The Pro Lay System Review

The Pro Lay System is a lay betting training guide which has been written by Anthony Warner. He says that it is not just comprehensive, but will teach you everything that you need to know about the betting method.

Introduction to The Pro Lay System

There are a lot of very bold claims made in the sales material for The Pro Lay System. The headline actually refers to it as “THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO LAYING HORSES”. I will cover some of these in greater detail in due course, but put bluntly, you are apparently buying the best. Now I am all too aware that there has to be some degree of bravado to any sales material.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t do a very good job of selling a product. Anthony Warner however is really committed with The Pro Lay System and honestly, if he can deliver half of what he says then he is definitely well positioned in the market. Unforunately, there is often a pretty substantial gulf between fact and fiction. To what extent this applies to The Pro Lay System we will see as we look at the service in detail.

What Does The Pro Lay System Offer?

On the surface of things, The Pro Lay System offers a hell of a lot, but in its purest form, it can be described as “all the condensed information” that Anthony Warner has acquired over his 15 year betting career. This takes the form of a training manual.

To be fair to the author, The Pro Lay System really does appear to cover everything that you would expect from a lay betting service. This ranges from very basic things right up to quite complex sounding ideas. By following the manual, you will supposedly be able to “earn a good living from horse racing” all within a few minutes. It is difficult not to get a little bit excited about the potential of these results surely?

the-pro-lay-system-reviewThe Pro Lay System covers a lot of different ground in terms of what it teaches you with Anthony Warner looking at topics like staking strategies, money management and trading strategies. Furthermore, you will be taught how to generate “GUARANTEED” profits as well as learning techniques that “the most successful punters use”. What all this really means is a self selection system which is based around lay betting.

Selections can be identified the day before the race or just before the race starts and according to Anthony Warner, The Pro Lay System can be used in a very hands off way. Furthermore, you can supposedly be done placing bets in a matter of minutes. These are all on UK based races and cover a variety of different odds.

In the main however, you are rarely laying a horse at less than 5.0, a fact which concerns me for a number of reasons that I will explore in proper detail below. It probably goes without saying that you will require a Betfair exchange account.

Interestingly, Anthony Warner has produced some apparent proofing for The Pro Lay System and this shows in results that at a glance seem phenomenal. On 20 A4 pages of results, there are just 85 losing bets. Given that there are 55 bets to a page, well, it begins to paint a picture of what kind of strike rate etc. you can expect from The Pro Lay System. All of this comes together for a claimed strike rate of 94%. Whilst I have seen lay betting systems hit this kind of number, it is very much at the top end of the scale.

How Does The Pro Lay System Work?

Trying to say how The Pro Lay System works would essentially mean publishing the whole manual. Anthony Warner talks a lot about a number of different topics pertaining to lay betting. There are some rules however it would not be fair to publish these in an open forum. At the end of the day, this is somebody’s livelihood and I would hate to encroach on that in any way.

What little I can say you can probably already deduce. The focus is on lay betting as there are more opportunities to win and (at least in theory) less risk. Anthony Warner says numerous times that The Pro Lay System draws on his own experience. This means 15 years of researching “Betting systems, betting strategies and tipsters”.

What is the Initial Investment?

I generally find that products such as The Pro Lay System in which you are buying a manual are usually very reasonably priced. This most recent offering does however appear to buck this trend as Anthony Warner is asking for £147 plus VAT for access to the manual. This means an overall total of £176.40 which is not an inconsequential sum of money. Fortunately, The Pro Lay System is sold through Clickbank which means that if you do buy the guide and it isn’t for you, you have 60 days in which you can claim your money back.

What is the Rate of Return?

There are two key numbers that I want to talk about in terms of the profit and loss for The Pro Lay System. The first comes from the proofing and is based around £100 stakes on each bet. Over a year and a half (approximately), Anthony Warner suggests that this approach has made a profit of £60,638, after Betfair commission. Elsewhere, Anthony Warner says that if you started out with £200 and compounded your stakes, you could turn your bank into £5,250.  I am not convinced by either figure however.

Conclusion to The Pro Lay System

I feel like in many respects, lay betting is perhaps not quite as fashionable as it once was. Where there was a time when I can remember every man and his dog talking about banging out winners and only losing occasionally, people are becoming a little more savvy to the risks that are involved and this is always reflected in the liability and The Pro Lay System is a very good example of this. Because of the odds that you are laying, you do lose very big when a horse wins.

Of course this article isn’t all about the betting method, it is about the product and the strategy. Here, I feel that The Pro Lay System has put together a decent enough training manual. There isn’t anything major that is controversial or that I would out and out call out as crap. By the same token however, I am not convinced that there is anything that special either.

I do believe that there is a fair amount of exaggeration and choice picks when it comes to examples. There are also a number of hypotheticals, all of which help to make The Pro Lay System look better than I think that it really is.

All of this however is arguably tolerable were it not for the price.

The Pro Lay System is very expensive. Here on this site we recommend a phenomenal Betfair scalping system which is making massive amounts of money for people. It is comprehensive and comes with more than 15 hours of video content and yet it is almost half the price of The Pro Lay System once you factor in VAT.

This isn’t about plugging another service here, it is simply highlighting that I don’t believe Anthony Warner’s training really offers value for money. More than any other reason, this is why I wouldn’t recommend it. Even if you are looking for a lay betting product, there are plenty on the market which aren’t wildly different and cost a fraction of the price.

Just remember that lay betting is HIGHLY dangerous if you are not following the correct information, as a few losses can easily wipe out the earlier profits.



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The Pro Lay system is currently on offer for a limited time for £67, got to say I’m tempted but I haven’t purchased a lay system for a long time as I’m into trading these days and yes I’ve purchased the Betfair product you mention above with over 15 hours of video content and would definitely recommend that one (!

Has anyone purchased and tested the Pro Lay system? If so have the results matched those advertised? And lastly are there any “grey areas” or would everyone using the system come up with the same selections?

how can i get the mentioned scalping video?

I have the scalping course mention above.You can get it here

I purchased and followed the system to the word.Very poor results to be honest.God knows where he gets the 94% strike rate from!
The major factor it doesn,t include are changing weather conditions which are crucial to results.A downpour can change the whole pattern and outcome of a race.A major gaping hole and flaw.

Hi Phil,

The pro lay system displays results right up to the end of July this year 19 months worth and is clearly showing a 94% strike rate and huge profits so none of the results could have been affected by wet weather conditions as it would have rained plenty of times during that period, what days are you referring to when you had losing lays was it during that 19 months period and if so did you check out the horses in the results on his website to see what horses should have been layed and worked out why you picked different ones, as this must have been the case, did you email the author to establish what you had done wrong, that’s assuming you are referring to this 19 months period of Jan 2018 to July 2019?


The results seem to be accurate so what is all the fuss about? People who review these products should check them out properly and not just dismiss then out of hand for no valid reason.

If anyone cares to think about it a horse at around 4/1 has a theoretical chance of winning a race 20% of the time; hence it has a chance of losing the race 80% of the time. However, if you spend a bit of time looking at the results you will find that there are selection sometimes at around 9/1 = about a 10% chance of winning and a 90% chance of losing. Unless someone can find any real fault with this betting method then just shut up and let the guy sell something that could make us punters a bit of money

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