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The Pro Lay System is a new horse racing betting system which comes courtesy of Anthony Warner. He claims to be able to show you how to make a respectable income through lay betting.

Introduction to The Pro Lay System

I want to start by saying that there isn’t intrinsically anything interesting about the fact that today’s subject is a lay betting system. I have seen plenty of them in the time I have been doing this. With that said, it’s been a fair old time since I have seen one, and as such, it is at least a little bit… Novel, shall we say.

With that said, if every betting system that was simply a bit novel were given any benefit of doubt, I can tell you now that I would have lost a lot of money. The fact is that novelty is often only interesting in the short term for good reason, and it would seem that The Pro Lay System may ultimately prove to be no different. The fact is that Anthony Warner talks a good talk, but there are just a few elements here that I find to be rather questionable.

None the less, I will, as always remain impartial and keep an open mind. I won’t lie, there have been the odd occasions where I’ve come into a betting services and thought I was getting into something that was simply “the usual rubbish” only to be pleasantly surprised. The question is, has Anthony Warner delivered this with The Pro Lay System or not?  

What Does The Pro Lay System Offer?

So, what exactly is The Pro Lay System? This is a bit of an interesting question actually, because Anthony Warner isn’t ever really explicit in terms of what you are getting into. The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of quite vague claims made, but very little that really explains what you are getting yourself into.

Now before I get into all of this, I want to talk a little bit about lay betting, because it is an area where I think a lot of people perhaps get… Well, they tend to get over excited. There is no denying that it is much easier to pick one horse to not win a race than it is to pick a horse that will.

But there are a number of additional factors to keep in mind. Now to be fair to Anthony Warner, he does talk about them in The Pro Lay System, however, perhaps not as frankly as I would like to. You see, lay betting does carry a large amount of risk in terms of your potential liability. If you want to see this in action, a simple look at Anthony Warner’s proofing saw him go almost £600 into the red in less than a week.

And that is because on a betting exchange, you pay out based off the odds. So if you lay a horse at 11.00, you pay out 10 points if it wins. It can be expensive. And at the core of The Pro Lay System is laying horses at longer odds. Don’t get me wrong, Anthony Warner doesn’t recommend laying at double figures, but these numbers can start to add up.  

With that out of the way, let’s return to what The Pro Lay System is exactly Now, there is a bit of a cheat’s answer in saying that The Pro Lay System is a betting guide. Which is how Anthony Warner describes it, and of course, it is a guide for lay betting. And all of this would be technically correct.

Unfortunately, simply relying on that small snippet isn’t enough for me. However, that is about all that you are actually told, which is very interesting to me. Sure, there are little elements here and there in the copy, but there is very little that is really insightful. Which I think is quite important for reasons I will come to later.  

With that out of the way, let’s turn our attention to this guide of Anthony Warner’s. I won’t lie The Pro Lay System is a pretty hefty tome. Now in theory, this may seem like a bad thing, but I can tell you now that I’ve seen a lot of similar betting systems that are just filled with crap for the sake of making up numbers. That doesn’t seem to be the case here. This means that whilst there is a lot of content here, it is all relatively concise and informative.  

The book is… well, it’s certainly been written. It isn’t done particularly well, but is also a very long way from unreadable. If you are following along with The Pro Lay System you will have a pretty reasonable idea of what you need to do at the end of it. So, on that ground, you can probably just about call it a success (although you may find yourself rereading certain portions).

What I will say is that everything is well laid out. Anthony Warner states in the sales material that this is supposed to take a step by step approach and to be fair, it does. Again, overlooking the parts where the writing isn’t necessarily the best, this is something that you shouldn’t struggle too much to follow along with.  

 Included is a number of illustrations (screenshots), guides and much more according to Anthony Warner, and that isn’t a terrible summary. I think that The Pro Lay System does a very good job of covering the foundations that you need in order to start lay betting, whilst also covering some more advanced topics in a decent amount of detail.

There are also things like staking strategies, trading strategies, and a number of other smaller elements of laying on an exchange that you might not necessarily think of as well. Ultimately, I don’t think that this is the worst put together product that I have ever seen.

Whilst I am wrapping up talking about what The Pro Lay System actually offers, I want to end by talking about the strike rate, or at least, the strike rate that Anthony Warner claims to have achieved. This supposedly stands at 94%, an absolutely incredible number that almost seems too good to be true, however, with proofing surely this is beyond reproach right?

Honestly, I’m just not really sure if this is the case. Whilst Anthony Warner does provide proofing for The Pro Lay System, it is interesting and noteworthy to me that the proofing conveniently stops being updated not long after the system launched. This could be for genuine reasons, but equally, there could be more questionable reasons for this. Unfortunately, we aren’t really given any insight into why this is done, and as such, all that can be done is speculate.

How Does The Pro Lay System Work?

In terms of how The Pro Lay System works, I will say the same thing that I’ve said before now, which is that I don’t believe in giving away another person’s betting system for free. Irrespective of what I may ultimately think, somebody has still put time, effort, and money into creating this product.

With that said, I think there are a few things that I can perhaps touch upon without giving anything away. Firstly, I talked earlier about the fact that you won’t be betting above odds of 10.0. This is actually quite important as it does go a long way towards minimising your liability. By and large, you shouldn’t really find yourself too deep in the red because of this. Of course, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. But Anthony Warner has clearly thought of this.

Now the method itself. It isn’t too bad in some respects, but nor is it exceptional. The fact of the matter is that I have seen things that aren’t that dissimilar before. Don’t get me wrong, so many of these betting systems do have a little bit of overlap. That is something that is, I feel, somewhat inevitable. Honestly, there are only so many ways that you can approach the same subject and so I don’t count that too harshly.

The final element that I want to talk about in terms of The Pro Lay System is the fact that Anthony Warner is ultimately showing you a method of betting. I have looked at betting systems that are much more “if x then y” before now, and I am not generally a fan. To be completely fair here, you are quite effectively being given tools that ensure that in theory, is somewhat evergreen.   

What is the Initial Investment?

Honestly, I think that The Pro Lay System is ultimately pretty expensive. In order to get access to the system, Anthony Warner is asking a one time cost of £97 plus VAT. This means that you are effectively paying almost £120.

It is also worth noting that this is a supposedly limited time offer so you may well find yourself paying £147 plus VAT in the future. Furthermore, we are told, there is supposedly a sales limit on The Pro Lay System. This means that only so many copies will be sold, however, conveniently the actual numbers aren’t discussed.  

One thing that is definitely worth keeping in mind is that The Pro Lay System does come with a money back guarantee. This is the typical 60 day affair that are offered on all products which are sold through the Clickbank platform. Rather worryingly though, this isn’t mentioned anywhere by Anthony Warner in the sales material.

What is the Rate of Return?

Between the 1st of January 2019 and the end of February 2020, Anthony Warner claims that he has personally made £46,885 using the betting system that he is selling. This is based off £100 stakes which means an effective profit of some 468.9 points and a monthly profit of around 33.5 points. An entirely feasible seeming number, but I’m not quite sold on it.

Whilst I will admit that the profits all sound pretty good, there is one particularly important factor to consider here, and that is that The Pro Lay System is a self selection betting system. What I mean by this is that the results that Anthony Warner claims to have attained are a “best case scenario” from somebody who has supposedly been lay betting for 15 years. As such, it is highly unlikely that even if these numbers are genuine that you will get close to them.

Conclusion for The Pro Lay System

I don’t think that it’s hard to see the appeal to The Pro Lay System. In fact, I’ll admit that a lot of the problems that I usually have when it comes to betting systems are all seemingly handled. There is proofing provided by Anthony Warner for his own bets (albeit with a somewhat limited data sample given that he has been doing this for 15 years), there is a clear strategy involved and most importantly, you learn how to bet rather than follow strict instructions.

So, it’s a winner, right? Well, unfortunately, I’m not so convinced. The stark truth is that almost everything that Anthony Warner uses as a selling point is based around his experience. So, best case scenario, he hasn’t embellished anything for the sales material. But that is still somebody who has supposedly been lay betting for 15 years showing how they perform.

For those who are new to all of this, you will find that your experience with The Pro Lay System will differ massively. And that is sort of one of my problems here. It is all well and good asking £120 for something that you can do, that you’ve done for 15 years. But that doesn’t mean it translates.

I can look at The Pro Lay System coming from the privilege of understanding betting and how this industry works. I can see elements that will and won’t work for most people, and I can make a decision on this. But without that insight, you are being asked to do quite a lot that can easily go wrong. Especially if the writing and presentation isn’t 100% up to scratch. An area where unfortunately, I don’t believe Anthony Warner is at his best.

The best betting systems that I have looked at in my time are nice and straight forward. They can be very easily explained and empower you to go out and take control yourself. I feel like The Pro Lay System does about half of this. Which would be fine if this were cheaper, but it isn’t.

And that is really where this falls apart for me. If Anthony Warner were asking less than £97 plus VAT (an amount that you could pay even more than), then this might be worth a punt. I’ve looked at a number of betting systems before now that haven’t even done anything new or particularly interesting and concluded that it can be worth paying a small amount for the convenience of everything being in one place.

With The Pro Lay System, I just feel like too much is being asked. The fact of the matter is that there are some very good betting systems out there that I would rate as better than this. Some of them also happen to cost less. And it is mostly because this that I am forced to say that whilst The Pro Lay System isn’t necessarily bad, it just doesn’t do enough given the cost to warrant any recommendation.


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Would you happen to have a contact email for Anthony Warner as I cannot find one on the website and would like to find out more about the service. Also the system is on sale at the moment for £67 with no VAT so may be better value.


Hi all, I have looked at numerous laying systems and have concluded that the term Value is just as important, and I have struggled to see how we can get an edge when we lay anything because of the over inflated lay odds we get on gain an edge we have to beat the bookie edge not accept over inflated prices…..Considering that I’ve seen two horses on betfair that were 13/2 each going at 11/1 and 15/1 on betfair I find the laying principle and value hard to join together..for this system to work you would have to find a huge value edge….not sure its possible..just an observation…..jk..UK.

bet 365 , 13/2 should have read…..

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