made. First of all, there is no “trick” to winning on the horses. According to Phil Kirkham, it just comes down to knowing what you are doing and actually “betting to WIN”. Damn my eyes, and here was me thinking that things like form reading and statistical analysis matter.

But according to Phil Kirkham, people are just trying to over think things. Of course, there is a degree of facetiousness here. What he is saying is that he would rather win often and in smaller amounts than looking for a big win, and I get this to a degree. As he puts it “Why put £10 on a 5-fold at 1000/1 if you are not 100% sure on it winning?”.

This is the claim on their website:


So how exactly does The MorningLine Service get its selections? Phil Kirkham says that he starts by making his own picks in the morning. After that he receives a report from a jockey friend on the inside. This allows him to make adjustments to the picks and by 10.30am, his bets are placed. They appear to be sent out to The MorningLine Service subscribers not long after this.

What is the Initial Investment?

There is only one option if you want to subscribe to The MorningLine Service. This is a £50 payment which is a one off charge and rather curiously, buys you access to the system for 5 months. This is a none renewing payment and is processed through Clickbank. Naturally this means that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place should you find that The MorningLine Service isn’t for you.

There is also a rather vague promise from Phil Kirkham that “If you are unhappy for any reason just email me for a full, no questions asked refund!”. Presumably though, this is within the 60 day limit.

What is the Rate of Return?

The sales material for The MorningLine Service claims that in 5 months, the service has made 254.06 points of profit with no individual month making much less than 30 points. It is important to keep in mind that there is no proofing provided in order to back these claims up. Nor in fact is there any real evidence which is massively disappointing.

Conclusion on The MorningLine Service

If I had known that all that I had to do in order to retire and live a life of luxury as a loaded professional bettor was bet to win, I would have been on it a log time ago. I am aware that this article has taken an extremely cynical tone but it is hard not to when you are dealing with a product like The MorningLine Service. I have seen a lot of them in my time and they all take the same angle.

They are no BS and direct. They like to tell you what is wrong with everything else without ever telling you what they do right. The MorningLine Service even goes as far as to tack on a highly tenuous claim that there is a top jockey involved.

Evidence is king when it comes to a service and put bluntly, there is none of this provided by Phil Kirkham that leads me to believe that The MorningLine Service can actually make any money. Especially when actual evidence shows that the vendor who is selling The MorningLine Service through Clickbank has put out multiple tipster services, year on year, for at least 3 years.

If you already haven’t reached the conclusion that The MorningLine Service simply isn’t worth your time, I will put it here in black and white. This is a tipster service which I believe is very much worth avoiding. Whilst the conditions prevent it from ever being close to value for money, it is not even like The MorningLine Service is worth enough to be a bit of fun. It has been some time since I have so strongly recommended against a service.


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