The PL2 Strategy Review Richard Egan

The PL2 Strategy is a sports betting tipster service which has been recently launched by Richard Egan. He claims that he is able to make a decent profit through betting on football.

Introduction to The PL2 Strategy

There are a lot of things that can make for an interesting approach to betting. In fact, when you’ve been doing this for as long as I have, you start to keep an eye out for them. Of course, at the opposite end of this scale, you also learn what doesn’t make an interesting approach. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop a lot of tipsters from putting out services that they believe are unique or interesting. Some of them may be if they weren’t attached to questionable services.

Of course, this segues nicely into today’s review of The PL2 Strategy. This is a tipster service that seems to be built entirely around a concept that Richard Egan has deemed as being a bit clever. I say this with at least some degree of confidence, because he mentions it so many times. In actual fact, it would appear to me that the whole concept of The PL2 Strategy is built on this idea that you are working with an interesting concept. I don’t believe you are though.

None the less, what I will always do is be professional. The fact that The PL2 Strategy works on paper may actually be indicative that it really is a good system. Maybe Richard Egan will be the one who is finally able to break that mould and really deliver on his claims. Let’s have a look at this and find out if that is in fact the case.

What Does The PL2 Strategy Offer?

Talking about what a tipster service offers can be a bit of a difficult thing. Because… Well, it’s a tipster service. The answer is there in the name. But of course, I am being facetious. The fact of the matter is that there is a huge amount of variance from one tipster service to the next, and on paper, this is one of the more interesting ones.

Now in many respects, The PL2 Strategy doesn’t break any new ground. First things first, I want to address the fact that this is a football tipster service. This means that there are certain things that simply must be applicable because of the nature of the sport. And a big one of these is that this won’t be a daily affair. Something that Richard Egan confirms rather emphatically.

What is really interesting about this though is that there is no reason that this couldn’t be a daily service. Richard Egan says that The PL2 Strategy is focused entirely on the Premier League. And right through to the 30th of June, there are just two days where there aren’t games on.

Instead we are told that when you receive selections, you will get advice for betting over the next few days. Frankly, that doesn’t quite sit right with me. There is a lot that can happen in football in 24 hours and it could well completely skew a game. But Richard Egan isn’t offering consideration for that, which seems either naïve or wilfully ignorant.

Just sticking briefly with the topic of the logistics, there are a few more things to cover. As you would expect in this day and age, selections for The PL2 Strategy are sent directly via email. These will usually be sent the night before the games “at the very latest”. The information contained within these emails does seem to be a bit basic in my opinion.

Moving on to the bets themselves, what kinds of things can you expect from The PL2 Strategy? Well, the answer here is actually quite varied. Not so much in terms of the volume of bets you will receive. This is all pretty much set in stone with the whole concept of The PL2 Strategy being that you only bet twice per day.

You will however be betting on a wide variety of betting markets. This is because (so Richard Egan claims) one of the single most important elements of making The PL2 Strategy work is obtaining value. Obviously with football, there is generally limited value unless you look at these more niche markets, so all of that makes sense.

And in line with that idea of getting value from your betting, Richard Egan says that the odds that you will typically be backing bets at have a “3/1 minimum up to 20/1 winners”. The fact that this is achieved without backing accumulators is actually a little bit impressive really, however, my experience is that these higher numbers are unlikely to be commonplace.

In terms of your staking plan, there aren’t necessarily any hard and fast rules. Richard Egan simply says that he will provide you wit details of how much you should be betting when the The PL2 Strategy selections are sent out.

With that said, there are at least some rules for this. Of the who bets that are advised, one of those bets is supposed to come in and has lower odds. This is called a Banker Bet and you will be advised to back this to a certain stake no more than 5 points of the bank) based off those odds. The higher the odds, the less you will be betting.

There seems to be a bit more of a fixed rate on the other of those two bets you receive each day. Now to be fair to Richard Egan, this is all down to the system The PL2 Strategy is built around (but I’ll be talking about this in detail a little later on) and there is on paper at least some rationale to it all. I’m note entirely sold on this though.

One of the things that is interesting to me is that you don’t really get a lot of advice on what kind of betting bank you need. Based off what Richard Egan claims, you could easily come into this expecting to need a minimal bank to get started, but I’m not entirely convinced by this. The fact is that the win rates for The PL2 Strategy would have to be attainable for me to suggest using less than 100 points to get you started.

Talking of which. There are effectively two strike rates for The PL2 Strategy. Firstly, there is the number for those “banker bets”. Apparently 86% of these bets will come in for you. That is an outstanding number. The profit making value selections have supposedly have a strike rate of “almost 40%”. Notably, neither of these claims are backed up by any sort of proofing.

How Does The PL2 Strategy Work?

There are two elements to how The PL2 Strategy works. For my money, the single most important one is what the selection process entails. Unfortunately, this is the area where we get the least information. All that we are told is the following:

“In the office we track goals scored/conceded [sic], times of goals, response after a goal (does the team tend to concede [sic] again). We keep track of clean sheets, head to head records, team and injury news and much more. This is a real combination of being a football and data nut for many years”.

You will notice that whilst this does sound somewhat like Richard Egan might know what he is talking about. It also doesn’t really contain anything of substance. What is rather telling to me though is that we are told there is no proofing for The PL2 Strategy because somebody may be able to reverse engineer the system from the results. Which frankly, just suggests it is something incredibly simplistic.

The other element of The PL2 Strategy is of course the way that you bet. Richard Egan’s entire premise is that those banker bets come in often, and when they land, you have staked enough to ensure you don’t lose money. Those value bets however are there to bring in the actual profit by betting on the longer odds that I mentioned.

On paper, this is all very good looking, however it is also very dependent on consistency of results. And rather conveniently, we cannot see how consistent this is because of that lack of proofing. Honestly, it doesn’t instil a lot of faith.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to The PL2 Strategy, there is only one option available. This is a one time cost of £33 plus VAT (which brings the total up to £39.60). For this, you get access to Richard Egan’s selections for the remainder of the 2019/20 Premier League season.

With this you do get access to a 30 day money back guarantee as well. This is backed up by Clickbank (who handle the payment) so you shouldn’t have any problems claiming this if you are so inclined. Presuming of course that you haven’t made a lot of refund requests before now (they are generally pretty on top of this and seem to have toughened up a little recently).

What is the Rate of Return?

Effectively, Richard Egan says that the aim for the rest of the season is to produce a profit of £5,000. We are told that this number stems from the fact that last season he made £21,402.60. And when the football season ended this year, he was on track at £14,982.85.

How much will you be staking to make this £5,000? Who knows! It is just another element of The PL2 Strategy that benefits from the very obvious obfuscation of information that Richard Egan engages in. Realistically, this might be £100 stakes, but that is all speculation on my behalf. The reality is that this claimed profit effectively means nothing as it is.

Conclusion for The PL2 Strategy

Something like The PL2 Strategy is actually quite interesting to look at. For a lot of reasons. Very few of them are what I would necessarily call good reasons. In fact, there are so many that it is rather difficult to really know where to start. So much so that I will admit to having rewritten this about six times now.

I think what I want to do is really get to the crux of this though, and that is the lack of information on what the service really entails. The fact is that anybody can simply pick a series of statistics out and say that they “track them”. Especially when those statistics sound quite impressive.

What is much more important, and is the thing we aren’t told about, is what is done with the information from that tracking. And with a lack of proofing for The PL2 Strategy, there is no real way of getting a feel for what you can genuinely expect here. For example, we are told that the value selections have odds as high as 20/1. How many bets have won at that though?

My gut feeling about all this is that really, it is because Richard Egan wants you to focus more on the betting element of The PL2 Strategy. Because it sounds good doesn’t it? One bet means that you will rarely lose money, the other brings in the profit. It is a fantastic idea and one that I have seen implemented elsewhere with moderate success.

But simply having an idea does not a betting system make. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times, and without that wider context of what The PL2 Strategy involves, it is just rather difficult to look at the concept and feel like that is a complete concept.

All of that is rather problematic, however, it is far from the only problem that there is. The second real gripe that I have with The PL2 Strategy is that there is a lack of information on that claimed profit. Sure, it’s all well and good saying you can make £5,000, but once again, I am forced back to the fact that there is no context for this.

As I touched on, the most realistic scenario I can think of is that you are looking at 50 points to £100 stakes. But even that feels like a very big ask. Of course, there are a lot of games left to play, it is theoretically possible. But without that wider proofing, there is no real way of saying how practically possible it is.

A big part of this is of course those strike rates. But let me tell you something. 86% is the kind of figure I might expect to see from a good lay betting service. For Richard Egan to claim that he’s getting this consistently on win bets, no matter what the market or the odds just seems very doubtful. And let’s not forget, you really are just taking his word that he is able to deliver this.

Really, what you are getting here are a lot impressive sounding things. £5,000 profit. Sounds good. 86% strike rate. Sounds even better. Backing bets at high odds. Perfect. But there is simply no evidence backing any of this up. And the reasons for it not being there just seem… Well, a bit flimsy.

With all of this in mind, I just don’t really see this as being something that I would recommend. I will admit that it isn’t particularly expensive, but it also feels very much like a case of getting what you pay for.

The worst of it is that on paper, this isn’t the worst looking thing I’ve seen this year. But I have been doing this for long enough to know that when information is held back as much as Richard Egan does with The PL2 Strategy, it is usually for reasons that just don’t work out well for punters. Something I can say with confidence having looked at hundreds of products that fit the same bill.


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