The Syndicate Review Agora Lifestyles

The Syndicate is a horse racing tipster service from Agora Lifestyles with selections coming from Matt Houghton, Karl Zanft and Miles Tredwell.

What does the product offer?

Agora Lifestyles have partnered with Matt Houghton, Karl Zanft and Miles Tredwell to bring a new tipster service to you in the form of The Syndicate. Selections should be a daily thing in some shape or another although they may not all come from one tipster or another due to the set up of The Syndicate. Matt Houghton, Karl Zanft and Miles Tredwell all bring expertise in different horse racing disciplines and as such there are unlikely to be selections from all 3 every day of the week (something that Agora Lifestyles are to their credit open about). In terms of figures for The Syndicate, unfortunately Agora Lifestyles have not published any and with no claimed strike rate it is difficult to assess exactly where The Syndicate is as a system. As mentioned the selections cover National Hunt, Summer Selections (flat racing) and an all year round service as well as special events for Cheltenham and Aintree.

How does the product work?

All three of the tipsters behind The Syndicate are claimed to be experts in their respective fields and it is by drawing on this combined knowledge that selections are issued. Matt Houghton says that himself as well as Karl Zanft and Miles Tredwell all put a significant amount of time into analysis in order to identify the best of these selections for sending to The Syndicate subscribers.

What is the initial investment?

Afore Lifestyles are marketing The Syndicate on an annual subscription only with two prices available. These are “Best offer” which is £395 or alternatively you can pay £495. There is only one difference between the two packages, namely that if you get the more expensive subscription then you can pay for The Syndicate on a credit card however the cheaper option is debit card only. Whilst there is no money back guarantee per se, you can try The Syndicate for 30 days before payment is taken from your card.

What is the rate of return?

There is one main figure that is pushed throughout the sales material for The Syndicate which appears to be a figure that either Matt Houghton, Karl Zanft or Miles Tredwell allegedly made over a 5 month figure.


I have failed to mention yet how many times Agora Lifestyles talk about Alan Woods, a hugely successful professional bettor who operated a syndicate in Hong Kong for a long period of time. Unfortunately his legacy has nothing to do with The Syndicate (which ironically isn’t even a real syndicate). This very questionable marketing method aside there are a number of additional questions that I feel that The Syndicate raises with one of the big ones being whether or not Karl Zanft is the same Karl Zanft who was banned from holding a directors position on any company due to a lack of proper accounting practices surrounding a previous horse racing enterprise. Whilst some people may find this to be irrelevant, I feel that this possibility is something that people should be aware of.There is also a lack of proofing which again, I find worrying. In fact, given the high purchase price, an irrelevant marketing angle and the potential history of those involved, I am not certain that I see The Syndicate as a viable investment opportunity.



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Been receiving lots of emails promoting this Syndicate but it never really appealed to me. Good review.

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