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The Statman Daily is a horse racing tipster service which is being offered through the WAP Tipsters stable. It claims to provide daily horse racing tips with a view to generating a decent profit.

Introduction to The Statman Daily

I have looked at a couple of services from WAP Tipsters recently (what with them being new kids on the block, at least, to me), and they have been quite decent. As such, I was rather interested in the offering I am looking at today, The Statman Daily. This is one of those rare services where everything you need to know is right there in the name of it.

It is a service providing daily selections which are based around statistics, and honestly, this is a long way from a bad thing. With so many tipster services on the market seemingly being based around an endless number of different (and sometimes highly questionable) “patterns” that a tipster has found, it is nice to see something that has a grounding in reality. Does this stop The Statman Daily from really taking off though? 

What Does The Statman Daily Offer?

I want to start by talking about the logistics. This is an area where The Statman Daily doesn’t do much different to the norm on the surface (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). All selections are sent out on a daily basis with WAP Tipsters issuing them directly to subscribers via email.

These are sent out the night before racing with the sales material saying that this allows you to maximise the early pricing. One of the things that does stand out however is that all the bets that are advised through The Statman Daily (which I will get to the details of very shortly) are for just one meeting per day which is definitely a somewhat unique approach.

Based off this, I was expecting The Statman Daily to be a very basic tipster service in terms of the bets that are advised. Fortunately, I am pleased to report that based off WAP Tipsters’s proofing, this doesn’t seem to be the case at all.

This is mostly down to the bets which are a decent combination of win and each way (about a 50:50 split as it happens), however they are at a very decent range of odds. There are horses that are advised at very low numbers (1.22 being an example that I found without too much effort) going well into double digits. It is worth noting that The Statman Daily is a relatively high volume service with most days producing at least 3 bets, often though, this number is higher.

Moving on to the staking plan, this is a bit of a varied affair. The staking advice for The Statman Daily comes with your selections each day and can range from anything from 0.5 points each way going up to 2 points on each way and win bets. It is worth noting that the proofing from WAP Tipsters suggests that this higher number is the most common. This means that the 125 point recommended betting bank or The Statman Daily is a must have as 2 points bets can very quickly start to add up if you hit a losing streak.

Finally, I want to look at the strike rate. Now, it is worth noting that WAP Tipsters make a claim that there are “annual win strike rates of 65%” for The Statman Daily, however this is just for certain “angles”.

As such, I have taken the liberty of carrying out some calculations myself. Using the proofing, of 511 bets, 26 have been none runners. This leaves 485 bets of which 294 have been losers according to WAP Tipsters’s proofing. This makes for a strike rate for The Statman Daily of 39% which doesn’t look too bad. It is worth keeping in mind however that this does include the each way bets, some of which may have only placed.

How Does The Statman Daily Work?

Coming back to the idea that everything that you need to know about The Statman Daily is right there in the name, we come to how the service works.

As is suggested, it is entirely a statistics based affair. WAP Tipsters say in the sales material that The Statman Daily “isn’t a gut based service, no insider information or fancies” and that the service is “made from hard facts and statistics, winning formulae and long term trends”, all of which are supposedly based on years of research and “a full three years of analysis”.

Backing all of this up, I want to talk about the tipster who is behind The Statman Daily for a little while. Supposedly, he worked in Engineering Production where he used spreadsheets to “get the best out of his production team, maximise profits and get businesses back on track”. By applying the same approach to betting, he says that he has been able to analyse horse racing data with a view to the same end result. This seems like a relatively reasonable approach and it is somewhat refreshing to say that to some degree, the results reflect this.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two options available if you want to sign up to The Statman Daily. The first of these is a monthly subscription which is priced at £44 (plus VAT). Alternatively, WAP Tipsters offer a quarterly subscription which is available for £89 (plus VAT).

It is worth noting that both of these options come with a two week trial which is available for just £1. Furthermore, The Statman Daily is being sold through Clickbank who state on the payment processing page that there is a 60 day money back guarantee in place on the service. This isn’t mentioned by WAP Tipsters in the sales material though.

What is the Rate of Return?

The Statman Daily has been proofed through WAP Tipsters since mid-March of this year (opening with Cheltenham) and since then, it has generated some seemingly strong results. To BOG, the service is currently at 118.07 points of profit, however to SP, it is at a 44.57 point loss (highlighting the importance of those early longer odds). Balancing this out is a BSP profit of 51.2 points which means there is still potentially some money to be made through The Statman Daily, even if you don’t have access to bookmakers.

Conclusion on The Statman Daily

I can honestly say that I came into The Statman Daily wanting to see a properly decent tipster service, and to some degree, this is the case. However, there are some pretty apparent gaps in my opinion and ultimately, depending on your own position will very much determine what kind of value there is to The Statman Daily.

I want to pick up on that last point here as it is something that definitely bears consideration. For example, the most prominent example is, in my opinion, being able to get best odds guaranteed. Looking at the results, there is a difference of £668.70 between BSP and BOG over 3 months, to £10 stakes. That is hypothetically in excess of £2,500 over the course of the year. Just because you aren’t able to place the relevant bets with the right bookmaker.

On top of this, there is also the element of being in a position to bet when WAP Tipsters send out The Statman Daily selections. It seems quite apparent to me that getting early odds is also key to getting the best possible results. If you aren’t in a position to get those bets placed, then there is also even more potential to lose revenue.

With that having been said, I don’t think that it’s unreasonable to say that if you look at all of the results collectively, then The Statman Daily has ultimately performed very well.

Things like the strike rate are strong, the approach seems relatively sound (although I do feel like this is an area where a bit more information wouldn’t go amiss), and ultimately, WAP Tipsters are running The Statman Daily well and in a seemingly sustainable fashion. Ultimately, I think that the profits are pretty strong too. Even to BSP, you are looking at around 17 points per month which isn’t bad.

Now, I will qualify all of this by saying that I do think The Statman Daily is a little bit on the expensive side. By and large, I believe that anywhere from £30-£40 can be reasonably justified for a tipster service and at £45 per month, WAP Tipsters are asking a little more than this. With that having been said, if it can be demonstrated that the results that have been obtained over the short space of time The Statman Daily has been proofed can be replicated… Well, you will have a very strong tipster service on your hands indeed.

Realistically, this is the final point that I want to pick up on which is the fact that in the grand scheme of things, WAP Tipsters are selling a relatively new tipster service. I think that there are bags of potential to The Statman Daily and that should be kept in mind. Here and now though, I would personally be inclined to give it another 3 months or so. This is solely in order to get a wider view of what you can expect from the results rather than jumping in to it off a few decent months.


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