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The Perfect Strategy is a brand new product which is being launched through Streetwise Publications. It is a training guide which has been authored by Colin Ford.

What does the product offer?

The headlines for The Perfect Strategy are what really jumped out at me when I first opened the sales page and this is for good reason. Supposedly, Colin Ford has developed a “virtually fool proof system” to make money from Betfair. Of course, this is a Streetwise Publications products so I will take these claims with a small pinch of salt. Nonetheless, this is one area that I am always interested in new developments for, I was actually rather excited to get to grips with The Perfect Strategy.

So what are you actually getting with The Perfect Strategy? The short answer here is not a lot really on paper. When you sign up for The Perfect Strategy, Streetwise Publications will send out a 58 page manual to you. Contained within this is everything that Colin Ford claims you need in order to start making money through Betfair.

According to the sales material, you can use the method that The Perfect Strategy shows you irrespective of your prior knowledge. Furthermore, it supposedly takes just a few minutes each day in order to make your money. I am not sold on this however. The core method behind The Perfect Strategy can take minutes, especially if you are only betting on 1 or 2 horses per day as the sales material for The Perfect Strategy suggests. This isn’t the norm in my experience however.

As The Perfect Strategy is a trading product, there is no real staking plan in place. We are simply told that you can start with as little or as much money as you want and that there is a view to building your bank consistently. Realistically however, if you want to start producing any remotely substantive form of income using the methods that The Perfect Strategy shows you, you will want to compound your winnings. This applies doubly so if you are using a small betting bank with The Perfect Strategy.

Interestingly, Streetwise Publications have chosen to publish a strike rate which Colin Ford claims is between 80 and 85%. Whilst I would usually be very cynical of this kind of number, given that The Perfect Strategy is a trading product I can believe that the system would have attained this.

I should probably point out that when you purchase The Perfect Strategy, you also get the personal contact details of Colin Ford. This means that if you have any problems with the system, you have the creator there with you to help out.

How does The Perfect Strategy work?

I don’t think that it is right to give too much away about how The Perfect Strategy works, however Colin Ford and Streetwise Publications have published some details themselves already. The core idea behind The Perfect Strategy is that people in large groups will always behave in the same way. As such, you can predict the way that markets will move. This is supposedly down to the fact that this group type thinking affects odds during the race.

To build on this, what The Perfect Strategy looks at has more to do with how a horse runs during a race rather than its chance of winning. Colin Ford says that this is more reliable and easier to predict than the outcome of a race. As such, by predicting a horses running style and trading in line with the above expectations of how odds will move etc. you are able to almost guarantee a profit.

What is the initial investment?

Because Colin Ford is marketing his product through Streetwise Publications, you can generally expect to pay a lot of money. What I wasn’t expecting was £197 to receive your copy of a 58 page system. I wouldn’t normally go out of my way to point this out, but you would then have to get together a trading bank on top of this. That is a massive ask.

Streetwise Publications do provide a money back guarantee with The Perfect Strategy. They say that if you aren’t happy with the product, you can claim a refund within 30 days. I have to credit them here and say that you shouldn’t have any problems claiming your money back should you need to.

What is the rate of return?

The sales material for The Perfect Strategy says that a return of 1% – 3% per day on your betting bank is a reasonable expectation. This is roughly in the ball park for training and is a relatively believable number. We are then told that the increase is around 7-21% per week however this isn’t strictly true. If you are compounding your betting, your weekly growth can actually show somewhat higher.

Conclusion on The Perfect Strategy

I don’t recall ever having seen anything that looks at trading in quite the same light as The Perfect Strategy, and as such, I am actually rather impressed. Not just because Colin Ford has found a new angle, but because it seems to work. There is definitely something to The Perfect Strategy that is worthwhile pursuing. Most interestingly, all of the numbers that are claimed seem plausible. Obviously there isn’t any proofing provided which isn’t ideal, but I don’t find it to be a concerning omission.

I cannot stress enough that I am hugely impressed with what Colin Ford has done, however this isn’t the be all and end all. Put simply, I cannot stress enough that it doesn’t matter how good a product is, there are other aspects that must be considered. One of these is value for money and it is here that I feel that The Perfect Strategy really falls down. Whilst the concept behind the system is good, I am not certain that it is £200 worth of good, especially when compared with the rest of the market.

All of this makes for a product which isn’t terrible, but I don’t believe that I can really recommend it. Trading on Betfair is something that is well known and there is a wealth of content available online both free and paid for. This means that as far as I am concerned you have to offer something really exceptional for the money that Streetwise Publications are asking.

As much as I like Colin Ford and his product, The Perfect Strategy isn’t that something exceptional. It is a new twist on a familiar spin. I recently read an article in which the head of Streetwise Publications justified the cost of his products compared to scouring online to find solutions, but you have to value your time very highly for it to be worth more than £20 per hour and even at that, you would be able to get in ten hours of research on a subject, all for the cost of just one method of trading.

With that in mind, I am afraid that The Perfect Strategy is a bit of a no go for me. I want to like the product and I appreciate the core idea.


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Comments (1)

Hello, Colin Ford here, author of The Perfect Strategy manual. I just wanted to clarify a few of the things mentioned in this review.

Firstly, once you have absorbed the information in the manual, the strategy does not take long to implement each day. Of course, there is a small learning curve involved, but that is true of any worthwhile trading method. The strategy is certainly within the grasp of the average punter, however. As you mention, I do offer support to customers and there is a 30 day refund guarantee as well.

Secondly, the manual explains how to compound your profits to increase returns, and gives clear advice about what size trading bank to use. I have included some details of past results in the manual, so people can see what difference the recommended staking plan makes to their overall profits.

Thirdly, once mastered, this strategy can generate far more money for customers each month than the purchase price, on a consistent basis. The strike rate quoted is accurate, and it is not necessary to deposit large amounts of capital into Betfair – as is the case with many other trading methods.

Thanks for mentioning my product on this website though, and I hope your readers will take the above points into account.

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