The Offline Auction Secret Review

The Offline Auction Secret is a new product from Patricia Higgins which is marketed by Oliver Goehler that shows you how to profit online from offline auctions.

What does the product offer?

According to Patricia Higgins, The Offline Auction Secret is a comprehensive guide that allows users to start profiting from offline auctions. The sales material for The Offline Auction Secret is very much typical of a release from Oliver Goehler and doesn’t really do anything at all to explore or explain what you can expect if you opt to buy The Offline Auction Secret.

The product is shipped on two DVDs and also comes with a training manual, all of which has allegedly been created by Patricia Higgins. Following on from the course, putting The Offline Auction Secret into action allegedly only takes a day and anybody can do it with no need to really market products.

Finally, she says, The Offline Auction Secret actually makes money although I’m not entirely convinced that this is something that will work for everybody. The Offline Auction Secret is also claimed to show you “six secret factors” that make it almost impossible to fail at making a product, how to tell when deals are going to lose for you and details of a website that Patricia Higgins says will let you to test the waters of The Offline Auction Secret.

How does the product work?

As you can clearly tell there is no give from Oliver Goehler and Patricia Higgins in terms of what The Offline Auction Secret is actually dealing with. Given what they say however, my guess would be something to do with looking ahead at items that are up for auction and researching in advance what they sell for.

This is however only speculation on my behalf.

What is the initial investment?

The Offline Auction Secret is being sold for a one time cost of £79 which is pretty far from cheap, despite being a claimed reduction on the “actual” value of £97. There is a 60 day money back guarantee offered by Patricia Higgins should you find that The Offline Auction Secret isn’t for you however you will have to deal with the vendor to claim this.

What is the rate of return?

The sales material for The Offline Auction Secret is pretty big on hyping up how much you can expect to earn with the sales material making multiple claims of income ranging from around £70 all the way up to £400 for a single item.


Irrespective of how The Offline Auction Secret works there is one thing that becomes very quickly apparent and that is that this is an opportunity that comes with no real consistency. In fact, Patricia Higgins even says that this is only a part time method of making money.

This raises a number of problems for me, namely that for the cost that she and Oliver Goehler are asking for The Offline Auction Secret, you could get a complete course on buying and selling on ebay (and a good one too for that kind of money). If you are already successful, are you really going to pay £97 for something that can bring you in the odd additional pay day?

Personally, I don’t think that The Offline Auction Secret is for me and there are better guides to selling on ebay available that I would look at instead.



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