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The Super Funnel Review

The Super Funnel is a product created by Alex Jeffreys that he claims will show you how to build an entire online business from scratch.

What does the product offer?

The Super Funnel is a video based training program developed by Alex Jeffreys in which he shows users the same methods that he employed to build a business from nothing using just $50 of start up money. The Super Funnel is split over 4 modules and covers a number of topics related to building a sales funnel that will drive traffic to your products and ultimately to help you to build your business through this traffic. Alex Jeffreys also goes on to talk about how you can generate multiple income streams through a super funnel as well as integrating a massive number of additional products to generate income. As well as the videos, Alex Jeffreys provides MP3s of The Super Funnel and also a transcript for you to look back through. Finally there are a number of related bonuses that help you to get the most out of The Super Funnel.

How does The Super Funnel work?

The Super Funnel is built around a method that Alex Jeffreys says that he has used to successfully build his own business. This is mostly handled through exploiting a source of automated traffic and then utilising what Alex Jeffreys refers to as a conversion machine in order to generate an income from said traffic source.

What is the initial investment?

Alex Jeffreys is currently selling The Super Funnel on a dime sale which means that the price is slowly creeping up. At the time of writing it is being sold for $8.76 This also comes with a vendor backed 30 day money back guarantee should you find that The Super Funnel isn’t for you.

What is the rate of return?

Alex Jeffreys talks about how he made over $20,000 in a week from starting up and using the same methods that The Super Funnel shows you. I don’t however believe for one minute that this is a typical results and I would come in expecting much less than this personally.

Conclusion on The Super Funnel

Alex Jeffreys is a pretty familiar name in internet marketing circles and he has demonstrated considerable success. The Super Funnel is an interesting concept and there is plenty on offer that I feel can and likely will work however that isn’t to say that it is a flawless internet marketing strategy. First and foremost, The Super Funnel is ultimately concerned with how you leverage your sales funnel and as such, despite how it is sold, there is some limit to the its appeal. I feel that realistically, if you are completely new to internet marketing then you won’t get much out of The Super Funnel, nor will you really get much if you have an existing business. This makes v best suited to those who are perhaps getting ready to launch a business and wish to explore different ways of doing so.



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