The Numbers Game 2015 Review Ian Lord

The Numbers Game is a roulette betting strategy from Ian Lord that claims to show you a method to make a guaranteed income through online roulette.

What does the product offer?

According to Ian Lord, The Numbers Game is a product that allows you to exploit a loophole in online roulette games random number generators to generate consistent profit. Allegedly implementing The Numbers Game will only take you around an hour to 90 minutes to use. Ian Lord claims that he is offering a stable and solid system that can work for anybody who has access to an online casino. In letting you in on The Numbers Game, he says that you will be one of just a few people in the world know about this loophole – yeah right!

How does The Numbers Game 2015 work?

Without going into too much detail on how The Numbers Game works, it claims to exploit the methods that the random number generators use. There are claimed to be a number of factors that influence which numbers are chosen such as betting patterns and even where you place your chips. Ian Lord claims that by betting in the correct way you can exploit these patterns to ensure that you influence the random number generators to show a bias one way or another.

What is the initial investment?

The Numbers Game is being sold for “only” £95 and is claimed to be heavily discounted on the usual rate of £495. It is worth noting that this lower price is allegedly only open to the first 7 buyers however I am highly sceptical of this for reasons that I shall explore. The Numbers Game also appears to come with a 7 day money back guarantee however I would double check this before purchasing.

What is the rate of return?

The amount that you can expect to earn through The Numbers Game changes as the sales letter goes on starting out making £75-125 per day, soon taking that number up to several hundred pounds per day. Eventually Ian Lord just out and out appeals to greed by claiming that The Numbers Game will make you over £100,000 per year.

Conclusion on The Numbers Game 2015

There are plenty of different ways of allegedly beating the random number generator that online casinos use but the fact is that despite the ways that things like The Numbers Game make it seem, this is actually rather difficult. First and foremost is that there is a lot of speculation based around “insider information” with nothing concrete to back things up. The reality is that irrelevant of whether or not things like The Numbers Game hold any truth in terms of their claims about random number generators, they will still work based on gamblers fallacy.

Certain patterns must play out before you can start to bet properly with The Numbers Game and these same patterns could arguably be applied to any given roulette wheel, especially as the part where you make money also covers loss recovery. Personally, I’m not sold on The Numbers Game and as such I would recommend giving it a miss. The fact is that whilst there are ways of winning with casino games, the mathematical and chaotic nature of them rarely lends itself to advantage punters in any way.



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