The Pampered Chef Review MLM

The Pampered Chef is an opportunity to generate an income through selling kitchenware directly to customers through displays of the products.

The Company

The Pampered Chef are an American company founded in 1980 in Chicago, Illinois where it has since been taken over by Berkshire Hathaway. The Pampered Chef is a truly multinational company including the UK where The Pampered Chef has been actively trading since 1999. All The Pampered Chef products are available exclusively through The Pampered Chef’s multi level marketing structure. The Pampered Chef are a part of the Direct Selling Association and place a strong emphasis on ethical trading.

The Product

The products that The Pampered Chef sell are all professional grade catering equipment for the home. The emphasis with The Pampered Chef is to create products that have multiple uses, emphasising the philosophy of a less cluttered and easier to work in kitchen. There are also a range of cookbooks and small appliances available for sale.

How to Apply

You can apply to become a sales consultant for The Pampered Chef online or through another The Pampered Chef representative. There are start up costs involved with the main package costing £125 or a smaller version that costs £70. These should be enough to allow you to carry out basic demonstrations and start selling your The Pampered Chef wares.

Earning Potential

The actual earning potential of The Pampered Chef isn’t ever discussed which is rather disappointing frankly although no doubt upon registering your interest this will come up. What The Pampered Chef do advertise heavily though is that there are a number of different bonuses and incentives such as luxury holidays, jewellery and vouchers to spend on The Pampered Chef products yourself.


The Pampered Chef isn’t necessarily a household name and honestly, the whole setup feels very Americanised. For example the shows that you host to demonstrate your wares involve cooking a recipe whilst your prospective clientèle get involved and help out, trying the products as they do. This would work well in a large kitchen but given the restrictions of most UK households this may prove challenging. That having been said what is on offer with The Pampered Chef seems to represent a rather unique opportunity with no direct competition springing to mind. This means that there may well be some decent money in this.



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From: Simon Roberts