The Professional Review – Agora Lifestyles and Adam Cheng

The Professional is a newly launched tipster service which comes from one Adam Cheng. It is being sold through Agora Lifestyles and claims to have a hell of a lot of income potential through football betting.

Introduction to The Professional by Adam Cheng

It sometimes feels like every man and his dog wants to be a tipster and as such, it can prove very difficult trying to establish the services that are worthwhile from the ones that aren’t. There are some pretty straightforward ways of doing this, for example, you could stick exclusively to products from well known tipster stables.


This would potentially yield results, but is ultimately limiting. The problem that I see as somebody who looks at tipster services for a living is that it is hard to know who to believe. So when Agora Lifestyles come forward saying that they have somebody who used to compile odds for a small “boutique” bookmaker that is used to handling transactions worth thousands, it is easy to be cynical.

However a look over what Adam Cheng says and some research suggests that he, and resultantly The Professional, may be the real deal.

What Does The Professional Offer?

There are a lot of different tipster services on the market, all of which have very different approaches to betting. I don’t think that The Professional is necessarily something that is unique in so much as how it operates, but truthfully, there is a lot about The Professional that seems to be particularly well done.

This is a credit to Adam Cheng and is honestly, very much in line with how you would expect a product from Agora Lifestyles to be (which isn’t always the case).

In terms of what you are getting, The Professional uses a number of different betting markets or betting on, many of which are, again, not quite unique, but certainly a lot different to most services that you will look at.

These bets cover a large number of different leagues which means that bets are pretty consistent, something that most football tipster services can’t lay claim to. What really stands out however is the potential odds that you will be backing with The Professional. A lot of tipsters talk about value, but it seems from looking that Adam Cheng is really able to identify this through the more obscure betting markets.

One of the things that I really like about The Professional is how open Adam Cheng is about how much you have to stake in order to get the profits that he talks about There doesn’t seem to be any particularly formal staking plan, however I know from experience with Agora Lifestyles that their service providers are generally on hand.

I don’t doubt that you could ask for advice if you found yourself struggling with this aspect.

Another grabbing headline from Adam Cheng:

the professional adam chengThe last thing that I want to talk about is the strike rate, or more specifically, the lack thereof with The Professional. Agora Lifestyles are generally very good at choosing when to obfuscate information which surprises me that they haven’t published this.

This is disappointing as a look at Adam Cheng’s betting results from August and September, 8 bets in 27 have lost. This would represent a strike rate of almost 70% for The Professional, a phenomenal result.

As well as the tips side of things, I do think that it is worth mentioning that The Professional comes with a small training guide. This allows you an understanding of the service, before you start blindly following Adam Cheng’s tips. There is also a limited numbers promotional publication which according to Adam Cheng and Agora Lifestyles will show you what not to do as a bettor.

How Does The Professional Work?

Adam Cheng used to work at Fitzdares, a specialist bookmaker that offers a very high end service for big betting clients. During this time, he says that he was involved in identifying odds for some very specific and niche betting markets (a bit part of which has translated over to The Professional).

He also highlights the fact that Fitzdares don’t respond to markets. Instead, their account managers are expected to identify the correct odds when calls come in. According to the sales material for The Professional, this means that Adam Cheng has a very genuine edge over larger bookmakers which might instead respond to the markets.

All of this creates a situation whereby Adam Cheng’s tips are, in theory, a step ahead of the bookies. This is where the concept of value starts to come in. If somebody who can genuinely calculate odds sees a bet as being 2/1 and the bookies and markets

What is the Initial Investment?

Your first month with The Professional is priced in order for you to trial the service. Agora Lifestyles have priced this at just £9.97. There is no denying that this is a bargain for a man of Adam Cheng’s experience, however I feel that I should reiterate that this is only for the first month. After this, the price goes up to £49.96 per month, a significant jump.

One thing that is important to note is that Agora Lifestyles do say that whilst you can cancel The Professional at any time, there is no money back guarantee.

What is the Rate of Return?

Last year, Adam Cheng claims that he made £158,605. If I am honest, I can entirely believe this. However, it is important to note that that this is based off stakes that goes as high as £3,000.

Of course he is a professional bettor and it makes sense that The Professional is based off his profits. Being realistic though, most people who are looking for a second income are unlikely to bet even £300.

It is also worth noting that there is no proofing for the previous year which makes it difficult to scale the numbers accurately. It seems to me however that you are unlikely to make 6 figures yourself.

Conclusion on The Professional

It has been a long time since I have found myself as intrigued and enamoured with a tipster service as I am with The Professional.

There are a lot of reasons for this but Adam Cheng is very much central to this. Obviously this is sold by Agora Lifestyles and as such, there is a lot in the marketing material that does raise some questions about where the line between reality and fantasy lies. There is something of a history of the end result being different to the claims made.

One of the other questions that I have is just how well Adam Cheng’s betting will adapt for a more casual punter. It is all well and good simply saying that you can scale down his bets, but to what extent? And when does it cease to not be worthwhile?

This is one area where time will definitely tell, but I think the fact that Adam Cheng is so willing to be open about his betting activity and what it has entailed, I am not too concerned.

With those bits out of the way, I find that it is safe to say that I haven’t seen a tipster service for a long time that comes with the credentials that The Professional has. On top of this, I don’t think that it is particularly overpriced. It is not cheap, but it has to be said that sometimes you really do get what you pay for.

For my money, I really do think that The Professional is worth some serious consideration. I have seen a lot of tipsters claiming to come from prestigious backgrounds in betting, but Adam Cheng really does stand out.

Honestly, I am genuinely quite excited about The Professional. I am definitely going to be following this one moving forward and if the results are in anyway in line with Adam Cheng’s results to date, then this should be a genuine winner.

Although as with most Agora promotions, views will be split, so if you have any experience with this product, or Adam Cheng, please comment below:


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Good Review , I have been a member for the whole of October soon having to pay the £ 49 for next months membership. We have had 19 bet in October, with 7 winners , 2 end of season bets and 9 losing bets, with 1 arbitrary loser for me as the spread bet price was lower when I placed the bet than advised price, happens quite a lot to be fair.

To advised prices and a £ 10 stake the profit is about £ 28 , So to cover the £ 49 a month fees you would need to stake min £ 50 a bet to make some money for your effort.

With a strike rate of about 36% would you feel comfortable backing to £ 50 stakes ? Also my guess is with the prices shortening quite significantly in places there are a lot of people placing the bets so only really 2 winners in this whole process Adam Cheng and Agora …..

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From: Simon Roberts