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The Racing Specialist is a horse racing tipster service which is being offered through the Sports Betting Stars stable of tipsters. It claims to have produced some very consistent profits in its time.

Introduction to The Racing Specialist service

Consistency is incredibly important when it comes to a horse racing tipster service. In fact, I would go as far as to say that it is one of the more overlooked factors when a lot of people release a tipster service. It is great if your service has broken 100 plus points in a single month, but if you are going to lose them all the next then you are ultimately back where you have started.

The Racing Specialist is seemingly different to this with Sports Betting Stars claiming 28 out of 33 months being profitable. That is a pretty small number of losses and by and large, said losses are rather minimal.

That is definitely a strong positive. So, with this in mind, is The Racing Specialist actually in a position to present itself as a genuine horse racing tipster option? It has apparently been around for long enough (3 years this month) so let’s see. 

What Does The Racing Specialist Offer?

I will admit to being relatively unfamiliar with Sports Betting Stars as a tipster sable, however it appears from looking at The Racing Specialist that it is business as usual in terms of logistics. This is a near daily affair in which selections are issued to subscribers directly via email with an option to receive them via text message as well.

Whilst the website does advertise that these are sent the evening before racing, there have been some changes and they will now arrive between 8am and 11am. This appears to have had little effect on the overall operation of The Racing Specialist though.

The bets themselves are straight forward in the best possible way. What I mean by this is that all bets that are advised through The Racing Specialist are straight forward win bets. This consistency comes through when looking at the advised odds as well.

Whilst Sports Betting Stars’s proofing shows that historically, there have been very occasional bets at higher odds, the range is typically between 2.50 and 7.00 with average odds of 4/1. Sticking with the theme of consistency, The Racing Specialist also typically only advises 1 to 4 bets per day, ultimately making this a very manageable option.

Not surprisingly, the simplistic nature of The Racing Specialist applies to the staking plan as well. All bets are advised to be backed to level stakes of just one point (although Sports Betting Stars also say that you should bet what you can afford).

This really helps balance out the risk factors involved here. Sports Betting Stars recommend a betting bank of just 75 points if you want to follow The Racing Specialist which I think says a lot about that disciplined and consistent approach that appears to be prevalent in so much of the service.

Finally, I want to touch on the strike rate for the service. The Racing Specialist stands at around 25% which is roughly what I would expect given the odds. In theory, this is all well and good as well with 4/1 and a 25% strike rate  which means that statistically, the service should break even.

With that having been said, there is a little more to discuss on this matter that I want to cover a little later. The unfortunate truth is that sometimes a strike rate isn’t everything and this is definitely the case with The Racing Specialist.

How Does The Racing Specialist Work?

Unfortunately, there is very little in terms of information on how The Racing Specialist works. We are told that the tipster behind the service has been a professional horse racing tipster since well back in 2016 which tallies up with Sports Betting Stars’s proofing of the service.

There is no getting around the fact that it is disappointing to have no insight into the how selections are made for The Racing Specialist. I have said many times that as a punter, you should have some idea of what you are getting yourself into with a service.

Fortunately, we are given very comprehensive access to all of the bets that have been supplied through The Racing Specialist since the service launched. This at least allows for some understanding of what to expect. Whilst I would have liked to have seen more information (which I almost always would), I think that there is enough detail to allow a decision about whether or not The Racing Specialist is for you.  

What is the Initial Investment?

One of the things that is pretty appealing about The Racing Specialist is the pricing. Sports Betting Stars are asking just £29.99 per month in order to receive selections. Alternatively, you can sign up on a quarterly basis which is priced at £79.99 and does represent slightly better value.

Finally, you can sign up for The Racing Specialist for a full year for a one off payment of £299.99. It is worth mentioning that all of these options give you your first 14 days free. Payment is handled directly via Paypal and you should keep in mind that there is no money back guarantee in place.

What is the Rate of Return?

Over the last 3 years, The Racing Specialist has produced a profit of some 371 points. This is not a number to be sniffed at, nor is the ROI of 20%. There are however definitely a few things that should be kept in mind.

Had you started following The Racing Specialist in January of last year, you would have actually lost money. Admittedly, we are talking about approximately 0.3 points, but that is still a loss over 12 months. But on top of this, you will have paid subscription fees which would move it into an overall loss of at least £300.

Conclusion on The Racing Specialist

The Racing Specialist is a perfect example of why it is so important to look at wider context when it comes to a tipster service.

The averages that are on offer with The Racing Specialist are all pretty good. A 20% ROI is, for example, one of the higher examples of a tipster service that I have seen over any decent period of time, and it actually speaks volumes about how well the service has performed historically. It is not however reflective of what you can realistically expect from the tipster service now and that is where your consideration should lie.

Honestly, this is a shame as there aren’t many tipster services that knock around for as long as The Racing Specialist has.

Sometimes, it is incredibly easy to tear a tipster service apart and highlight where mistakes have been made. In this case though, it does rather feel like the tipster has simply hit a really bad run of luck. That can and does happen and it is unfortunate. It is also ultimately of no concern if you are looking to make money.

So, whilst I will say that I don’t think that The Racing Specialist is an inherently bad tipster service, it certainly isn’t something that I would recommend. As I have inferred a number of times, this is entirely down to the bottom line.

Sports Betting Stars are asking £30 per month for the service which is not a lot of money, but for around that kind of figure, you can signup with tipsters who are actually making money today.  


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