The Super List Method Review

The Super List Method is a training guide from Alex Jeffrey on how to successfully build email lists that will help you generate sales.

What does the product offer?

The Super List Method is a video training course on how to build a substantial and most importantly, productive email list. Alex Jeffrey says that The Super List Method is best served to people who are new to marketing, no matter where they are in the “start-up” process. Videos are broken up into seven modules which cover a variety of topics from a quick start video to videos on attaining an alleged 100% opt in and The Super List Method even covers creating a sales funnel. As well as the videos of these Alex Jeffrey also gives users access to MP3’s of the videos so you can listen on the go.

How does the product work?

Alex Jeffery claims to have built a ‘super list’ that he uses to market successfully. Based on this most of the information in The Super List Method it seems likely that it draws heavily on his personal experience and knowledge of the topic. By building a decent list you can then market products to people in a time efficient manner whilst also reaching your ideal audience (as they wanted to be kept abreast of your products etc.).

What is the initial investment?

The Super List Method is sold for a very reasonable $9.95 which is a one off payment. There is also a 30 day vendor backed money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

Alex Jeffery claims that he has made over $1 million using the same methods that he teaches in The Super List Method. Whilst I am skeptical of this figure, list building is a proven way to generate income.


There are a significant number of list building products on the market and frankly The Super List Method seems to be one of the better quality ones. Alex Jeffrey seems to understand the process well and that is reflected in The Super List Method. The biggest draw though is without a doubt the price. At under $10 there seems to be quite a lot on offer for very minimal investment.



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From: Simon Roberts