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The Profit Platform Review

The Profit Platform is a marketing program created by Mike Filsaime. It offers users a pre-built website to market products. Profits are split between users and the creator.

What does the product offer?

The Profit Platform gives users access to creator Mike Filsaime’s marketing network. This provides people with the tools required to instantly start an online business. Users will receive a pre made website as well as products. Mike Filsaime also pushes users of The Profit Platform to upgrade to various other packages which offer “more”.

How does the product work?

The Profit Platform allows you to sell any Mike Filsaine products. As well as this you get a CD to give away with further options to purchase other product etc. from Mike Filsaine. This ultimately serves to allow Mike Filsaine to build his mailing list. As mentioned above you get a website to start you off but you will be responsible for driving traffic etc. and this isn’t covered in any substantial depth which means newbies will struggle.

What is the initial investment?

For a single site license for The Profit Platform it will cost $497. These costs go up incrementally with $997 buying licenses for 10 sites and $1997 for 45. There isn’t any mention of any money back guarantee or refund policy so I would take this as an indicator that there is nothing in place.

What is the rate of return?

This isn’t really covered in any real detail. Because of the nature of The Profit Platform this would be entirely dependent on how much time you put into it but realistically, I don’t expect this to be much.


The Profit Platform is one of those products that on paper seem like a great investment but in actuality it only really serves to better the creator. The issue with anything like this is that you will have a lot of competition trying to sell identical products in identical ways. Furthermore because you are tied down to what you can sell with The Profit Platform, you cannot even diversify to make yourself stand out.

All in all I think that The Profit Platform is very overpriced for what is really a rather basic product set up.



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