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The Percentage Form Edge Review

The Percentage Form Edge is a horse racing tipster service by Dennis Hatcher in which he shares the selections that his own secret method has generated.

What does the product offer?

Dennis Hatcher says that he stumbled upon the various aspects of The Percentage Form Edge from something that he “cobbled” together on the last day of Cheltenham. Not surprisingly (given the copywriting), it worked and The Percentage Form Edge was born. The system provides near daily selections (very occasionally there will be a day with nothing offered) for flat, All Weather and National Hunt races. The Percentage Form Edge is a high stakes betting system as you are betting on numerous horses in the same race which means that you may have to back more than 25 horses per day. Based off the published results The Percentage Form Edge has achieved a strike rate of around just 13%. It is worth noting however that the focus for The Percentage Form Edge is on big wins rather than consistent wins.

How does the product work?

According to Dennis Hatcher there are 3 key things that come together to identify selections for The Percentage Form Edge. The first of these is form which identifies a shortlist of potential horses. Dennis Hatcher then says that he looks at the price structure with a view to identifying which races the system will fit. Finally is a secretive anomaly within Betfair, allegedly based around a within a mathematical equation however this isn’t really expanded on.

What is the initial investment?

The Percentage Form Edge is usually sold on a monthly subscription at a cost of £29.95 +VAT however Dennis Hatcher is currently offering a trial period. This means that you can get 2 weeks of The Percentage Form Edge selections for just £1 (+VAT). To top this off, The Percentage Form Edge is sold through Clickbank which means that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place too.

What is the rate of return?

Proofing for The Percentage Form Edge goes back to January 20th in which time The Percentage Form Edge has made a profit of 88.68 points.  This does however represent a loss since the start of April of 30 points.


The biggest problem with The Percentage Form Edge is that the risk vs. reward is very difficult to justify. Whilst looking over past performance I have found an example of 27 straight losses without looking and even glancing through, a losing streak of 30. To give you a real idea of the scope however, in one day there were 50 losing bets. Even being conservative at £10 this is a huge amount of money. Admittedly, on this particular day it was offset by a profit through some big wins but it highlights how thinly you are expected to spread your betting bank. Whilst this isn’t necessarily a problem for everybody and there are no doubt some punters who will be happy simply because The Percentage Form Edge is making them a product. Personally however, I expect some real sustainability from a tipster service and in many regards I don’t believe that The Percentage Form Edge offers this.



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