The Opes Facilis Horse Racing System Review

The Opes Facilis Horse Racing System is a betting system brought to you by Paul Coleman and Confidential Publishing.

What does the product offer?

The Opes Facilis Horse Racing System is a racing system that is supplied in the form of a PDF. It claims to teach users a simple method of “beating your bookmaker”. Paul Coleman claims that the system is easy to use and that anybody can do it regardless of interest in horse racing. The Opes Facilis Horse Racing System supposedly requires no mathematical knowledge as Paul Coleman says that there are no equations or statistics involved. If you choose to purchase The Staking Booster Plan as well as The Opes Facilis Horse Racing System you also receive information that will allegedly maximise your profit by using the correct stakes.

How does the product work?

There are very few details available on how The Opes Facilis Horse Racing System actually works. All that Paul Coleman offers up is that the system is based on advice that he was taught by a professional gambler which is a little disconcerting as many of the more reputable horse racing systems I have seen at least supply a basic outline of what their system is based upon.

What is the initial investment?

The Opes Facilis Horse Racing System sells for £14.95 with the option to purchase The Staking Booster Plan as well as the system for £19.95. In terms of a return policy Paul Coleman says that if you haven’t made £20,000 in 6 months with The Opes Facilis Horse Racing System he will refund you the cost. The system allegedly works starting with a betting bank as low as £10.

What is the rate of return?

As mentioned above Paul Coleman is adamant that you can make The Opes Facilis Horse Racing System, so much so he offers your money back if you don’t. The actual ROI on The Opes Facilis Horse Racing System is 65.9 points which equates to 64% on a one point level betting stake and 134.5 points which amounts to 77% with a staking plan in place. Both these results were allegedly generated over a 6 month period ending in June.


The Opes Facilis Horse Racing System looks like a return to the classic strategy of offering bold results for very little money, with very little information. Personally I see this as a massive step back and although I shall refrain from using the word scam as maybe the testimonials provided are genuine (although £6,342 in 8 weeks does seem rather outlandish) and The Opes Facilis Horse Racing System really can deliver, but it seems unlikely. There is no proofing of alleged results and this is something that in this day and age is a must have for any betting system or tipping service. All this comes together to create exactly the kind of product I would look to give a very wide berth to.




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Comments (6)

Thank you for your honest assessment.

I myself use fact based on past results to determine when a short priced favourite (2/1 or lower) has a high possibility of winning or losing in betfairs back or lay markets.

Over a period of 6 years we have been able to AVERAGE 76.5 points profit a month.

Each month will differ in profits.
For instance if January, which has an average return of 59.75 points profit based over the last 6 years results were to only achieve 20 points this year, next year would see around 80 – 100 points profit for the same month.

As the racing hot’s up from April onwards, it is not uncommon to see a month return 150 points in profit.

I avoid anything this guy is selling, and I speak from past mistakes.

Hi, What do you know about Paul Coleman please. He has just e-mailed me to join him in making thousands of pounds and I’ve been chosen as one of the select few. I’m not a gambling man and don’t know one end of an horse to the other, so why hand pick me? Already that gets alarm bells ringing.

Has any one bought \reviewed Paul Coleman’s aim and fire system ,it’s he’s latest offering ?
Just had an email from him stating last day and has 87 clients already (only having a maximum of 100) and it will double in price after midnight ,coincidentally exactly the same numbers as he’s last system (opes facilis) on the last day .spookyville.
I must admit I love he’s titles ,perhaps the next one will be caveat emptor.

Read the reviews on Amazon of he’s horse race systems 99.9% of them negative ,the only good thing about them are the titles ,the systems are rubbish.Paul Coleman , i wish he’d change his name by deed poll to Paul c*nman which is very much closer to the truth .Paul makes outlandish claims of long winning runners ,without any historical results back up .

He has been sanctioned three times by the ASA(Advertising Standards Agency) that says it all, i subscribed to Cft he does EW bets mostly on short priced favs in my opinion absolute rubbish. I agree with the comment above.

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