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The Racing Eye Review

The Racing Eye is a horse racing tipster service that is operated by Adam Freeman that claims to be able to offer big profits with very little risk.

What does the product offer?

The Racing Eye is a newly launched horse racing tipster service that is based on a system that Adam Freeman claims to have used successfully for the last 10 months. As far as tipster services go, The Racing Eye is a rather typical example. Adam Freeman says that selections are sent out daily to subscribers via email with anywhere from 1-4 selections each day. Staking appears to be a level affair as The Racing Eye recommends betting £20 on each bet. The odds that you will be backing seem to be somewhat varied and unfortunately due to a lack of proofing there is no way of nailing down any kind of average. In terms of a strike rate, Adam Freeman says that The Racing Eye consistently hits a strike rate of 70% however unsurprisingly there is very little in the way of evidence to back this up.

How does the product work?

If you believe what Adam Freeman claims there is quite a lot goes into the selection process for The Racing Eye. This includes scoring and rating horses, jockeys and trainers as well as considering every race. Furthermore, Adam Freeman says that he looked at age, weights, handicaps and “everything”. The Racing Eye claims that this showed Adam Freeman horses that wouldn’t win. From there he reverse engineered the process to identify which horses would win. Somehow, The Racing Eye also incorporates “precious insider information”.

What is the initial investment?

The Racing Eye is sold on a subscription basis with only a monthly option made available. This come in at a cost of £15 per month (inclusive of VAT) and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee as The Racing Eye is sold through Clickbank.

What is the rate of return?

Adam Freeman claims that he has personally made £63,000 in just 10 months betting with £20 stakes. Not surprisingly there is no real evidence of this outside of a questionable screenshot of a bank account and what are clearly specially selected bets. The Racing Eye is advising members to set themselves the target of making 5 figures in 12 months.


The number of products that are in the same vein as The Racing Eye is slowly increasing and it is worth reiterating the point that there is almost no evidence that the services will be successful. Furthermore, a quick look into the background of the websites themselves show that they are newly registered (in the case of The Racing Eye, just over a week ago).

The focus of the sales page is not the tipster themselves, nor is it the system that is used or even results. Instead there are images of a luxury lifestyle that you are frankly unlikely to get through The Racing Eye. With all of this in mind I would recommend now wasting your time on The Racing Eye, even though there is a money back guarantee in place.



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From: Simon Roberts