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The Night Owl is a relatively new to market sports betting tipster service which is being offered through Premium Sports Tipsters. It offers a diverse range of bets and boasts some pretty decent looking profits.

Introduction to The Night Owl

When it comes to tipster services, I know what I like to see. My end goals from a tipster service are very clear in my mind, and those goals effectively boil down a consistent and long term profit. Something that is usually attained by a tipster focusing on a certain niche or interpretating data in a different way to the bookies. That way, they can know more than them. And when you know more than the bookies, you can see where they have mis-priced n event and identify value.

Today’s subject, The Night Owl, seemingly throws all of that out of the window. Premium Sports Tipsters very much make it a selling point that the service operates by focusing on multiple sporting disciplines. Specifically, you will be betting on horse racing, football, and American football. That is a bit of an odd combination and make no mistake about it. But of course, if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it. And the results suggest that this is a service that could well bring those consistent profits that you might be looking for.

So, that should make this a shoe in, right? Well, whilst The Night Owl is undoubtedly a solid looking service, there are one or two things that Premium Sports Tipsters claim that I find to be a little bit… Unverified, shall we say? Furthermore, some of the approach here will be off putting to some people. In short, just because there is some good here, it doesn’t make it a done thing. In fact, pretty far from it. And with that said, let’s get into it.  

What Does The Night Owl Offer?

Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to begin with The Night Owl. But in my mind, there is one part of the wider offering that stands out more immediately than anything else. And this is the broad approach to betting. Let’s be honest here. There just aren’t that many tipsters who are frequently looking at horse racing, football AND American football. It is an odd combination and make no mistake.

And if I’m really honest about it, that sense of oddness is something that runs throughout the whole service. Now, I do feel it is very important to preface everything I am about to say by stating that oddness doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Plenty of impressive tipster services that I have looked at have managed to be just that because they buck the trend or do something different to the norm.

In the case of The Night Owl, I want to start by talking about the bets themselves. Now, it should go without saying that simply because this involves betting on 3 different sports. That just makes sense. But even the betting markets shown in Premium Sports Tipsters’s proofing are incredibly diverse with not much in the way of a “typical” bet.

Obviously, horse racing is the most restrictive. Here you will generally be backing a horse to win or there might be the odd each way bet advised. Then you have American Football, and honestly, all of this is actually pretty straight forward too. The bets aren’t all that frequent and Premium Sports Tipsters’s proofing shows that historically, you have simply been backing a team to win.

Football though is where The Night Owl starts to get interesting. First and foremost, there is a focus on various accas going all the way up to four folds. However, even within these you are looking at various betting markets. There is also coverage for various tiers of domestic football, as well as international games.

As you might expect across all of this, there is a huge range of odds available. The vast majority of the value inevitably comes from within the horse racing side of things. Here you often see bets advised with odds that are into the double digits. What is intriguing to me though is Premium Sports Tipsters’s claim that The Night Owl has winning accas as high as 1,169/1. An extreme that, unfortunately, isn’t shown off in the proofing.

With all of that said, I want to talk a little bit about the logistics. Premium Sports Tipsters have been around for a while now and I feel like they have definitely made improvements in terms of how they manage their services. And with The Night Owl being a recent addition to the stable, this is quite apparent.

By and large, you will receive tips on a daily basis. There might be the odd very occasional day where you don’t receive selections, but they are very much the exception. As you would expect from… Well, pretty much any tipster service in this day and age, the selections are sent out directly via email as well. However, you can also receive them via Telegram, a messaging app.

What I like about The Night Owl though is that tips are typically made available from 6am. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to be up and betting at that time. Pretty far from it. But it does mean that you can wake up and get the bets placed. Even if you are working a 9-5, this kind of timing still allows you to actually get some value on bets. All of which are very strong positives.

This only really leaves the numbers side of things to talk about. Firstly, I want to discuss the stakes. Generally speaking, most bets are advised at rather modest 1 point or 2 point stakes. All of which is manageable. However, whilst it may not be a common event, you could be betting as much as 10 points on a single bet with The Night Owl.

Where this is particularly pertinent is in the fact that it is recommended by Premium Sports Tipsters that a 50 point betting bank is all that is required. I’ll concede that one of these 10 point stake bets is yet to lose in the proofing, but 20% of your betting bank on a single bet seems to be a little bit questionable in my mind.

Finally, I just want to mention the strike rate for the service. Since the start of the year, this currently stands at 26.28%. This is definitely a figure that is bolstered by a large number of winning, low odds bets, but there have also been a decent number of big priced winners land too.  

How Does The Night Owl Work?

In terms of how The Night Owl works, there is some very limited information provided by Premium Sports Tipsters. Effectively, we are told that the team study form, news, injuries, betting markets, “and multiple other factors”. That sounds pretty good I suppose. However, it doesn’t actually tell us a whole lot about anything.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it is definitely good to see at least some information here. The fact is that even this is more than some tipsters like to provide. If I’m really blunt though, I still don’t see it as being enough to make a properly informed decision. Something that, frankly, I always find to be more than a little infuriating.  

The fact of the matter is this. Typically speaking, when I see tipsters talking about their services and how they work, they demonstrate some knowledge of… Well, what they’re betting on. Something that is rather glossed over here, and is also compounded by the fact that The Night Owl involves betting on 3 sports. I don’t see it as being unreasonable to want to understand how all of that comes together.

With that said, I do acknowledge that Premium Sports Tipsters have provided some incredibly comprehensive proofing for the service. This at least provides you with some insight into the ebb and flow of results. In my opinion, this isn’t really any sort of replacement for that knowledge, but it is definitely better than nothing.  

What is the Initial Investment?

There are 3 options available if you want to subscribe to The Night Owl. The first of these is a monthly option. This is priced at £20 for your first month, then £40 for subsequent months. There is better value in signing up for a quarterly subscription which is priced at £40 for your first 3 months, then £80 for subsequent quarterly periods.

Alternatively, and representing the best value, you can sign up for The Night Owl on a 6 monthly subscription. Now, this does have the highest outlay at a cost of £90. But given that works out at an effective monthly cost of just £15, I can definitely see the appeal.

Of note is the fact that there is no money back guarantee or refund option in place. Something that isn’t a criticism. It is pretty much industry standard at this point. But I do believe that transparency is ultimately quite important.

What is the Rate of Return?

The income potential for The Night Owl is ultimately quite an interesting thing. Over 4 months, The Night Owl has produced a profit of 104.1 points to BOG. Even to SP though, the profit remains pretty respectable 72.23 points. All of that is pretty respectable, however, it isn’t entirely representative of the results.

In the first month, Premium Sports Tipsters’s proofing shows a profit of 56.46 points. The second month, 26.18 points. March ended at just 4.72 points. Now, the takeaway here should absolutely be that a profit has been made. That is no easy feat. But it also a noticeable trend (in my eyes at least) that those profits are dropping off sharply.

Conclusion for The Night Owl

Sometimes in life, we are presented with a situation that lacks enough evidence to really “know” something (putting aside all of the philosophical debate about whether you can truly know anything). And The Night Owl is one of those situations. So, first and foremost, I am really going to need you to stick with me here, because it is a bit of a cop out answer.

You see, there is one key determinate factor to The Night Owl, and you can probably guess what it is. That is the incredibly obvious drop off in points. Now, I want to come back to this, but I also want to use it as an example of why it can be so important to have an understanding of what a service is about and how it works.

Earlier, I mentioned about how I am curious as to how a tipster is finding a consistent edge across three different sporting disciplines. I also talked about how, in my eyes, there is a bit of a lack of information and how this impacts the ability to make an informed decision. Now, I know a lot of people who write me off for wanting this insight, but The Night Owl is a perfect example of why it matters.

Because Premium Sports Tipsters don’t publish any details, it is very difficult to ascertain why The Night Owl has seen that drop off in results. The fact is that you can just have a good system that produces a bad run of results. No matter how much people will refute this, sometimes betting and gambling really is just about luck, and even a flawless system can be unlucky sometimes. But is this bad luck or a bad system? We have no way of knowing.

This creates a situation whereby I can’t really bring myself to recommend The Night Owl. Not in terms of the here and now anyway. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think that there is definitely some potential here. I can entirely respect the fact that any tipster service that produces a profit for 3 straight months (potentially 4, at the time of writing) and that in and of itself is an argument that the service is worthwhile.

For me though, this is one that probably just warrants some extra time. Realistically, in a few months time, The Night Owl will be more established. And that is when you should probably be making a genuine decision about it. Because at the moment, I just don’t see it as being a viable option for a tipster service.


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