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The Race Watcher is a new horse racing tipster service from the Bet Kudos arm of the Betfan group. It specialises in providing highly selective win based selections with a view to generating consistent profits.

What does the product offer?

Bet Kudos are clearly quite confident in The Race Watcher as the headlines demonstrate rather nicely. The tipster behind the service is supposedly a winning horse racing specialist. More importantly, they boast that with The Race Watcher, you get to take advantage of over 25 years of pro betting experience. These are claims that I have seen a number of times in a variety of different places (many from within the Betfan group themselves), and as such, I am keen to see whether or not this is a product that can genuinely deliver.

In terms of what you are getting yourself into, the tipster behind The Race Watcher says that he offers a straightforward horse racing tipster service which is based solely around win bets. This is far from a bad thing with some of the tipsters that I have looked at recently making similar claims and then throwing accumulators and even Yankee’s into the equation. Outside of this, Bet Kudos make it quite apparent that The Race Watcher is a simple service that anybody can follow.

The way that The Race Watcher is operated continues with this approach of simplicity. Logistically speaking, The Race Watcher is very much a typical example. Selections are sent out via email as well as being uploaded to a special member’s area. It is worth taking some time to point out that because The Race Watcher is something of a selective service, there aren’t selections every day. In fact, it is not uncommon for there to be a few days gaps between selections.

To further back up the fact that the tipster behind The Race Watcher doesn’t just throw about selections, this is a very low volume service. Most days will just have between 1 and 3 selections. These selections are also based around very reasonable odds as well. In 4 months of selections that have been proofed, I don’t recall seeing odds that are any higher than 6/1 which is an increasing rarity amongst tipster services.

In terms of the numbers, The Race Watcher follows the usual Betfan staking plan. This means typically betting 5 points on each tip that is issued. Whilst this can be cause for concern with some of the more capricious tipster services (I have recently looked at one that issued 15 bets in a single day), I don’t see it being too much of a problem here though.

When a service makes a claim of being selective, I would typically expect to see a higher than average strike rate. Based off the proofing that Bet Kudos have provided, The Race Watcher definitely ticks this box. Since proofing began back in January, the service has achieved an average strike rate of 42.86%. This is arguably more impressive than it initially appears. Especially when you factor in that The Race Watcher’s selections have average odds that are roughly between 2/1 and 3/1.

How does the product work?

There aren’t any particularly detailed explanations about what the selection process for The Race Watcher entails which is unfortunate. Looking at the positives however the tipster behind the service does provide some information on his process. I certainly feel that there is enough for potential subscribers to make an informed decision about The Race Watcher which is the important part in my eyes.

So what does this selection process entail? According to Bet Kudos, the service is based around a number of different and supposedly sophisticated algorithms These kind of claims on their own I tend to take with a pinch of salt on their own. Fortunately, the tipster does expand on this. At its core, The Race Watcher is based around speed ratings. These are in turn based on things like time, weight and going (for both National Hunt and flat racing).

Once the speed ratings have been established, the tipster behind The Race Watcher claims that they are then cross referenced with form as well as “insider market reports”.

What is the initial investment?

Bet Kudos are asking £45 per month (which is actually 28 days) in order to receive selections from The Race Watcher. There is also a quarterly option (actually 90 days) available at a cost of £90. These are available as both a recurring subscription and one off payments which does allow some flexibility if you wish to simply trial the service. Whilst on the subject of trialling The Race Watcher, at the time of writing there is an option to receive a 50% discount (meaning you pay just £22.50) on the cost of your first month of a monthly subscription.

As is the way with any product from the Betfan group, there is unfortunately no money back guarantee on offer. That having been said, the group do say that they will review any refund requests and where they feel it is warranted, they will offer a refund. This an exception rather than the rule however.

What is the rate of return?

The overall profits for The Race Watcher stand at 234.51 points at the time of writing. This is since the service went live in January of this year. Unfortunately, to really paint a proper picture, it is important to point out that this profit is down from a 329.45 point high. This demonstrates a loss of almost 100 points over the last few months. The ROI of the service looks somewhat better at 26.12%, however there isn’t really anything that I would consider to be close to great on offer here.


I am rather split on my thoughts when it comes to The Race Watcher. On the one hand, it is a seemingly consistent tipster service. Most importantly, it has generated a profit, albeit not an entirely substantial one. It has also incurred rather significant losses. I think this is the part that I cannot get over really. It is now almost two thirds of the way through the year whilst The Race Watcher has broken the 300 point mark, I would be surprised if it is able to get back there any time soon. This lack of profit simply isn’t good enough.

I could perhaps be more lenient in terms of the profits if this were inexpensive, but to ask £45 per month for The Race Watcher is just a little too much. Even though you can get that discount by subscribing on a quarterly basis, I would expect to pay even less if I were subscribing for longer. Truthfully, if you start to factor in this cost to the profits, The Race Watcher becomes even less worthwhile.

Had you subscribed since January you would have paid out £315 so far this year. To make £1,000 of profit in this period, you would have to stake at least £3 per point which given the staking plan, means £15 per bet. Looking at this, it becomes quite clear to me that you would have to stake a lot of money in order to really make The Race Watcher an impactful second income. That doesn’t represent value for money to me.

In some ways, Betfan are their own worst enemies in this regard. They have had some fantastic services making massive amounts of money in short periods of time and this has definitely altered expectations slightly (they aren’t even that much more expensive than The Race Watcher). Truthfully however, I don’t think that it would really matter how other products are performing. I just don’t think The Race Watcher is good enough for the money.

Unfortunately, with all of this in mind, I simply don’t see anything that I can recommend. Two months without profit and 100 points lost simply isn’t good enough. This could reasonably be viewed as a starting betting bank. Whilst there is the argument to be made that The Race Watcher is in profit, I just don’t think that it makes enough money for the expenditure that you have to put in.

This is a shame because the tipster behind the service seems to have some pretty solid underpinnings in place. Unfortunately, they aren’t producing the desired results. There is no point for paying for a service that seems to be well placed to only continue to lose money and as such, I would recommend giving The Race Watcher a miss.



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