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The Place to Profit System/The All Day System Review – Streetwise Publications

The Place to Profit System/The All Day System are a pair of new to market betting systems which are being offered by one Colin Ford. One looks at both horse racing and the other looks at a rather niche betting market. The service is being marketed through Streetwise Publications.  

Introduction to The Place to Profit System/The All Day System

Diversification can be a very important thing in betting. Putting all of your eggs in one basket can be a very easy way to ultimately lose money. Honestly, I have known far too many people who have decided that they’ve found a betting system or tipster service that works for them. Then there are a few upsets and because they’ve spread themselves thing, well, they lose a lot of money. And of course, there is always the possibility of something life changing like Covid striking and everything simply shutting down including your income.

This latter thing is exactly what happened to Colin Ford, we are told. His usual horse racing system, The Place to Profit System was rendered completely ineffective by the fact that horse racing stopped during lockdown. During this period, he says that he turned to a new method of betting that can be used as and when you want, all the year round. This led to the creation of his The All Day System. A system that Streetwise Publications claim is incredibly profitable, can be used as and when you want to, and has a high strike rate.

All of this comes together to create a package that is undoubtedly attractive. I can say with relative confidence that The Place to Profit System and The All Day System are both systems that sound incredibly good. The only thing is… Well, there are a lot of questions about the ability of these services to actually deliver. Whilst I can respect what Colin Ford and Streetwise Publications are doing here, they do make some incredible claims really. So, with that established I want to get right into this and see if it is of merit or not. 

What Does The Place to Profit System/The All Day System Offer?

As you might be able to tell from the title of this review, The Place to Profit System/The All Day System are effectively two different systems. They’ve just been put together for… Well, reasons. Not necessarily great reasons, in my eyes, but I feel like Colin Ford and Streetwise Publications would have some justification for this. Unfortunately, because you are effectively looking at two systems in one, this is going to end up being a bit of an odd read. So please, stick with me.

Having ascertained that, I still don’t really know where to start. I think that I am going to have to start with The All Day System. You see, whilst The Place to Profit System is the product that Streetwise Publications put on the invoice, theoretically making it the “core product”, the marketing tells a very different story. Instead over 2,500 words are dedicated to this supposedly less important “free” system. This compared to the 500 that are dedicated to the product you are actually buying…

 So, let’s talk about The All Day System. This comes as a 35 page manual which looks at ways you can exploit a rather unique betting market on Betfair’s Exchange. In fact, the whole thing will only work on Betfair’s Exchange, and that is because it concerns itself with exchange games. A rather interesting little concept that really started to pop up once lockdown began and sports ground to a halt.

For those who aren’t familiar with exchange games, they are games that play out on the Betfair exchange. But you aren’t playing the games, so much as betting on the outcome. Naturally, these take place pretty much 24/7 which means that you really can bet on it any time of day. Hence the name, “The All Day System”.

Over the course of this manual, Colin Ford says that he will show you everything that you need in order to start profiting of these games. The methods are all very simple and effectively, all that you have to do is “wait for the opportunities to reveal themselves, then place your bet…”. And fundamentally, this is true.

As a piece of content… Well, The All Day System is about what you would expect form a 35 page manual that comes from Streetwise Publications. Colin Ford does a good enough job of explaining his theories and his approach. The writing is acceptable, and it isn’t really a bad product per se. There just seems to be a lot of focus and excitement about it as a concept.

Then of course there is The Place to Profit System. That actually important betting system which, no matter how you want to dress it up, is what you are actually paying for here. An approach to horse racing that Colin Ford claims produced some truly incredible profits, all with very little work and an incredibly small initial investment.

Once again, I will concede the fact that The Place to Profit System is well put together. That doesn’t really surprise me though. All of this isn’t Colin Ford’s first rodeo, and Streetwise Publications have created an empire putting out products of this nature. In fact, if truth be told, I would be much more surprised if it were badly written and didn’t explain the approach. Especially because the fundamental principles of the approach are quite simple.

Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are bad. The Place to Profit System is actually built on some surprisingly simple and straightforward principles. All that you are really doing is looking at The Racing Post, looking at Betfair, and making a decision based off certain information. Colin Ford claims that he had been doing this for 8 months since lockdown started, and that there is huge profit potential from this.

How Does The Place to Profit System/The All Day System Work?

Obviously talking about how something like this works is a difficult thing. The fact of the matter is that Colin Ford is charging for his systems and I feel like it would be very unreasonable for me to simply go ahead and publish details here, for free. That doesn’t however stop me passing on some insight, nor will I refrain from posting a very honest opinion.

First things first, let’s pick up with The All Day System. Whilst I will admit that there is nuance to the different approaches that exist, the fundamental approach here is something that I have seen before. Colin Ford makes it all sound very simple, and honestly, it is. In many respects, I feel like the same can be said for The Place to Profit System as well. The fundamental idea is something quite simple. However, I do feel like the horse racing strategy will take more time to get used to.

Ultimately, as is so often the case with products that are a betting system, the final say on them is that they are tools. How you choose to use them will drastically alter how they work for you. You could simply use The Place to Profit System, The All Day System, or some combination of them both. You might want to favour certain strategies and so on and so forth.

All of this means that there isn’t a definitive answer to how it all works. But I do think that there is some merit to the methods, and Colin Ford demonstrates this with the evidence he provides of his approach working. Unfortunately, you can only see this when you have actually paid Streetwise Publications. Which is a bit of a problem in my opinion. 

What is the Initial Investment?

Ending my last segment by talking about how much Streetwise Publications and Colin Ford are asking for The Place to Profit System/The All Day System is incredibly pertinent. Because this is one hell of a pricey system (or two). The service is priced at £197 which is at least inclusive of VAT. That is a massive amount of outlay, and yet, we are told that this is a seeming bargain. A notion that is based around a claim that the systems are worth and will be sold for £497 later in the year.

Something that is worth keeping in mind is that if you do buy The Place to Profit System/The All Day System, there is a full 90 day money back guarantee. This is only vendor backed which effectively means that you are relying on Colin Ford and Streetwise Publications to honour this. I don’t think that it should be a problem mind, they do say that it is no quibble and they are historically pretty good.

What is the Rate of Return?

The headlining claim for all of this is that you can expect to make £51.56 per hour. This is based off the methods involved with The All Day System. This is a number that is repeated a number of times in the sales material, ultimately culminating in a claim that Colin Ford made £3,145.97 (over 200 bets) using £50 stakes

What I am really interested in though is how much you can supposedly make with The Place to Profit System. After all, that is still the core system in my eyes. And here, the numbers are really quite impressive. Streetwise Publications say that Colin Ford was able to turn a £2,500 betting bank into £22,071.78 in eight months. A result that is then broken down into the real message, which is that you can increase your betting bank eight fold.

Conclusion for The Place to Profit System

So far, I have spent a lot of time trying to keep The Place to Profit System and The All Day System separate, but it is now time to address them as a whole. Because no matter how you want to dress it up, you are buying one product and simply having the other one railroaded onto you as a part of that. Honestly, which way round it is, at this point, is up for debate. Because whilst Streetwise Publications say one thing, they really seem to act in a different way.

What really stands out to me here is how jarring it all is. The differences between The Place to Profit System and The All Day System are immense. There doesn’t seem to be any cohesiveness there that makes for an attractive package. With that said, if both of the methods are profitable, why would that necessarily matter? And the short answer is that in many respects, it doesn’t. But it is somewhat pertinent.

Now, before I start to get into anything else, I want to say that The Place to Profit System and The All Day System do, to some degree, deliver on the claims that they make. I believe that there is some profit to be made here. However, all of this overlooks the biggest question. And it is a very simple one. What reason is there to choose this over other betting systems?

Unfortunately, at £197, there aren’t many positives that I can see here. Not for the money. Does Colin Ford have some interesting ideas? Yes. Can they work? If you apply them, potentially. But that still doesn’t mean that The Place to Profit System is something that is necessarily worth buying into, for a number of reasons in my mind.

First things first, let’s talk ab out Betfair’s Exchange Games. Can you make money 24/7, as and when you want it? Well, yes. But having the ability to do something, and actually having that thing occur are worlds apart. I can see how The All Day System works on paper. In practice, not so much.

The fact is that you aren’t getting anything particularly new here, and yet, whilst it is “free”, it is actually costing you close to £100. Probably not surprisingly, there are similar problems when you look at The Place to Profit System. The idea works well enough on paper. Putting it into practice. Less simple. And again, all of this at a cost of £100. If other products didn’t exist, you might be onto something here. But they do.

Which brings me to the biggest problem that I think I have here. The Place to Profit System/The All Day System is very bloody expensive. And for that money, you are getting betting systems that… Well, they’re just not nearly as good as some of the competition out there. Which are much cheaper, are less gimmicky, and aren’t reliant on other sites (like The Place to Profit System is with the Racing Post).

What you certainly aren’t getting is a betting system that I can realistically see delivering on Streetwise Publications’s claims. Maybe you might have good days where you do well, but I don’t see either system being quite as consistent as Colin Ford suggests that they may be.  And that is ultimately why I can’t bring myself to recommend this package. It is simply too much time, effort, and money, for something that I don’t think many people will actually see the results they expect on.


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Comments (5)

Hello, Colin Ford here, creator of The Place to Profit method. If you will allow me, I would like to address a number of points in this review.

Firstly, the Place to Profit method is not ‘reliant’ on the Racing Post website. The Racing Post is just a convenient website for identifying the right races to bet on. Any website, such as the Sporting Life, can be used for the same purpose. Only basic information is needed to pinpoint qualifying races, and several websites contain this information.

Secondly, the method does not take much ‘time, effort, and money’ to use at all. Selections can be found in about 10 minutes each day, and you can start with as small a betting bank as you want. The method is extremely simple to use and anyone can do it. Once you begin compounding your profits, as explained in the manual, your betting bank will grow very quickly. To protect users’ capital, there is no progressive staking involved.

Thirdly, the ‘impressive’ profit figures you mention are 100% genuine. In the manual, I have listed full details of every qualifying bet that produced these profits, along with the amounts staked. This data can be double checked on the Timeform website for full transparency. To my knowledge, there are no betting products on the market that produce an 883% return on capital in 8 months, like the Place to Profit method did. Please enlighten me if there are any systems out there that can match these returns, because I would love to know about them.

Finally, the All Day System is not ‘railroaded’ onto people. It is included as an optional extra as a bonus for people who purchase the main product. Again, the results I achieved with this during lockdown are listed in the manual and genuine. This system does require you to be at your computer for longer, and it will not make you rich overnight. However, it can be used to supplement the main method. The marketing for this product has focused on this system, because it is different to many other products out there.

I would encourage you to test the Place to Profit method, so you can see for yourself how effective it is. The concept behind it is totally unique and I believe it could be a game-changer for many people.

Colin, I have been trying out both systems for the past 2 months and neither system for me has produced any profit.
On the Exchange system I have tried out 3 X 1 hour sessions all ended losing money. I would be realy grateful if you are prepared to do a one hour live session showing that this makes the kind of money stated in the sales leaflet.
On the Place to profit system The number of bets that meet criteria have been very lacking and the ones that did qualify so far have not won. So again please publicise your curent up to date selections / results so that I can compare and see where I am potentially going wrong.

Chris, Thanks for your feedback. Sorry to hear that the results haven’t been great for you so far, however you can’t judge the system(s) based on such a small sample size of data. If you study the results listed in the manual, you will see why this is the case.

Regarding the Exchange Games system, if you look at pages 29-30 of the manual, you can see that my profits from Method 1 dropped from £370.38 to -£54.16 over the course of 35 bets. These bets were placed over a period of almost 20 hours of game play. The system still went on to finish in profit for the month, and – combined with the results from Method 2 – the total profit from this period was reasonable (16% ROC). The fact that you had some mediocre results over 3 hours is neither here nor there within this context.

Notwithstanding, I realise that it can be disheartening when you are monitoring the games for hours and losing money. This is an inevitable consequence of betting on the exchange games unfortunately, and there’s nothing I can do about that (apart from try and prepare you for it mentally).

What I would say is that, if you are struggling with the exchange games methods, just leave these and focus on the main horse racing method. Not everyone has the temperament for the exchange games, and I think the horse racing method is better in this regard, due to the time efficient nature of it.

You are right that, over the past couple of months, there have not been many qualifying bets for the Place to Profit Method. Nonetheless, if you look at page 11 of the manual, you will see that – in June and July of 2019 – there were only 6 and 4 races that qualified for selection as well. This method is selective and there will be periods when no bets can be found – even though the results are great over the course of a year. You just have to be patient, keep monitoring the racecards each day, then pounce when a betting opportunity arises. The selectivity of this method is what produces the high strike rate in the place market.

So, the rewards are there to be had – but you have to look out for them. 90% of success is showing up, as Woody Allen once said. Thankfully, the Place to Profit Method is quick to use each day, so it’s not much of a sacrifice.

I was not involved in the marketing for this product, but personally, I would have been happier if more emphasis had been placed on the horse racing method. I did not want to charge money for the exchange games methods, because I knew they wouldn’t suit everybody.

Don’t write the Place to Profit Method off, just because it is going through a quiet patch. Otherwise, you will miss out on a lot of future financial rewards. Successful gamblers are patient and disciplined, so I would urge you to approach your punting with this mindset.

Tried unsuccessfully to bring up following Mr Harrison’s latest epistle; error message stated no server.

Norman, I just checked the website and it seems to be working OK now. It was probably just a temporary server error. Contact Streetwise directly if you have any further problems. Best regards, Colin

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