The Snout Review

The Snout is a relatively new horse racing tipster service operated by the eponymous “The Snout” in conjunction with Tipster’s Empire that appears to provide something for everyone.

What does the product offer?

The Snout takes a relatively straight forward approach to his tipster service with no real brash claims made that can’t be substantiated. The selections for The Snout are issued on a daily basis and come in a format that rather than just listing a race, horse and time, comes with the reasons that The Snout feels that a given horse may or may not win which is always nice to see.

In terms of the bet types, The Snout looks at both each way and win bets with Tipster’s Empire using a staking plan that ranges from half a point each way to 2 points on a win bet meaning that your outgoings are never too high.

Unfortunately, there is no claimed strike rate for The Snout however a look over the full proofing suggests that it wouldn’t be wise to get one’s hopes up in this regard.

How does the product work?

The Snout has allegedly been watching horse racing since being 6 years old. This suggests that the tipster behind the service has considerable experience dealing with this subject. Whilst not explicitly stated there is also a clear focus on value.

A look over the results from the last few months shows consistently high odds selections however they are winning with some consistency so this appears to me that The Snout is about more than just guessing right.

What is the initial investment?

There are a huge number of options open to those who wish to subscribe to The Snout. These start with a “tip of the day”, weekend and even week long subscription plans (these are priced at £1.25, £3.50 and £9.00 respectively).

After this pricing goes up to monthly rate of £26 (although your first month is currently available on a special price of 50% off), 3 monthly at a cost of £65, 6 monthly for £115 and annually for £200. None of these options come with a money back guarantee which is rather typical for a tipster service.

What is the rate of return?

Up until the 26th of December, The Snout had made an overall profit of £2,242.83 which is based on £10 stakes. This means a points profit of 224.29.


From everything I have seen so far, The Snout is worth some pretty serious consideration.

It is a solid looking tipster service which is bolstered by a pricing plan that really isn’t too bad. It is hard to ignore the fact that The Snout isn’t going to be a “consistent” winner unless you are looking very long term, however those who are willing to play the longer game or perhaps want the thrill of winning big. The fact about The Snout is that it doesn’t really put a foot wrong which is something that some services that are twice the price can’t boast of.

With all of this in mind, The Snout is worth keeping on your radar as there is much worse available.


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From: Simon Roberts