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The Proven System is a new to market horse racing betting system that is being offered through Streetwise Publications. The system supposedly comes courtesy of a gentleman referred to simply as George.

Introduction to The Proven System

I’ll be really blunt and say that in this line of work, you see a lot of names come and go. Tipsters are always cropping up as the next big thing before vanishing into obscurity after a refund period has elapsed. Tipster stables crop up with 6 tipsters, then are gone 6 months later, usually after sustaining heavy losses. Betting systems are put out, shut down, rebranded, and launched again. That doesn’t mean that it is all like that though. There are definitely some consistent players in this game, and the biggest, is probably Streetwise Publications.

This is quite important to establish, because when they put out a new anything, it is of interest. Doubly so when it is a betting system that they are putting out. Which brings me rather nicely to The Proven System. A betting system that is referred to as pretty much anything but a betting system. Which is an interesting approach really, but I’ll also say that I wouldn’t expect anything less from Streetwise Publications, if I’m honest. They’re very bloody good at what they do, something that will actually become quite pertinent a little later on.

Make no mistake though, The Proven System is seemingly very profitable. There are plenty of testimonials provided by Streetwise Publications wherein people claim to have made quite substantial profits. It is all intriguing, especially because of that detachment from the idea of betting or gambling. Something that John Harrison is very keen to distance the system from. So, with all of that out there, let’s get straight into it all.  

What Does The Proven System Offer?

Whenever it comes to getting information out of Streetwise Publications, it is like trying to get blood out of a stone. It is unreal just how good John Harrison is at writing engaging copy that really sucks you in. And to be fair to him, he has made a lot of money doing that. Unfortunately, that doesn’t do much for us at the “consumer end” of things. And The Proven System is no different to any of this.

In terms of what you are actually getting, well, as is the case with most things of this nature, it is a training manual. In this, the methods that George uses to make a profit through betting on horse racing (I will talk a bit more about how this is portrayed, but I will definitely be referring to it as betting for the sake of this review) are laid out for you to see.

Now, I want to preface everything here by saying that I am going to be a bit vague throughout this review. Irrespective of what I might think of a product, I have a professional respect for the work that goes into launching it. As such, things that are kept behind a paywall have to stay there. The fact is that it would just be unreasonable of me to give away what The Proven System is about for free here.  

Now that doesn’t stop me talking about some things. Or in fact, quite a lot of things. Because there is still plenty I can say about The Proven System without giving everything away. And I want to start by addressing the actual manual itself. After all, that is ultimately the product that you are paying for in The Proven System.

I won’t mince my words here, it is very competently put together. And competent is about as close to complimentary as I can get. Here’s the thing, Streetwise Publications put out products like The Proven System all the time. And they have been doing so for many years. Even well before the advent of the internet and email marketing. Not surprisingly, this means that they have things down to a fine art.

The Proven System does a very good job of adequately explaining what George’s system entails, how to implement it, and what sorts of things you can expect to see. The writing is more than adequate, albeit a little bit bloated at times (but I know even I can be accused of that. We do love the sound of our own voice!), and the overall layout does a decent job of taking you through the experience from start to finish.

As a product in that regard, I don’t think that The Proven System is bad at all. Something that I do think is worth noting though is that there is actually a fair old amount of work involved with it. Whilst Streetwise Publications put a lot into the marketing about how this isn’t for those who want to sit around on their arse and not engage with the method, and how previously it was sold to lazy people who didn’t want to really try it, the book does make it seems quite simple.

Whilst we’re talking considerations, I think it is quite noteworthy that you do need a pretty hefty amount of money aside to really get this started. Using an example from a testimonial for The Proven System to highlight my point, somebody was staking £100 on each race. They say that they had 22 winning days, and only 3 losing days. All of that work was for a net profit of £690.

In that context, it sounds pretty good, but you are only looking at a points profit of 6.9 there in a little under a month. That means that if you want to be making any sort of reasonable money, you do need to have big stakes. Obviously milage will vary from one use to the next, but I see it as very important to ensure that you have a decent grasp on what The Proven System is all about for reasons that will become very clear a little later.  

How Does The Proven System Work?

Now we come to the part of this review that is the hardest to do without giving the game away. Talking about how The Proven System works. It is always difficult with a system because you don’t have to say much to say a lot. And in the case of this product specifically, I think that applies doubly so. Because whilst there are complications and this may not be the most straight forward thing, the core principles are quite simple.

Further to this, I don’t think The Proven System is anything that is properly unique. Whilst I can see how George has put his own spin on things a bit here, much of what you are dealing with isn’t something that shouldn’t be unfamiliar to most people who follow betting in a somewhat serious fashion.

I think that there are some pretty big clues in the marketing material with Streetwise Publications saying that you should be available between mid-morning and mid-afternoon for at least half an hour. They also say that you shouldn’t have any objections to dealing with bookmakers. And perhaps most tellingly, they say that The Proven System isn’t about predicting or gambling on the outcome of a race. Instead, it ix compared to “simply taking a position in a market”. For those who know, you will probably have an idea by now.

What I will say is that I do believe that The Proven System is something that can genuinely work. The approach is fundamentally a very sound one and there is no reason at all why you shouldn’t be able to leverage this. I would however caution that there is possibly a bit more of a difficulty curve to it all than you might expect.

What is the Initial Investment?

By far and away the biggest issues that start to appear when it comes to The Proven System are (at least in my opinion) the pricing. Now, I will provide some context for this very shortly, but the important takeaway is that Streetwise Publications and George are asking £127 for access to the manual. In and of itself, that might not be terrible.

There is however a much more significant consideration, and this is that there is no real money back guarantee in place. You see, Streetwise Publications say that they have offered The Proven System before at a little under £500, however they had a lot of refunds because people didn’t want to put the work in. So, we are told George said they could sell it again but there must be ““Absolutely no more B****Y refunds””.

The only exception to this is if you can actively demonstrate that The Proven System doesn’t work for you. Something that can be notoriously difficult to do with a betting system. Especially because you can be doing everything right, but still get it wrong. I would also note that this seems to be Streetwise Publications’s interpretation of it working too. Which is another problem in my eyes.

What is the Rate of Return?

The income potential of The Proven System is supposedly quite significant. Streetwise Publications make claims that George himself is making an average of £2,000 per month. We are also told that one of their staff members “made over £1,500 “No-Risk Profit”” in just 10 days. And there are plenty of testimonials as well, all showing anywhere from £80 up to a good few grand being made.

What I will say is that it is very unlikely that you will be getting close to these numbers when you start out. I don’t doubt that the profit potential is there with The Proven System. The method is definitely something that can work. However, experience and the amount that you are willing to stake are very big factors in all of this.

Conclusion for The Proven System

When looking through The Proven System, there were two key lines of inquiry that need to be considered. And they are the two things that, honestly, I find that you often have to apply to products from Streetwise Publications. The first thing that needs to be looked at is whether or not this can actually work in broad speaking terms.

The short answer to this is, well, yes. Without being saying too much, the method is something that can definitely work. The fact is that whilst I wouldn’t necessarily say that this is exactly like other betting services and systems that I’ve looked at before, the core principles are things that are relatively familiar to me.

Now, I also think that it’s worth pointing out that Streetwise Publications is absolutely right in a lot of what he says. I can completely understand and believe that people would buy into The Proven System and find that the work and effort involved is actually too much for them. This is something that you see quite often with this kind of thing.

This brings me to the second big question for The Proven System. Are you likely to see the results that Streetwise Publications claims are possible. And this is really the important one here. Here’s the thing with products from them. I can almost categorically say that they can work. And somebody has definitely made the money that they claim.

Realistically though, I don’t think that most people will actually get close to those kinds of results. There are argument to be made about whether or not this is because of flaws in the approach of the user, flaws in the system, or flaws in the application. But in my mind, that doesn’t really matter. What does is the fact that you probably won’t be getting the results that you’ve paid for.

Which brings me to the biggest issue with The Proven System by a country mile. The pricing structure. Now, I don’t necessarily want to say the cost itself. £127 is pretty bloody expensive, don’t get me wrong. But it’s not that steep compared to some other betting systems that I have looked at in the past.

The real issue here is of course the lack of a money back guarantee. Being really blunt about it, whilst the cost isn’t prohibitive, you are paying it out for something that you don’t know what you’re getting. And in putting the onus on you to demonstrate that their product doesn’t work, Streetwise Publications put consumers in a difficult position. Because the fact is that a lot of users will have not “followed” the rules properly, I am quite sure.

And really, that is the bottom line as to why I simply can’t recommend The Proven System. Can it work? Yes. Will it probably work? I’m not convinced. But to have to put £127 on the line to trial that, and then have to prove it doesn’t work. It’s just a questionable practice, and I wouldn’t advise anybody to try this on the grounds that you can prove it. I’ve seen things like this before, and I can tell you now that vendors usually make it very difficult to “prove” this.

All of that means that you have a very expensive service, that is fraught with risk. Would you really want to pay out that much money, when there are better alternatives on the market, for less, that offer more support? I know I wouldn’t.


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