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The ShotGun Sniper Strategy is a new to market horse racing betting system which comes from Paul Bent and is currently being sold through Streetwise Publications. The system has supposedly produced some strong results to date.

Introduction to The ShotGun Sniper Strategy

There is a lot that can be said for a headline. It really gives you an idea of what to expect from a product in a simple soundbite. And there is one element of the headline for today’s subject which really jumped out at me, and that is a claim of “Guaranteed Year Round Profit”.

I have talked a lot before now about what makes a successful tipster service, but in my opinion, the most important things are consistency and risk management. And given that Paul Bent and Streetwise Publications are guaranteeing that there is a year round profit, both of these things must be present in The ShotGun Sniper Strategy. Right?

The_ShotGun_Sniper_Strategy_ReviewWell, there is a short answer to this, which is yes. But as is so often the case, things are actually slightly more complicated that. In fact, I would probably go as far as to say that things are quite a lot more complicated than that. So, with this in mind, let’s dive into The ShotGun Sniper Strategy and see whether or not these “guaranteed profits” are really worth it all?  

What Does The ShotGun Sniper Strategy Offer?

There is a lot involved with The ShotGun Sniper Strategy, but there is a very brief answer to what exactly is on offer. That is a comprehensive manual which details Paul Bent’s betting strategy. A manual with the mouthful of a title “The ShotGun Sniper Strategy – How To Make Big Money From UK Horse Racing In Just 10 Minutes A Day!”.

Now, this is a pretty weighty tome which makes a lot of sense really. There is a lot of ground to cover with the system and to be fair to Paul Bent, 6he does a pretty good job of bringing everything together. Quite how helpful all of it is, is a bit of a different question. Honestly, I found that there was a lot of padding involved.

This doesn’t really surprise me though. Streetwise Publications have been in the publishing game for a long time and they know what sells. They know how to make customers feel like they are getting value, and I can say here and now that if I didn’t have the understanding I do of what Paul Bent ultimately sets out to teach you about, I would be pretty impressed too.

But that doesn’t mean that The ShotGun Sniper Strategy is all filler. There is a lot of decent information contained within the guide. Furthermore, it is mostly well laid out. Everything flows pretty well with ideas and strategies leading into one another in a way that is all reasonably natural. As such, it does go a long way to helping you understand the more advanced strategies later on.

So, what kind of topics are covered then? Honestly, there is a lot. The important stuff is all step by step, and this starts by teaching you about the system involved, how to find relevant races, and how to use the online calculators that you need to employ to make the strategy work for you.

From here, Paul Bent starts to use The ShotGun Sniper Strategy to look at more advanced methods of finding potential bets, which kinds of races to avoid and why, and how to choose how much you’re going to win. Now, what I will say is that all of this is made to sound much more simple than it is. There is a lot more work goes into deploying the strategy than the book makes it seem.

 As well as the core written element of the service, there is also plenty of examples that Paul Bent provides of actual bets that he has placed. This kind of thing is welcome as an addition as it allows you to see the strategy in action. Something that I think that you will probably need if you are new to the methods that are employed.

Honestly, I could talk more about what is involved with The ShotGun Sniper Strategy, but the truth is that Streetwise Publications and Paul Bent make it sound like a much bigger thing than it actually is. The fact of the matter is that most of the copy for this service is the typical hyperbole that you come to expect from Streetwise.

Rather unfortunately, a lot of what is missing from the copy are actually quite important things. The approach that is involved with The ShotGun Sniper Strategy is admittedly a very low risk method of betting (as I will discuss shortly), but it doesn’t mean that it is risk free. Something that I think is somewhat implied through the sales material (although never explicitly stated).

How Does The ShotGun Sniper Strategy Work?

If you take Paul Bent and Streetwise Publications at their word. They compare using The ShotGun Sniper Strategy to clay pigeon shooting. It is, they say, like firing a shotgun at the target, as opposed to regular betting which would be like trying to hit it with a single bullet. This motif comes up often, but frankly, it doesn’t actually tell us anything.

There is also a lot of talk about how The ShotGun Sniper Strategy is based on 20 years of data and more than 100,000 races. Supposedly, Paul Bent has been able to use this information to identify certain patterns in results that allow him to find races where there is a good betting opportunity.

The fact of the matter is that what you are getting with The ShotGun Sniper Strategy is a dutching strategy. It really is that simple. For those who aren’t familiar with this approach to betting, you are essentially backing multiple horses in a race. By using the correct staking plans, you can effectively guarantee yourself a profit if one of these horses comes in.

Now, I will admit that this is a gross oversimplification of the process, but I think it is important to demystify Paul Bent and Streetwise Publications’s copy. Honestly, they do a great job of muddying the waters by harping on about how The ShotGun Sniper Strategy allows you to bypass all of the factors involved in a race and that you don’t have to know about horse racing at all.

All of this is technically true. Dutching is more of a mathematical principle than a more traditional betting system. Hence the need for and emphasis on online calculators.  Now, that isn’t to say that this is all that there is to The ShotGun Sniper Strategy either.

The fact of the matter is that whilst dutching is nothing new, there are a lot of different approaches to it. All of these come with their own levels of risk, volume of bets, and availability of bets. And all of these different factors will ultimately influence your views on a given product.

In the case of The ShotGun Sniper Strategy, I would say that it doesn’t stray too far from strategies I have seen before. Paul Bent’s take is certainly unique (at least, compared to what I have seen before), but this is mostly based around technicalities and quite small variables.

I will concede that Paul Bent and Streetwise Publications have hit the nail on the head in saying that the system doesn’t find horses that will win. Instead, it is based on finding races where you can see which horses are likely to win.

Naturally, I won’t be going into detail on what all of this means here. Put simply, whatever I think of a service, I don’t think that it is my place to give away anybody’s system for free. What I can say is that I can definitely see The ShotGun Sniper Strategy working. Whether or not it is to the extent that Paul Bent and Streetwise Publications claim is a different question.  

What is the Initial Investment?

When it comes to Streetwise Publications products, one of the things that I have come to expect is that they are rarely cheap. Or in fact, even reasonably priced a lot of the time. Unfortunately, I don’t see The ShotGun Sniper Strategy as being any different. Your copy of the manual comes in at a very eyewatering one time payment of £248.

Supposedly, this is limited to just 100 copies and also represents a “specially discounted price”. Given that Paul Bent says that you will simply receive a refund if the quota is gone though, I’m not convinced that this is the case. And as to the claim that this is a discounted rate, I hate to think how much he and Streetwise Publications think The ShotGun Sniper Strategy is worth.

Now, it should be noted that there is a 90 day money back guarantee in place if you find that The ShotGun Sniper Strategy isn’t for you. I also know that by and large, Streetwise Publications are very reasonable honouring this which is a positive if you did decide to buy Paul Bent’s system.

What is the Rate of Return?

So, we come to the most important element of a service which is how much you can expect to earn. The headline for The ShotGun Sniper Strategy talks about that “Guaranteed Year Round Profit” being more than £20,000 per year. Elsewhere in the sales material, this is clarified to be in the region of £24,000 although there are no specific numbers,

One of the key themes that is repeated throughout the service is that you can choose how much you want to make per race. There are numbers quoted from £10 to £50 per race as your potential income. What is worth noting however is that there is no comprehensive proofing for any of this.

Conclusion for The ShotGun Sniper Strategy

There are a few differing (but equally important) things to consider when it comes to The ShotGun Sniper Strategy in my opinion.

The first of these is whether or not The ShotGun Sniper Strategy is any good as a system and product. As I said before, I think that yes, it is. Paul Bent clearly knows his stuff and whilst I do think that there is padding and a fair amount of stuff that could be trimmed, ultimately, this is a well put together product.

On top of this, the strategy that it is based around is pretty solid. There is a very real chance to make money here and that is ultimately what matters. What does bear repeating though is that this isn’t quite what is sold by Streetwise Publications.

This is my second point. It is a recurring theme that the copy rarely explicitly states anything, but there is an insinuation that this is really easy to follow and straight forward. Once you get the hang of everything, I wouldn’t describe it as complicated. But this will take a lot of time getting things right.

The fact of the matter is that I don’t see this as being something a complete newbie could just jump into. And again, Streetwise Publications and Paul Bent don’t say that it is. But they do talk about The ShotGun Sniper Strategy only taking 10 minutes per day to implement and how simple it is. Things which I personally find to be a touch misleading in some respects.

And then we come to the third thing to consider when it comes to The ShotGun Sniper Strategy, which is the value for money. I’m sure that there are some people out there who wouldn’t see £250 as a lot of money, but for many more, it is a hell of a lot. And for those to whom it isn’t a lot, there are probably better options out there.

This is one of the biggest problems when it comes to The ShotGun Sniper Strategy for me. I just don’t see the value in it. Even if it could genuinely deliver £24,000 per year for people (which I’m not convinced it does without pretty big stakes), there are cheaper services out there that could deliver comparable results and are arguably easier to use and more flexible.

With all of this in mind, I don’t think that I would really recommend The ShotGun Sniper Strategy. It isn’t necessarily a bad product. But I think that for what Paul Bent and Streetwise Publications are asking, I just don’t see the value there. I know of very proven Betfair strategies that are not necessarily dutching, but they have demonstrated very genuine profit potential.

So, when you have rival products at significantly less money, making more profit, and using methods that are more flexible for you. Why would you pay seemingly over the odds for something that ultimately, isn’t necessarily as good?  


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