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The StatMan is a new horse racing tipster service which is being offered through the Betfan tipster stable. It aims to provide quality information for UK horse racing betting.

Introduction to The StatMan

It has been some time since I have seen a good old fashioned landing page from Betfan, replete of course with a headline that does a great job of really pulling you in. In this case, we are asked “ARE YOU READY FOR THE ULTIMATE STAT ATTACK?”.

stat-man-review-betfanI can’t help but feel somebody is possibly a little bit prouder of that bit of marketing than they should be. I say that, because that is exactly the kind of cheesy play on words that I would make. Fun and games aside, I am looking at The StatMan today for a very good reason.

It is the newest launch from the Betfan group and has posted some very interesting initial results. There also appears to be some very sound logic behind The StatMan, all of which comes together to make a product that I think it is hard to ignore. With this in mind, let’s have a good look at The StatMan.

What Does The StatMan Offer?

The StatMan is, in some respects, a fairly typical affair. It is a daily horse racing tipster service, albeit with a bit of a different approach. I don’t want to cover it in too much detail here, but to quote the sales material for The StatMan, “The StatMan” says “I bet all year round and I will be advising Stat of The Day tips for the big race day’s, weekends, festivals and midweek racing.”.

As you would expect from the wider Betfan group, these selections are sent directly out via subscribers. They are also made available via a special The StatMan members area on the Betfan website.

In terms of the bets themselves, The StatMan is quite explicitly structured, although I don’t believe that this is an inherently bad thing. Each day, you will receive 3 tips (very occasionally 2) and all that you have to do is place the relevant bets at the relevant odds.

These bets are made up of a main nap of the day, an each way bet of the day and a longshot bet of the day according to Betfan. The majority of bets advised through The StatMan are each way.

There is a staking plan in place for The StatMan, however this is seemingly based off the advice of the tipster rather than Betfan’s usual 5 point plan. This is not a bad thing at all in my book, especially given some of the bets with longer odds.

What you can typically expect is a bet to be advised at 0.5 points each way (a total stake of 1 point) on your long shot. The other bets are slightly more varied however with the tipster behind The StatMan ranging from 1 point all the way up to 5.  The fact that this seems to be based on confidence in a bet is reassuring to me though.

Finally I want to talk about the strike rate for The StatMan.

Because of the nature of the service, I don’t think that this will have as much relevance as some services (if you are backing one horse every day that is a long shot, this will skew averages etc.), but none the less it is still important to consider.

Betfan claim that the strike rate stands at 35.97% since The StatMan launched in July. Honestly, this is a pretty respectable figure in my view.

How Does The StatMan Work?

What is really interesting about The StatMan for me is how the service works. Betfan say that the entire thing is based exclusively on statistics. Whilst this can be said for a lot of services, looking through the sales material, it looks like there is little bias as it were.

For example, the tipster behind The StatMan is keen to point out the fact that bookies make mistakes and that these can be exploited. This is one of the more well known aspects of value and it is an important one.

There is also mention of important things like form reading, trainer stats ad which horses run well at different courses. It is also said that the tipster behind The StatMan spends time watching back replays and scrutinising up to the minute stats.

The proof for me that there is somebody involved with The StatMan who shows an understanding is in the fact that Betfan also provide an explanation of why a horse has been chosen. Providing this knowledge day to day means that there is little room for guesswork.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two options if you want to subscribe to The StatMan. The first of these is a monthly subscription (which is actually every 28 days) which is priced at £37. Alternatively, you can sign up for The StatMan on a quarterly basis which is priced at £85 every 90 days.

It is worth noting that there is no money back guarantee in place for any of Betfan’s products and The StatMan is no exception. The team do however say that they will review any refund requests.

What is the Rate of Return?

There are two very different sets of results for The StatMan, both of which I feel are worth considering. The first of these is the points profit to best odds guaranteed. This appears to be what Betfan are using to sell The StatMan and so is most pertinent in many respects.

This shows a profit of 181.91 points since mid July. The ROI is a very impressive 48.25% based off this number. To advised odds however, the figures are significantly lessened. The points profit becomes just 96.9 points and an ROI of 25.88%. This will create problems for those with restrictions.

Conclusion on The StatMan

I am somewhat surprised that Betfan have launched The StatMan when they have. Not because I think that it is a bad service, but typically, the company seem to release their services following a particularly large surge in profits and that hasn’t happened here.

This surprise is not however a bad thing. In actuality, I think that the results for The StatMan have been pretty consistent and I would take that over huge one off wins any day of the week.

I think that it goes without saying that I am somewhat keen on The StatMan. There is a lot to like here, especially the apparent dedication of the tipster to finding genuine winning opportunities. Ultimately, I think that it is fair to say that this is reflected in the stats. Sure, they aren’t going to blow you away, but they are still strong.

Even looking at value for money, I think that it is fair to say that The StatMan delivers to some degree. I think that £37 per month is a reasonably fair price or the service. I may err a touch on the expensive side, but it is not prohibitive.

Unfortunately, I also think that Betfan’s insistence on charging this 13 times a year does impact the value somewhat. Paying a small premium is one thing, but having to pay for one month more than the competition just takes it too far in my book.

The last thing that I want to talk about with The StatMan is really the deciding factor.

This is a very new service to market. Whilst I can see from the results that Betfan have produced, it is a pretty solid looking system, it has only been a few months. This means that there are very reasonable questions about how consistent The StatMan will be in the longer term.

For this reason alone, I am going to say that I don’t think I would want to buy into The StatMan here and now. I do however believe that this could be promising service that is worth revisiting once it has had a chance to stretch its legs.


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From: Simon Roberts