The Profit Method Review

According to the system creator, Richard Green, The Profit Method is a piece of horse racing betting software which is able to produce a consistent and very substantial profit for users. It is currently being operated as a tipster service for beta testing.

What does the product offer?

Having read through the sales material for The Profit Method, I feel that it is very important to keep the tale behind the service and the service itself separate for now. Later on, I will be quoting Richard Green in order to highlight exactly what kind of product you are dealing with, but for now I wish to try and focus on what you can really expect from The Profit Method as a service. This is mostly because the focus of the sales material and the correspondence relating to The Profit Method is focussed more on the alleged background rather than anything that has any foot in reality.

Logistically, there is little that Richard Green does different with The Profit Method that you won’t have seen with numerous other tipster services before now. Selections are issued on a daily basis and are sent directly to your email with details of the bet to be placed. Unfortunately, these are not necessarily as detailed as I would have liked with Richard Green only really providing the bare minimum of information.

In terms of the bets themselves, everything is pretty straight forward. In fact, I am yet to see anything other than simple win bets. As an The Profit Method subscriber you can typically expect to receive between one and six of these per day. This means that Richard Green’s software doesn’t produce a particularly high volume of selections. What is of interest about this is that the software behind The Profit Method allegedly used to be much more selective. It was only the result of Richard Green’s Father in Law (supposedly a big time London trader known simply as Geoff) intervening that led to this many bets being selected.

Moving onto the numbers side of The Profit Method, there is unfortunately no staking plan which is made available This is a massive problem as I will get to later on, however for now, let’s just settle on the fact that it calls into question a large number of Richard Green’s claims.

This only leaves the strike rate to consider. As I have mentioned, this was once supposedly an outstanding figure with the sales material for The Profit Method claiming in excess 80%. Now it sits at more than 70%, a number that is still way more than most tipster services would dare to claim. This number would be a lot more impressive  if Richard Green provided any proofing for The Profit Method however this is conspicuous in its absence.

How does the product work?

I should start by saying that we aren’t ever told anything about how The Profit Method actually works. Yes, Richard Green talks about his software that has been developed and how fantastic it is. There is also plenty of mention about so called algorithms that work behind the scenes. Richard Green even talks about all of the data that he has crunched from horse racing in order to get the software to where it is. This is of course all ultimately useless without knowing what data has been looked at.

So where do we begin in looking at how The Profit Method works? There are a few key players here. First of all is Richard Green himself. Supposedly, he left Oxford University with a degree in “advanced Mathematics and Computer Science”. He also met his wife and her father, Geoff. Geoff is supposedly a big time London trader and investment banker who doesn’t approve of Richard Green.

If this sounds like I am waffling and talking crap, you feel the exact same way that I do about The Profit Method as a product. To cut a long story short, after bailing Geoff out of some losing investments, Richard Green is now being encouraged to sell The Profit Method as a complete piece of software to investment firms. In order to do this however, he needs proof that it works, enter you and a number of other paying customers get to provide this proof.

The core idea behind The Profit Method is that you are buying into a 12 month beta test that will allow you to draw significant profits still. In return for the much cheaper rate compared to the claimed tens of thousands of pounds that you will be earning with little to no effort with The Profit Method.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing there is just one option for those who wish to be a “lucky” beta tester for The Profit Method. This is a very limited time offer and will cost you £36.50 (plus VAT of course) which is in turn a one off cost. It is also worth pointing out that should you find that Richard Green’s selections aren’t for you, The Profit Method does come with a full 60 day money back guarantee. Because payment is handled via Clickbank, this means that you shouldn’t have any problems claiming this if you feel the need.

What is the rate of return?

The claimed income for The Profit Method is seemingly impressive. The headlines refer to making £91,452 in a single year. Richard Green then immediately says that The Profit Method will make you more than £7,500 per month before settling on making £2,000 per week. Whilst these discrepancies can easily be dismissed as simple marketing spiel, there is one aspect of The Profit Method that cannot be ignored.

You will notice that all of the numbers discussed are in pounds and pence. You may also recall that I said earlier that The Profit Method doesn’t come with any real staking plan. This means that it is very difficult to ascertain how these results have been arrived at. Especially when you consider that Richard Green provides no proofing to back up these claims.


The narrative behind The Profit Method is an interesting and engaging one. I really felt that I could connect with the position that Richard Green found himself in with his father in law. Of course, the fact that it was an enjoyable story doesn’t make me believe for a single minute that any of it is true. There are plenty of marketers who use this narrative style in order to provide a connection between potential purchasers and the users. Of course, there are plenty of genuine stories out there as well. The Profit Method just doesn’t seem to fit into this category.

For one, given that The Profit Method has supposedly generated over £90,000 of profit in a year and can allegedly consistently produce this result, I would anticipate it to be valued way above the six figures that Richard Green mentions. Especially given a legitimate investment consortium would be able to stake much more than an ex-teacher from Liverpool.

Even outside of this, there are things said that anybody who truly understands gambling simply wouldn’t put to paper. If you look at the sales material for The Profit Method, Richard Green is very derivative of other methods of gambling. For example he says that markets are too volatile, with too many factors. Richard Green also complains that football lacked the strike rate and that poker was unpredictable and dominated by mavericks. For those who don’t happen to know why this discredits The Profit Method, poker is one of the few games that can be consistently played with skill and using probability etc.

So what does this mean for you as a potential subscriber to The Profit Method?

The immediate suggestion is that Richard Green is perhaps a little out of his depth. The sales material for The Profit Method certainly seems to back this up to some degree. Generally speaking, products of this nature which need to create a sense of deception in order to sell rarely generate any profit. The exist mostly to make money for the marketer behind the service and as long as it is doing that, you will often find that there is little interest in the punters who have invested.

I could be much less cynical about The Profit Method and say that it is a low cost tipster service that with a money back guarantee, carries little risk. Truth be told, I have seen too many products like The Profit Method play out in the exact same way. They fail to make any profit for subscribers, selections dry up and in many cases stop and as soon as the 60 day money back guarantee is over, there isn’t a lot that can be done.

Naturally I don’t see it as my place to say that The Profit Method is a definite case of this or that Richard Green isn’t genuine. What I can look at is the evidence that is available and in the case of The Profit Method, I simply don’t see much evidence that it will make you nearly as wealthy as claimed. With that in mind, even with relatively low initial stakes, I can’t see you making enough to adequately compensate you for your time, if at all.



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From: Simon Roberts