The TJ Catalyst and V-Football Pro Review

The TJ Catalyst and V-Football Pro are both betting systems which have been published by Blue Sky Betting Systems. At the time of writing, David Percy, creator of The TJ Catalyst, is bundling the two products together giving you a horse racing system, and a virtual football betting system.

Introduction to The TJ Catalyst/V-Football Pro

There are a lot of things that a betting service can do in order to boost the perceived value of a service. Now the most obvious one is… Well, it’s just to provide a bloody good service. But unfortunately, that very rarely happens. Other things you can do is charge less for your service. I will openly admit to holding betting systems and the like to higher standards when they charge more. And then there’s the third option. The bundle…

Which brings me to today’s subject, The TJ Catalyst. And V-Football Pro. Because this is a fine example of the bundle in operation. What you have here are two very different betting systems. There is pretty much zero overlap between the two. And yet, the publisher, Blue Sky Betting Systems feel like there is some justification for pairing David Percy’s (the creator of The TJ Catalyst) horse racing betting system with one that focuses on virtual sports… It’s like the Wild West out here sometimes…

But the fact is, as much as I think the The TJ Catalyst/V-Football Pro combination is a very strange one, there is no denying the fact that you are effectively getting 2 betting systems for the price of one. It does add value. Whether or not it warrants a purchase however is a very different thing. So, let’s dive into this offering from Blue Sky Betting Systems and see just what is what here.  

What Does The TJ Catalyst/V-Football Pro Offer?

If I’m brutally honest, I receive that many emails related to sports betting and horse racing that it can be difficult to make something genuinely stand out. For some context, at the time of writing this, I have around 150,000 unread emails. Most of which are the same things being advertised by multiple affiliates.

But when I opened the email advertising The TJ Catalyst, I was actually a little bit interested. Blue Sky Betting Systems literally opened up by saying “are you tired of picking horses based on gut feeling and odds?”. Well, not really, if I’m honest. Because I don’t do that. But I can definitely take a professional interest in the sentiment.

Which has led me to the peculiarity that is The TJ Catalyst. And V-Football Pro. Now for the sake of this review, I am going to be looking at each product individually, and then bringing it all together into one conclusion in which I look at the complete package. That way, David Percy gets his time to shine, and you as a consumer can make an informed decision about whether this is for you.

So, first things first, The TJ Catalyst. This is the horse racing system and… Well, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that it isn’t necessarily going to revolutionise betting. The fact of the matter is that the approach that David Percy takes isn’t fundamentally that different to other betting systems that you might have seen before. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

As a piece of content, The TJ Catalyst doesn’t do too badly. It is pretty well written and it isn’t too prone to going completely off the rails. Going back to my point in the introduction, there are some betting systems that will just add an extra hundred plus entirely unnecessary pages in order to seem like you are getting better value. David Percy generally avoids this, and it is to his benefit.

Now, it is a little difficult to say too much about The TJ Catalyst. The fact is that David Percy and Blue Sky Betting Systems have put it behind a paywall, and it would be unreasonable of me to simply provide information here for free. But that doesn’t mean that there is nothing I can say. First things first, I can tell you that this is a bit of a selective approach. Those of you who like to have a punt every day aren’t going to find this here.

Nor does the approach facilitate frequent winners. For some context, David Percy’s own figures show that there was a strike rate of just 23.31% last year for his selections. This year is showing higher at 32.58%, but it has been a much slower year. What is worth noting though is that this year is showing a profit.

With that out of the way, let’s turn to that “bonus product”, V-Football Pro. And this is honestly a bit of an interesting one as it concerns a rather niche market. For those of you who aren’t familiar, many bookies now have “virtual sport”. This allows you to bet on the outcome of pretend horse racing and (as is important here) football.

In the case of football, you bet before the event, are shown a few “highlights” of a pretend game, and you’ve won or lost your bet. It’s that simple. And it is because of this simplicity that V-Football Pro also ends up being incredibly simple. So much so that Blue Sky Betting Systems actually say that they can’t show proofing because you could easily reverse engineer the system.

Now, in terms of the system itself… It doesn’t read too bad, I guess? It’s also really simple and concise which is definitely a strong positive. But that’s about as much as I can say without giving too much away. There is a little more that I can talk about pertaining to how V-Football Pro works, and I will cover that shortly, but that’s about it really.  

How Does The TJ Catalyst/V-Football Pro Work?

As far as horse racing betting systems go, as I’ve touched upon, The TJ Catalyst isn’t breaking new ground. David Percy even says himself that really, all that he’s done is compiled “a strict set of rules” that he recommends people use. Ultimately, that is what you’d expect from any betting system.

When you consider however that he says that he has looked at years of results for “race meetings, course history and piles and piles of jockey and trainer records and results” it starts to create some context. My hands are tied in terms of really saying much more than this, but when you combine it with the results, Blue Sky Betting Systems and David Percy provide some idea of what you will get from The TJ Catalyst.

Which is more than can be said for V-Football Pro. Because there just really isn’t a whole lot of information available about this. And that really doesn’t surprise me. Because what you are really betting on here is a random number generator. Now, the sales material, and the system suggest that it is more than this.

After all, Blue Sky Betting Systems say on the sales page for V-Football Pro that the “so-called form of the events must be weighed into the odds compilation” and that as a result of this, less things that can happen, the odds are in your favour. That’s a bit of a mouthful, but it also smacks of gamblers fallacy. There may well be some truth to this. After all, this software should be regulated.

Unfortunately, as somebody who in my earlier and more naïve years sank a lot of money and time into virtual football betting, I can tell you that it just doesn’t always work out like that. There is always that element of random, and that is what will ultimately do you in.

What is the Initial Investment?

To go back to my introduction to The TJ Catalyst and V-Football Pro, one of the things that I talked about when discussing value was “charging less”, and that is what Blue Sky Betting Systems have done here. The regular price for The TJ Catalyst comes in at £25. That isn’t bad. At the time of writing though, it is available half price. This means paying just £12.50 for both systems.

It is worth noting that there isn’t any money back guarantee or refund period offered on this, although at that lower cost I don’t see that as a deal breaker. Which does lead into my second point which is that Blue Sky Betting Systems say that getting The TJ Catalyst and V-Football Pro at this price is a limited time offer.

What is the Rate of Return?

Now we come to the big question around The TJ Catalyst and V-Football Pro. And that is how much money you can expect to make. This is a hard thing to answer. Ultimately, you are dealing with betting systems here. What you get out of them will depend on how much time and money you are willing to invest. As such, this makes it difficult for me to talk numbers.

What I can say though is that Blue Sky Betting Systems are claiming that David Percy has a profit of 81.06 points for the year using a betting exchange. I can believe this number, however, I would put more faith in the profit to starting price which stands at 72.14. In terms of V-Football Pro, I’m not really convinced that you will actually see any sort of long term profit from it.  

Conclusion for The TJ Catalyst/V-Football Pro

Honestly, reviewing something like The TJ Catalyst and V-Football Pro as a bundle is a difficult thing to do. There’s so much going on and it can be hard to reconcile the two systems. Especially because they’re so incredibly different. And in some respects, there isn’t really a way that I can do this. At least, not in that neat, “tie it up in a bow” kind of way.

Because the fact is that whilst I don’t believe that The TJ Catalyst is a phenomenal product, it isn’t the worst thing that I’ve ever seen either. I believe that there is some potential to turn this into a profit inducing system. Will you make a lot of money from it? Honestly, I don’t believe that you will. It isn’t very sophisticated, and that inherently has some limits.

With that said, you’re paying £12.50 for it. At that kind of price, you can get away with identifying a single winning bet and still end up in profit. That is a pretty sweet proposition. But the problem that I have here is that if you’re really budget oriented, you can spend time on some betting forums and get similar sorts of advice for free.

Which brings the question of whether or not the addition of V-Football Pro makes it worthwhile. The short answer to this is that in my opinion, it absolutely doesn’t. It is, at best, a bit of a fun distraction.

Maybe if you are particularly disciplined, you might be in a position to make a little bit of profit. With virtual games, you can quite easily find yourself £20 up with a bit of fortune on your side, and whilst I believe that V-Football Pro is fundamentally flawed, it’s at least as good as simply guessing which team will win based off the favourite odds.

All of this leads me to the big question here. Are The TJ Catalyst and V-Football Pro worth buying? And the answer to this is… Kind of. Maybe. You see, it all depends on what you want to get out of it. Where I can see this being a package at its best is for those who mostly like to bet for fun. Maybe you have a tenner here and a tenner there, and you’re not particular about what you’re betting on, or if you win.

For that kind of person, it’s worth a look. You can get a system to follow, which can both sharpen your betting and gives you the enhanced “betting experience” in looking for those bets. In my mind, that all adds to the “overall fun”. Adding another element to a hobby can enhance it greatly.

Meanwhile, that kind of bettor is exactly the kind of person who might actually get something out of V-Football Pro. Being able to just bet a few quid whenever they want, and potentially gain an edge (something I don’t believe happens here, but like I said, it’s no worse than backing favourites)… Well, if you don’t mind losing and it’s just for fun that’s also a boon.

But what about if you take your betting even half way to seriously? In that case, I can tell you that this is a pretty big no go. If you actually want to make money from betting there are plenty of services that I would recommend over The TJ Catalyst and V-Football Pro. Sure, you might pay out more, but you will still end up with substantially better value in the long term.

Does all of this mean that The TJ Catalyst is necessarily a bad product? The short answer to this is that no, I don’t believe that it necessarily is. But with that said, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’d recommend it either. Not if you’re serious. V-Football Pro meanwhile is at best a novelty, and the only reason I would look at it is in the case of it being bundled with something else, as is the case here.


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