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The Perm Firm Review

The Perm Firm is a sports betting tipster service operated by Stark Investors. It uses “perm” betting to maximise profit whilst theoretically minimising risk.

What does the product offer?

The Perm Firm is a tipster service that provides users with weekly (and occasionally more frequently) selections for perm bets for football games from around the world. Tips are sent out directly to subscribers via email in the morning with bets spanning a few days due to the nature of The Perm Firm and football betting. The games covered are hugely varied ranging from somewhat obscure European leagues to English cup football as well as the Champions League and Europa League. Whilst it would be difficult to work out a strike rate for individual games, the perm bets have achieved 57.69 % with 39 out of the 92 bets recommended ultimately making a loss between May and January .

How does the product work?

The Perm Firm is all about using permutations or perms when you bet. This is essentially a combination of bets in which bets are combined into singles, doubles, triples and accumulators. This means that each bet that you have placed as part of your perm contributes to your ultimate winnings (I shan’t provide an example as plenty can be found online)/ Stark Investors say that selections for The Perm Firm come from a team of perm experts and that their “knowledge, research and experience are of the highest calibre” which suggests that The Perm Firm is a form and statistics based system.

What is the initial investment?

Stark Investors offer three options for subscribing to The Perm Firm which are on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. These are available at a cost of £49, £99 and £279 respectively. As is the case with most tipster services there is unfortunately no money back guarantee in place.

What is the rate of return?

Between May and December of 2014 The Perm Firm made £14,477 of profit. This is based on staking of £10 per double and treble plus £25 on the accumulator bet. This typically comes in at around £125 per bet using their staking. There are also double chance accumulators which were staked at £100 per go. This means that to make this kind of profit you have to have a pretty substantial betting bank.


The Perm Firm has for all intents and purposes performed pretty well for 2014 and given the nature of the betting system, it seems unlikely that this will change for 2015. It’s worth keeping in mind that to make the kind of money that Stark Investors advertise you will need a fair amount to bet with and that furthermore, if you are using a relatively small betting bank it can be wiped out in almost no time due to the fact that you’re essentially placing a volume of bets at a time. This is however part and parcel of this kind of betting. On balance there is a lot about The Perm Firm to like however the biggest issue is probably with the cost, particularly if you are on a monthly subscription. The Perm Firm is more likely than not worth a look although I recommend the usual caution with any service that doesn’t keep up to date records.



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