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The Racing King Review Tipping Gurus

The Racing King is a long standing horse racing tipster service which is being offered by the Tipping Gurus tipster stable. It has produced some pretty reasonable long term profits, albeit with mixed results.

Introduction to The Racing King

When it comes to a tipster service that has been around for a long time, what do you really consider when you look at the results? Do you look at the sum of all its parts and use that huge data sample to ascertain averages? Should you consider the more recent run of form and how much you would have made in that period?

There aren’t any hard and fast answers to this in my opinion. All of it is pertinent, and if you are genuinely trying to find something that can make a decent amount of money for you, then you need to really keep an open mind about things.

Normally, I don’t tend to wax too philosophical about these kinds of things. When looking at a tipster service or betting system, it is usually quite apparent where the strengths and weaknesses lie. But The Racing King is… Well, it’s just a difficult read if I’m honest. There is a significant difference between those historic results and the recent form.

So, if you’re considering Tipping Gurus’s offering, which should you be paying attention to? Let’s have a good look at The Racing King and see.

What Does The Racing King Offer?

As far as tipster services go, The Racing King is a fundamentally pretty straight forward affair. This applies to the logistics of the service and how Tipping Gurus are running it. It widely applies to the bets themselves (but I’ll pick this up a little later), and this straight forward approach leaks into other elements, particularly the numbers.

None the less, I don’t believe that this is inherently a bad thing. I am not generally a fan of gimmicky betting and a reliance on doing things differently, just for the hell of it. Unfortunately, you do see quite a lot of this these days.

So, moving onto The Racing King (finally, I know), you are getting a near daily horse racing tipster service. By and large, Tipping Gurus will have selections most days, however there are the odd one where there don’t appear to be any decent bets. It is worth noting that there is no real pattern to this which suggests that it is all genuine and above board.

As is very much the norm, selections are issued directly to subscribers via email. Tipping Gurus send these out the evening before racing, typically between 7pm and 10pm. This is quite important as it allows you to seek out the best possible odds, something that you will very much want to do in order to get the most out of The Racing King.

The bets themselves are a relatively straight forward affair. Predominantly speaking, you will be dealing with straight win bets when it comes to The Racing King. There are however also examples of each way bets, the occasional double, and even a few forecast bets.  

One of the things that really jumps out at me when looking at The Racing King is that there is a strong predilection towards backing horses at longer odds. The average odds come out 16.93, and a look through the results show that double figure odds are much more prevalent that than the “shorter” odds. Shorter odds which are still very much around the “middling” mark.  

Something that I like to see is the fact that The Racing King is relatively low volume service. In fact, Tipping Gurus say that the average number of bets per day works out at somewhere between 1 and 2. That is quite important to me as those long odds can start to add up to significant losing streaks. With a high volume approach, that can eat your betting bank up, but not here.

Sticking with that topic of a betting bank, Tipping Gurus recommend that you have a minimum of 100 points in order to get started. Given that there is a predominantly level staking plan of just 1 point per bet (or 0.5 points each way), this means that you should be well positioned to comfortably absorb any losses until those wins come in. Some bets do have 2 point stakes though.

This brings me to the strike rate.

Honestly, if there is one area where The Racing King really doesn’t perform, this is it. Over the two and a bit years that Tipping Gurus have proofed the service, this number comes in at just 8.82%. That is a very low number indeed. Since the start of 2019 though, this number is a much stronger looking 18.88%.  

How Does The Racing King Work?

One of the things that is definitely frustrating when it comes to The Racing King is the lack of information on the selection process. Tipping Gurus have very little to say on the matter which I always find to be disappointing.

That doesn’t mean that they don’t have anything to say however. We are told that the tipster behind The Racing King is an experienced professional horse racing tipster. Furthermore, Tipping Gurus say that the focus of the service is on looking for value. Unfortunately, this doesn’t provide any real insight into things, and could easily be extrapolated from looking at the proofing.

Which brings me to one of the stronger areas of The Racing King, and that is said proofing. With detailed records going all the way back to May 2017, it is quite easy to look at The Racing King and get a good idea of what it is you are getting yourself into.

I admit that I would have liked to have seen more about how the service works and from a consumer standpoint, I always feel like you should be well positioned to make an informed decision on a purchase. Unfortunately, you don’t really get that opportunity with The Racing King, however, you don’t come in entirely blind either which counts for something.

What is the Initial Investment?

The pricing for The Racing King is one of the things that actually stands out about the service. Tipping Gurus are asking just £25 per month for access to selections. Alternatively, there is even better value for money to had in signing up on a quarterly basis at a cost of £60.

Whilst both of these offerings are reasonable, what really stands out to me is the fact that you can get a 2 week trial for just £5 (plus VAT). On top of this, Tipping Gurus also offer a full 60 day money back guarantee on The Racing King (which is backed up by Clickbank). All of this helps to take some of the risk out of trialling the service.

What is the Rate of Return?

Finally, we come to the income potential for The Racing King. This is a mixed bag and depending on what you are looking for will likely ultimately dictate your views on the service. The overall points profit stands at an incredibly modest 360.56 points. This makes for a monthly average profit of 13.2 points.

Elsewhere, the ROI stands at a quite respectable 14.26%, suggesting that The Racing King could be quite good for those with bigger numbers to invest. But, sticking with strength, I want to come back to 2019. Tipping Gurus’s proofing demonstrates that in the last 7 months (for 2019, proofing begins at the end of January), there has been a profit of 240 points which is a very strong result.  

Conclusion for The Racing King

I started this article by talking about the polarity between the historic and the more recent results, and that kind of polarity is something that can be applied to a number of different elements.

For my money, I would be very inclined to look at those more recent results if I were looking at The Racing King. This isn’t just necessarily because the more recent results are simply better. The fact is that those results are consistent over the time period and that is what stands out to me as being particularly impressive and noteworthy.

This is just one element of that mixed results idea. Even the results are rather varied and depending on what it is you are looking for when it comes down to the profitability. And there are a number of different ways of looking at this.

See, an interesting question for me when it comes to anything related to making money is this. How much is enough? Some people are only looking for a little boost to their monthly income. Some people want to make enough to live comfortably on, and all of this is really pertinent to The Racing King because key to whether it will work for you, is how much is enough.

The fact of the matter is that the results that Tipping Gurus claim for The Racing King simply aren’t great if you are looking for a substantial points profit, despite the fact that the service is all about big wins. By and large, I see this as a slow burner, something that the ROI in particular backs up.

Now, there are some criticisms that I have about The Racing King, and I feel like they are all pretty valid (even if they aren’t necessarily exclusive to this service). One of the more prominent ones is the approach of waiting for big winners to come in.

 I was pretty forgiving when I talked about how the service works which was mostly down to Tipping Gurus’s proofing. It is comprehensive, and it provides you with a very good oversight of what you are getting.

The problem that I always have though, is that if a tipster wants me to back long shots until they hit enough wins to be profitable, I personally need to know that they have a plan in place to find then. The fact that Tipping Gurus don’t provide any real information about the selection process is very off putting to me.

What really saves The Racing King in my opinion though is the pricing. Tipping Gurus aren’t asking a lot of money at all for the service and that does go a long way, especially when you look at the results that have been attained over the last 8 months.

So, with all of this in mind, I will say that whilst I don’t think that The Racing King is something I would personally follow, I can see some merit. In part, this is down to the fact that I am not particularly enamoured to this betting style, if you have discipline and the right approach, then you can clearly make money, but you have to invest a lot in order to make money.

This is more than evidenced by the fact that 2019 opened with a losing streak of 25 bets. That is not an inconsiderable amount to back whilst you wait for winners. For context, The Racing King wasn’t actually back up to the pre losing streak levels of profit until April where a 44/1 winner significantly boosted profits.

The bottom line is this. If you can get on board with the approach to betting, then this will be an OK service that is pretty good value. But by and large, this will be a pretty niche audience. Realistically, I would rather pay more for a tipster service that is going to provide me slightly more frequent profits.


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