The Stat Man Review

The Stat Man is a horse racing tipster service which is being offered through the BetInfo 24 stable of tipsters. It has a fantastic claimed profit and boasts some strong numbers across the board.

Introduction to the The Stat Man

If you will pardon my French, there are a lot of crap tipsters on the market who seemingly do nothing but chat unsubstantiated rubbish about how great their services are. You hear claims of  things like wondrous algorithms that can determine x or y.

City traders who are now turning their analysing minds to horse racing. Rogue bookies that now want to be on the side that let punters win.

Then you have BetInfo 24. A no nonsense tipster stable that provide numbers, hard facts and figures. Sure, their services may not seem as attractive at a glance, but it does mean that when they claim average monthly income of a little under £800, I can believe it.

Naturally, this makes The Stat Man a service that is worth some pretty serious consideration. If it can deliver on this, well, that’s a hell of a result. Does The Stat Man live up to the claims? Let’s have a look. 

What Does The Stat Man Offer?

The fact that BetInfo 24 rather extensively trial or all of their tipsters means that you tend to end up with a lot of “no nonsense” services. The Stat Man falls into this and as such, the logistics of the service are nothing outstanding. It is a daily affair with selections sent directly out to subscribers via email. These are typically sent out the day of racing (no later than midday) and on occasion, the evening before racing starts. The quality of content with The Stat Man is decent and you definitely get everything that you need to place bets.

Talking of which.,., All bets that are advised are straight win bets. As stated, The Stat Man is not a complex service, however it should be noted that you are advised to bet to Betfair Starting Price. It goes without saying that this means an account is required with the betting exchange. Naturally this means that there is a massive amount of variation in terms of the available odds, not just from bet to bet, but potentially from user to user.

Whilst the number of bets varies from day to day, by and large The Stat Man is a relatively low volume service.

There is of course a staking plan in place for The Stat Man however it is a very simple affair. In the claims made  on the sales material etc as well as in the more detailed proofing, there are level stakes advised on each bet.

This is all that they do have in common however. The majority of proofing for The Stat Man is based off staking just 1 point per bet, whilst the full proofing uses 2 points per stake. Whichever way you want to look at it, you can still gain a pretty solid idea of what to expect from The Stat Man.

Finally, I want to talk about the strike rate for The Stat Man. The fact of the matter is that betting to BSP means that it can be difficult to know what to expect. Odds definitely drift much faster on the exchange than they ever would through bookmakers and as such, it is harder to pinpoint how often you can expect to win. BetInfo 24 provide a strike rate of 18% which seems to be about right for The Stat Man. The truth is this isn’t a service that will win often, however when it does, it can clearly win big. 

How Does The Stat Man Work?

BetInfo 24 say that the eponymous “The Stat Man” who is behind the service has a unique approach to finding selections. This supposedly involves applying certain credentials that “most people wouldn’t even think about”. These are supposedly handled via several computer algorithms with the sales material for The Stat Man making reference to them “churning out the data”. Truthfully though, we aren’t really told a whole lot about what we can expect from The Stat Man and how it works.

For my money, this is somewhat offset by the fact that The Stat Man is offered through BetInfo 24. They are a reputable enough company when it comes to tipster services and I know that it would have been tested. What is less forgivable however is that there are very limited results for the service. As such, whilst you are given a rough insight into what to expect, there is nothing that allows us to properly consider the last 6 months.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are three different options available if you want to subscribe to The Stat Man. The first of these is a monthly subscription which BetInfo 24 have priced at £29.99 per month. Next there is a quarterly option which is priced at £69.99 representing slightly better value. Finally, you can sign up to The Stat Man for the whole year for a one time cost of £199.99.

If you sign up for The Stat Man on a monthly or a quarterly basis then BetInfo 24 allow you to trial the service for a week at a cost of £1. On top of this, all options come with a “no questions asked” 30 day money back guarantee which is backed up by Clickbank. 

What is the Rate of Return?

The results for The Stat Man are rather difficult to gauge in so far as BetInfo 24 have been rather sloppy in the presentation. They say that between August 2017 and January 2018 that The Stat Man would have made £4,793 to £20 bets.

The full; breakdown of results shows an overall profit of 479.54 points between August 2017 and  June 2018, however this is to two point stakes. In both of these instances, the results have been bolstered by massive wins. The results that I have encountered recently for The Stat Man show that this pattern is still the norm with a number of losing bets.

Conclusion on The Stat Man

I have looked at a number of tipster services that are in a similar vein to The Stat Man before and they invariably follow a similar pattern. You will consistently lose money, and then when a big win comes in it catapults you into the stratosphere in terms of profits.

Long term, it can be claimed that these services do in fact make a profit and quite a handsome one at that in a lot of cases. Unfortunately, this kind of thing is also rarely representative of a typical user experience. 

One of the problems that really stands out for me is that there are rather large gaps in terms of the results. There are some clear patterns that can be seen, mostly, quite substantial losing streaks that are broken up by bigger wins.

Without looking too hard, I can see 17 losses on the bounce. Another losing streak of 15 bets. More losing streaks of 10 bets than I care to count. All of thes whilst you are effectively waiting for a win,. A win that is not necessarily going to make up for the losses that you have incurred.

As such, following a service like The Stat Man takes a lot of commitment. You really have to be willing to throw money at it, especially when it is losing., This is a very big ask of anybody and as such, The Stat Man isn’t going to be for everyone. What is clear to me however is that when it is performing, you will see some fantastic returns.

All of this only really leaves one element to be considered in my opinion, and that is whether or not BetInfo 24 have put together something that represents value for money. I am of the opinion that £30 per month is about what you should expect to pay for an average tipster service. This is also bang on what BetInfo 24 are asking for The Stat Man, which begs the question, is it average or is it something better than that.

For me, The Stat Man is a pretty average example of the approach. As I have said numerous times, it isn’t for everybody. In fact, if I am completely honest, I don’t think that is for most people. For those who don’t mind sinking money into a service whilst you wait for a pay off, then I suppose that you can do worse than The Stat Man.

For most people though, I think that there are better and more consistent options elsewhere on the market that I would consider first.


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