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The Super Simple Strategy is a horse racing betting system created by Alex Buchanan that is based around Betfair trading. It is currently being marketed through Streetwise Publications.

What does the product offer?

There is no better summary for what The Super Simple Strategy entails than Alex Buchanan’s claim in the headline for the product. This reads thus:

“Here’s Game-Changing Information If You Ever Dreamed Of Making A Risk-Free Second Income From Your Armchair…”

Of course this sounds almost too good to be true. The notion that you can simply make money from your chair is arguably the dream for most people who are interested in making money online.

Everything in the sales material for The Super Simple Strategy alludes to this being one of the most straight forward and simple methods of making money online. Unfortunately, I find it difficult to separate what is coming from Alex Buchanan and what is a part of Streetwise Publications exaggerative (if very slick and high quality) copy.

All of this certainly provides some insight into The Super Simple Strategy, but what exactly are you getting? It is important to keep in mind that Alex Buchanan is a betting system which means that you will ultimately be finding your own bets. As you would probably expect from this, you do get a comprehensive guide which shows you everything that you need in order to start betting. This covers from the most basic aspects through to the actual system itself.

According to Alex Buchanan, in order to really use The Super Simple Strategy you require no previous experience with horse racing or even betting. This is because “the whole system relies on reacting to how people think”. I will go into this in more detail below however. This does however mean that in theory, The Super Simple Strategy could be used by anybody who is looking for a horse racing betting system.

Ultimately, Streetwise Publications say that by following the 32 page training manual, you will be up and running and making money in minutes. This is a method that supposedly comes with “virtually no risk”. This is supposedly backed up by 95% of races resulting in a “nice profit”. It probably won’t come as a surprise to anybody who is familiar with Streetwise Publications that there is no proofing to back up this claimed strike rate.

As well as the training manual, The Super Simple Strategy also comes with 6 months of help and back up from Alex Buchanan. It is also helpfully pointed out that you can get a free £30 worth of bets if you sign up through Betfair now. As anybody in the know will tell you, this is however just a stand introductory offer.

How does the product work?

I have already mentioned that Streetwise Publications and Alex Buchanan say that the system works around reacting to how people think. What I haven’t mentioned is that the method behind The Super Simple Strategy also allows you to cash out before races have even begun. As you can probably guess from the fact that this is a simple 32 page guide (and this includes setting up a Betfair account), there isn’t a whole lot to The Super Simple Strategy as a system. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if any experienced trader has used something similar before now.

Naturally I cannot and nor would I divulge exactly what The Super Simple Strategy entails. This isn’t fair on Alex Buchanan and Streetwise Publications, however I can say that this is exactly as simple as advertised. In fact, I would say I can go further and point out that there are just three race criteria that you have to look for. If you identify these three different points then a bet qualifies under The Super Simple Strategy.  The big question is whether or not you consider this to be a good thing or not.

What is the initial investment?

Streetwise Publications are never inexpensive. Not surprisingly, The Super Simple Strategy is no different and in order to receive your guide there is a £199 upfront payment. As if this isn’t already asking enough, there is no money back guarantee included either which means that you have to be very certain of your investment.

What is the rate of return?

Alex Buchanan says that he makes a “very relaxed £680-£1,050 extra income every month”. Over the last 10 races, Alex Buchanan also says that by employing The Super Simple Strategy he was able to make “£2.26… £9.53… £0.97… £3.17… £1.65… £14.05… £0.52… £2.10… £3.08… £4.44”. Given the method that is employed I have to concur that these results are well within the realm of possibility. Quite how consistently this level of profit can be achieved however is a little more questionable, as is the amount of work that is involved.


There are two main selling points for The Super Simple Strategy. One is the simplicity of the system, and as I have said, Alex Buchanan delivers here. This is definitely easy enough to follow and that is no bad thing. The other selling point however is how little time and effort it makes. Whilst Streetwise Publications are keen to make out that Alex Buchanan sits in front of junk TV trading absent minded on his phone, the fact is that in order to profit from 10 races in a day does require your time.

The main thing that hangs over all of this for me however is the cost involved. £199 is a hell of a lot of money to ask for something that is making just a few pounds back each race. In the example above, Alex Buchanan says that they are over the last 10 bets with the sales material strongly suggesting that this all happened over 1 day. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen anything to back this up. For most people who are working full time, you may not get as much time to bet.

On top of this, there is also the question of what else you can get for £200. There are plenty of money making systems currently on the market, many of which I find preferential to The Super Simple Strategy. They are also much cheaper, albeit sometimes a little more complicated. Whether or not this is important depends on the person, but I would rather look at a decent dutching system than The Super Simple Strategy.

With all of this in mind, if The Super Simple Strategy were cheaper, I would probably be happy to recommend it. There is a decent enough product underpinning everything and that matters a lot. Unfortunately, value for money also matters and this is where (as is the case with a lot of Streetwise products) that things start to fall down. Especially when you can’t return The Super Simple Strategy if it isn’t for you. With all of that in mind, I simply cannot see why you would choose this over alternatives that are on the market.


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Having read the above, and your mention of a good Dutching System.
Is there a review on thgis or a link to the product itself.
I would be interested to know.
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