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The Retirement Revolution Review – Streetwise Publications

The Retirement Revolution is a new product which is being marketed by Streetwise Publications. The product has actually been created by Jim Hunt and claims to be able to help people to make a substantial income into their retirement (hence the name).

Introduction to The Retirement Revolution

There isn’t a hard and fast rule that dictates who is trying to make money online. By and large, I picture certain demographics but it isn’t very often that you get a service that is aimed and marketed more towards a more mature clientele. The Retirement Revolution aims to buck this trend however with Jim Hunt making reference to retirement a number of times in the sales material.

This is a unique approach, albeit one that comes with some quite reasonable expectations in my opinion. Especially if you are making claims that are as supposedly promising as those that are made in the sales material for The Retirement Revolution. With this in mind, let’s have a look at what Streetwise Publications are offering and whether or not Jim Hunt can really deliver. 

What Does The Retirement Revolution Offer?

There is a lot to cover with The Retirement Revolution, so much so that it is slightly difficult to know where to start, however I think that it is probably fair to say that ultimately, what you get with The Retirement Revolution is relatively straight forward in some respects. As is the case with a lot of products that are related to trading, Jim Hunt and Streetwise Publications, The Retirement Revolution ultimately takes the form of a training course. This is spread over a number of monthly packages (10 overall) at the end of which you should theoretically be in a position to start trading.

As is often the case with any products from within Streetwise Publications, there isn’t necessarily a whole lot of concise information contained within the sales material. There is a lot of vague mentioning of what you can supposedly expect, but I am sceptical of this for a number of reasons that I will pick up a little later. Effectively though, what The Retirement Revolution is teaching you to do is to identify certain trade triggers that are supposedly able to generate substantial amounts of profits.

Honestly, there isn’t a whole lot more that I can say about The Retirement Revolution at this point. Jim Hunt spends a lot of time talking about what you aren’t doing (which includes things like buying stocks of property, involving yourself with “sales, cold-calling, envelope-stuffing, legal compensation, network marketing, loans, mortgages, or lottery”).

There are also the kinds of promises that I have really come to expect form Streetwise Publications with claims of using The Retirement Revolution taking less than 10 minutes per day, and that you don’t need to have “a mortgage or any retirement plan”. This last part becomes quite important for reasons that I will pick up later.

I want to take a moment at this point to highlight how the monthly subscription arrangement works for Jim Hunt. I will give credit to The Retirement Revolution and say that there appears to be a decent amount of information provided with each monthly update, however there is always the promise of more.

As such, whilst you are told that you can cancel The Retirement Revolution at any time (and keep the parts that you have already received),  it seems you really do have to follow through on the full course if you want to have any genuine understanding of what is involved.

How Does The Retirement Revolution Work?

The Retirement Revolution is interesting to me in so much as it ultimately looks like a very simplistic process. At the end of the day, what Jim Hunt is presenting is a training product. The idea is a simple one that says that by following his advice, at the end of your 10 month course, you will be in a position to generate a substantial income through a straight forward trading method.

To some degree, I can believe that this goal will be achieved. All of this is based around the idea that there are triggers in trading “that have been proven in the past”. Using this as a jumping off point, the theory behind The Retirement Revolution is that they will be viable in the future.

The other element of how The Retirement Revolution “works” comes down to Jim Hunt. He supposedly works for a “financial research company”. He has also supposedly spent a significant amount of time working in city trading.

As such, he is arguably well positioned to pass on information to people on how to trade successfully. Honestly, I don’t necessarily disbelieve these claims about Jim Hunt’s past, however I do have some questions surrounding The Retirement Revolution that I want to pick up a little later on.

What is the Initial Investment?

As mentioned a number of times now, The Retirement Revolution does follow a subscription model which means that there are monthly costs involved, specifically, £27 per month over 10 months. This works out at a rather eye watering total of £270 for all of The Retirement Revolution. It is worth noting that Streetwise Publications and Jim Hunt offer a full 30 day money back guarantee on the first month, however that is about all. Once that time has elapsed, you are told that you can cancel at any time keeping access to the parts of The Retirement Revolution that you have already paid for.

What is the Rate of Return?

There are a lot of different numbers that are thrown around in terms of what you can expect from The Retirement Revolution. There are examples of Jim Hunt saying you could make £224 per day on average with numbers ranging from £70 all the way up to £732 “hitting your bank account”. We are also told in the sales material that you can make £4,800 in 11 days and £1,400 in 24 hours.

The numbers that really stand out to me though are the claims of what you can earn on a monthly and annual basis. In the sales material, Streetwise Publications and Jim Hunt say that £4,800 per month is an attainable figure for The Retirement Revolution, which comes in at an annual income of £57,600 per year.

Conclusion on The Retirement Revolution

As is so often the case when it comes to anything from Streetwise Publications, there is a lot that has to be done in terms of separating the fact from what is very clearly aggressive marketing. The first place to start in my opinion is by looking at the profit and loss of the service. After all, this is the reason that we are all looking at products like The Retirement Revolution. So, are these profits necessarily attainable? The short answer to this is that it is unlikely.

Right there on the The Retirement Revolution website, Jim Hunt says (amongst many other things) “there is also a substantial risk of loss associated with trading” as well as “Results depicted are unique to the user.  Your personal results may vary. You could make more money than the examples used, less money, or even lose money”. All of this is a part of a much wider disclaimer which covers a large number of points, all of which are concerning.

Now, with that having been said, I don’t believe that Jim Hunt doesn’t have at least some idea of what he is talking about. From what I have seen , I see little reason to question his past as a trader and there is little ignoring that the indicators that are discussed have occurred historically. Whether or not these are likely to recur in the future is a very debatable point.

Personally, I am not convinced and that is a part of one of my larger concerns with The Retirement Revolution.

What I do find problematic though is that whilst there does undoubtedly appear to be some quality to the overall product, there also seems to be a significant amount of padding going on. Furthermore, the fact that Jim Hunt has chosen to break everything down into a subscription based model doesn’t necessarily appear to be something that is necessary.

In fact, picking up on the point of padding, from what I have looked at with The Retirement Revolution, this could easily be broken down into a single product which would require a one time payment. Admittedly, Jim Hunt and Streetwise Publications would be justified in asking more than £27 for it, but personally, I don’t see £270 worth of information here. As such, it is difficult to see value for money being had here.

With all of this in mind, I am not really convinced about The Retirement Revolution. the way that Streetwise Publications and Jim Hunt market the product as being perfect for retirees is a little concerning, especially considering some of the complaints that have been held against them by the ASA regarding similar claims before now.

For me, I think that The Retirement Revolution is a very expensive option that by Jim Hunt’s own admission offers no guarantees and carries substantial risk. For my money, that isn’t a method that I would spend £270 on and as such, I would give it a miss.  


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