The Racing Insider Review

The Racing Insider is a horse racing tipster service from Daniel Soulsby/Jenny K that provides subscribers with daily email selections.

What does the product offer?

The Racing Insider offers users daily selections for horse races across the UK and Ireland. All the tips are sent out via email with selections sent out before 11.30am with up to 5 selections on offer each day.  The service is apparently offered by one Jenny K although this seems to be a pen name for Clickbank top seller Daniel Soulsby. Tips sent out through The Racing Insider will typically have odds of 4/7 extending to as high as 25/1 (although winning odds are only advertised as up to 12/1). The Racing Insider has allegedly produced a profit of strike rate of 32.96%.

How does the product work?

According to the copy for The Racing Insider all selections come from Jenny K’s network of contacts that was built up during her time working in stables at major race courses. Given the fact that this appears to be a nom de plume for Daniel Soulsby there is definitely some questions about this.

What is the initial investment?

The Racing Insider is sold for £14.99 per month or alternatively you can opt for an annual subscription which offers a £30 discount. It is worth noting that both of these costs do not include VAT for EU residents.

What is the rate of return?

In terms of potential winnings from The Racing Insider, there is a distinctive lack of results to actually consider. Instead there are a number of questionable screenshots of Bet 365 accounts showing what are presumably select days, and ultimately showing £22,124.80 in the account.


There are two big issues that I have with The Racing Insider. First is the confusion over the creator of the system. Normally it wouldn’t really be an issue but when you consider that the service is allegedly built on the advice of Jenny K’s insider friends, there is reasonable reason to doubt the information. Secondly is a lack of tangible results. Whilst The Racing Insider shows a few days on Bet365 there is certainly nothing that is even vaguely concrete or substantial. That having been said, if you are a risk taker a few months paper trading for £30 (which is refundable) may appear to be an attractive proposition.



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From: Simon Roberts