The Racing Angle Review

The Racing Angle is a horse racing tipster service provided by Tipster Street with an unnamed tipster offering the selections.

What does the product offer?

The Racing Angle appears to be a pretty standard horse racing tipster service by all accounts. There are 1-2 selections daily (based on an average 47 selections per month) which are sent out via email. The Racing Angle is claimed by Tipster Street to have attained a strike rate of 49% since its inception in January this year. The Racing Angle appears to be win bets using a level staking system of 2 points.

How does the product work?

Tipster Street claims that The Racing Angle uses a “tried and tested method” that the anonymous tipster has relied on for some time. This has apparently been an ongoing project but the fact is that there is very little information about how selections are made. As always I find this a point of contention.

What is the initial investment?

The Racing Angle is available for a 1 week trial for just £1 with the cost then going up to £29.95 per month, £79.95 per quarter or £249.95 annually. There is no money back guarantee involved with The Racing Angle which is worth keeping in mind.

What is the rate of return?

Tipster Street claim an ROI on The Racing Angle of 18%. This represents 82.73 points of profit since January 2014 and monthly profits of 16.54 points.


The Racing Angle is for me simply unexceptional. It doesn’t appear to do anything wrong, I just don’t believe that it does anything well enough to stand out. There is my usual issue with the lack of information on selections as well. The Racing Angle may be worth checking out for the 1 week trial period but otherwise I don’t really feel that there is anything in The Racing Angle to draw you in.

That having been said, Tipster Street seems to be part of a new “tipster supermarket”, this one operated by NW Racing, which means that there is room for improvement here and it may yet come.



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From: Simon Roberts